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Chapter two~ Enjoy~

"Holy shit! Bobby! What the hell are you doing here?" Dean gasped out as Sam remained silent by his side.

Bobby looked the two of them over and grunted, "I sure as hell wish I knew." He walked up to them, "One minute I was sitting in my living room reading a book on Ancient civilizations and the next I'm in one." His eyes looked lightly amused, "At least I know the language." Sam laughed slightly at that. The only other sound he had given aside from the earlier hiss. Bobby looked up at his taller surrogate nephew and Dean's eyes followed.

"Sammy, what's wrong?" The elder noticed that his little brother's eyes never left Bobby when he spoke at last, "I 'unno. Somethin' feels weird." Dean looked at Bobby from the corner of his eye and gave Sam a slight nod, who then said, "Christo." Looking back at Bobby fully now he sighed a bit.

"Satisfied now?" Bobby inquired of the taller male. Sam nodded, "Quite." Bobby had to chuckle a bit, "Can't say I blame you, though if I hadn't seen the tattoos I would have done the same thing to you boys." Sam nodded again as did Dean. Looking between the two he asked, "Either one of you know how we get outta here?" Bobby watched Dean look at Sam again, "Sammy seems to have a theory." Bobby's eyes widened a bit, "Oh?" Sam nodded, "I'll tell you while you suit us up." Bobby nodded and set about the task.

"I'm guessing a demon is involved. If we're back in Ancient Rome, I'd say an upper level demon." Bobby was fastening a few leather straps on Sam's leather and plate chest piece. "I'm thinkin, if we locate said Demon and kill it, we can get back home."

Bobby had moved to put a similar chest piece on Dean while Sam was strapping on a pair of leather bracers to his forearms. "The only problem is gonna be findin the demon." Dean amended as he too strapped on a pair of bracers.

Sam nodded and continued on, "Like I told Dean earlier, a little bit a luck is on our side." Bobby chuckled a bit and Sam knew that their honorary uncle saw where he was going with this, "The swords and knives of this time were all made of iron." Sam grinned brightly at Bobby who returned the grin just as brightly.

"Well, you're gonna be up against other slaves." Bobby explained as he picked up two throwing knives and handed them over. "Sorry, that's all I'm alowed to give you." He watched them as they both looked at the knives and started to examine them.

"Feels a bit heavy on the back end." Dean frowned a bit, "I just hope they fly right." He knew that if he could get a good throw off he might be able to get a kill. That he did remember about his history. The Gladiator games were a fight to the death. He frowned and then looked to his brother. "Sammy, be careful out there." The taller frowned a bit and nodded, "Like wise De." The elder nodded.

Bobby looked over as the guards walked back in. He made his face impassive and nodded to the armed men. In Latin he informed the guards that the boys were ready. He gave both a look that said all to clearly for them to be careful as they were lead away.

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