Most people fear the touch of a Confessor,

For a Confessor's touch destroys the mind,

Leaving only numb devotion and love

For the Confessor.

Who would want to live in a mindless state?

There are people that see Confessors as monsters

Because of our ability to destroy beyond repair.

Confessors are women of duty.

Since a Confessor's touch is so destructive,

She is not allowed to love,

For no Confessor could love a mindless man

Because he would no longer be the same man

That she fell in love with.

You changed everything, Richard.

You fell in love with me.

I should have told you

That my touch would destroy you

If we ever tried to consummate our love,

But I was frightened

That you would then hate me.

I couldn't bear the thought

Of you hating me, Richard.

Every time you smile at me,

I can't help but smile in return.

You make me feel like a woman,

Something that a Confessor never feels like.

A Confessor can't afford to be a woman,

But you see the woman inside me, Richard.

You see beyond the deadly touch of a Confessor.

You see that I have a woman's desire to be with a man.

Whenever I am around you, Richard,

I feel like a human.

Throughout my whole life,

I have only felt human among other Confessors

Because they understand me,

And I understand them.

You are not a Confessor, Richard.

You don't bear the same burden that I do;

Yet you still understand me,

And you still dare to love me.

Most people jerk and try to get away

Whenever they feel my hand

On their flesh,

But not you, Richard.

You have never feared my touch.

You have never tried to escape from it.

Instead, I see longing and desire in your eyes

Whenever I touch you.

I have no words to say, Richard,

That can help you with your grief

Of losing your father

So soon after finally meeting him.

All I can do is touch you, Richard,

For my touch has always

Been a source of comfort for you.

Until I met you, Richard,

I never thought that a Confessor's touch

Could be one of comfort.

You have truly changed my world, Richard,

And I can only hope

That I can help to make your world

A slightly better place

With just a simple touch,

A touch which you have never seen as deadly.