Sup All, yeah I'm back, this is the first Harry Potter/Twilight crossover I've ever published... God knows I've read more Harry Potter related things than anything else in the world and I've written a few things and scrapped them or lost interest, but this one seems decent, but I'll leave that up to you guys.

Universal Disclaimer: From here on out, know that I don't own nothing of Harry Potter except a copy of each of the books and movies they've made (even if I did wish I owned Harry Potter and Co. -drools- so much hotness and fangirl obsessed-ness) and I own nothing of Twilight except a copy of each of the books (which I've read but probably made a few mistakes or changed)

Also, know that I've read pretty much every Harry Potter/Edward crossover fanfic out there... some things are going to be similar to the other ones, it just happens, while writing this I was reading a few and noticed some the ideas were similar, I've tried to tweak them enough that they're at least somewhat unique. If it's not unique enough for you, I will gladly try harder to make it more original, but do realize, there is only so much I can work with within my plot line (which is one I haven't seen anything similar to yet so score!) but of course if an author realizes something within my fanfic that is theirs and they don't want me to use it, all it would take it a personal message and I would change it or whatever so it's all good.

Another thing! This is Edward/Harry slash... and there is a LOT of Bella bashing... and let's just say I will be hearing none of this "EW SLASH" or "OMG WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN TO BELLA!" One: I really hate Bella Swan, not going to lie, and two: get over it, don't like, don't read and three: Complaining about something like that will not get me to change anything, sorry.

Constructive criticism however, is a lovely gift that I actually like reading, any and all ways to better my writing or the fanfic are appreciated, just no 'this sucks' that helps nothing.

Summary: Harry, Luna, Ron, Hermione, Draco and Severus move to Forks after the final battle to start a new, happy life, but the trauma has hit them all hard, leaving some more hurt than others and trouble is never far from them. Their old enemy isn't giving up so easily, and they're going to need some help from the resident vampires. ECxHP DMxLL HGxRW all else Cannon.

Happy Reading.


(Harry's POV)

It happened all so fast. The weeks I had spent in a dirty cell in Voldemort's dungeons seemed so short. They were hell, make no mistake, but I'd suffer a thousand weeks like this for the exchange that I'd done. In saving a friend I'd damned myself to this place. I was dirty, tired, beaten and hungry, but I was alive and somewhere in my mind I was able to hold onto some small fraction of my hope.

My rescue was a bitter one. I felt a heart wrenching joy of being in the arms of friends for only a moment. It was after that moment of pure happiness to be free that I was told we were off to battle. How could anyone ask me to fight in this condition? Before I knew it I was healed and shipped off to battle, despite my friend's cries that I needed rest, because the world needed me. After all, there's no rest for the damned, and there's definitely no mercy for the heroes.

In a second I was standing in the middle of battle, the next I was fighting for my life, our lives, and in the next he lay at my feet, his blood covering my hands. His chest rose and fell so slowly it looked as if he was dead, but I knew the truth.

The whole world seemed still. Half of the people around me were waiting for the killing blow, the others were waiting for me to announce his death so they could let the hope and cheer rise from their hearts.

My breath was frozen. I literally had to do the smallest action and he would be gone. He was staring up at me, waiting, just like everyone else, but he also knew I didn't have the backbone. His voice in my head was telling me so. We both knew he was using the last of his strength to get to me but it didn't seem to change anything. He was right, he was weak, but he was right.

I took a deep breath; I felt more than heard or saw four separate people move. I stared at him and took a step back when I felt them stand beside me. His eyes shined with victory over me, he gave the tiniest and yet the most menacing raspy laugh to ever each the ears of the living and smirked up at me.

I shook like a leaf in the wind before I felt a hand slip into mine. I looked up at Draco. He gave my hand a squeeze before stepping forward with Hermione. The two of them began to do binding spells on Voldemort while Ron and Luna stood next to me. She held my hand and Ron just stood next to me, giving support. She wiped some blood off my face and smiled slightly at me.

Once they were done Draco smirked down at Voldemort and Hermione stepped back. The four backed up behind me and started to leave, signalling that our part in this war was finished, but I just stared into those red eyes, and they stared back, as if they knew that I was too afraid to leave this all behind. My life wasn't about him, but it was about defeating him, now that he was going to be gone what was I to do? Just live? Since when has Harry Potter ever just lived?

I looked up at the sky; it was stained red from the morning sun. Billows of smoke rose from the ashes to greet the sky, telling of our story of battle, death, hate and victory. I took a minute to think of what that must feel like, to just live... It must be so peaceful, to just live in peace. To not have to worry about a mass murderer trying to kill you or your uncle beating you... just to live in peace. I looked down at Voldemort who was still staring at me.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up at Severus Snape standing there; he smiled slightly, telling me I could leave in his own way. I looked down at Voldemort one last time before looking up at the crowd still watching us. "You can have him," I said softly, but my voice carried in the silence. Casting one last glance at those red eyes, I turned with Severus and followed my four best friends out of the battlegrounds.

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