Your blue eyes are beautiful, Kahlan.

I love to gaze into them,

Even though they are always

Filled with hatred

Whenever you are looking at me.

There is spirit in your eyes, Kahlan,

Spirit like I've never seen before.

My Mord-Sith are empty of feeling,

But you are not, Kahlan.

You allow emotions to enter your eyes,

But those emotions never weaken you.

The fact that you are capable

Of both emotion and defiance

Makes you strong and spirited, Kahlan,

Mord-Sith are expected to be hard and cold.

The same is expected of Confessors,

But Confessors are also brought up

To care about people that despise them

For what their power can do to the mind.

Confessors have to be strong, cold, and hard.

In order to endure that great pain.

I am the same way, Kahlan.

I am greatly despised by the world,

So I also have to be strong, cold, and hard.

Like a Confessor, I wish it could be otherwise,

But also like a Confessor,

I know that I can never allow myself

To appear human.

The world would then be able

To swallow me up and destroy me.

As a Confessor, I know that you understand that, Kahlan.

Confessors are capable of being gentle and kind,

But most people do not realize this.

Most people see Confessors as monsters.

You are not a monster to me, Kahlan.

You are a woman, a human.

You feel like any other woman

And like any other human.

Yet, you know how to harden yourself

Against a cruel and heartless world.

As a Confessor

Your life is often threatened,

You can't afford to be soft.

You are like me in that regard, Kahlan.

Many people wish to kill me.

I can't afford to be soft.

For you, though, Kahlan, my soul mate,

I would gladly weaken myself.

After all, you and I are similar in many ways.

We both must do whatever it takes

To protect ourselves against those

That would mean us harm.

The world sees both of us as monster,

Yet secretly we both desire to be loved.

I can see it in your eyes, Kahlan,

That you are not just a creature of magic.

You are more than just your Confessor power.

You are also the strong, spirited woman.

You are also the woman worthy to be my queen.

I would never want to marry a woman without sprit.

You are a beautiful woman, Kahlan,

But there are many beautiful women.

What sets you apart from them, Kahlan,

Is your spirit.

You are human, but that does not make you weak.

You are a survivor, Kahlan,

And you know how to endure.

I am the same.

You arouse me with your spirit, Kahlan.

You do not back down from me.

You are not afraid of me.

Instead, you challenge me, Kahlan,

With the anger in your beautiful eyes.

I have never before been so challenged

By a woman.

You are my equal, Kahlan.

Yet, I would never seek to dominate you.

To dominate you would destroy you,

And then you would no longer

Be worthy of my respect and my love.

I would not want that to happen.

I wish that you would not hate me, Kahlan,

But I also do not wish for you

To lose your spirit.

I would never want you to be broken

Like my Mord-Sith.

Your spirit, my beloved Kahlan,

Sets you apart from everyone else.

I would never want you to lose

What makes you so special,

So I am willing to endure

The anger and the defiance in your eyes, Kahlan,

If that is what it necessary

To keep your spirit alive.