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Chapter 19

(Harry's POV)

I ran a hand through my hair, recently cut to a tame trim. Of course now instead of being a mass of chaos it looked styled to perfection. I smirked slightly remembering how Sirius had teased me on my good looks. Kneeling now down before the graves of my two surrogate fathers I could hardly believe they had been gone so long, they were still so imprinted in my memory so clearly it felt like I had seen them only yesterday.

It had been 84 years since I had been changed. Sirius and Severus had lived to the ripe old ages of 102 and 109 respectfully, which was relatively normal for wizards. I had come every year in the spring since Sirius' passing to visit their graves which had been set down beside my parents'. I could still smell the fumes of potion ingredients simmering when I thought of Severus and felt a bubble of laughter in my throat at jokes long since told by Sirius.

The honey bees avoided me as they buzzed about going to flower to flower as I rested my own sets down on each of the four stones. I could feel the others hovering over my left shoulder somewhere in the distance, giving me the space I needed to show my yearly respects.

"Hi guys," I finally sighed, "I hope you are all enjoying the afterlife… as usual. Mom and Severus are probably sick of James and Sirius' shenanigans now, but hey, they're still making up for lost time right? I hope Remus and Tonks are with you all. Teddy is still happy with Jacob, even with the age difference, though it's gotten significantly less easy to see thanks for Jacob. Though I suppose Remus and Tonks can't really talk. They're almost through the adoption services… going to get a baby girl. I know, right, good luck," I chuckled with a snort. "Luna and Draco are good, getting up there in the years, their eldest, Lily, gave birth to twins in the winter, Fred and Georgina." I grinned, "She is not prepared for what she has just done. Ron wouldn't stop going between laughing at her and cuddling with them. Hermione is good as usual; she finished her masters' degree, again. She's really using the night to her advantage… though I am not sure how happy about that Ron is," I snickered; it was like Hogwarts all over again. Hermione had been turned a couple years after us, just old enough to be able to pass as someone in college. She and Ron were mates, and no one was surprised by that fact.

I had a good life, a good man and a huge family. I felt anxiety at Draco and Luna's growing age, but I knew they did not. They were not afraid of dying; they knew we would take care of their children. In a way I suppose it would soften their passing, but I did not think the world would ever be the same without them. Although I had not thought that I would live without Sirius and Severus, they had gotten over their differences in later years and become very close. Sirius eventually revealed to me that he and Severus dated briefly at Hogwarts, before James gotten obsessed with Lily, and that is why Severus had hated him so much. To have a lover, even a past one, turn on him so thoroughly had broken his heart and Sirius had felt so guilty but had not known how to fix it. I had eventually helped them see that they had grown up to almost entirely different people and to let the grudge go.

I shared a few more stories with my four parents before Edward came and knelt down beside me. "Hey there," He murmured, nudging my shoulder.

"Hey," I answered, leaning my head onto my husband's shoulder, utterly content, "So I was thinking… your side's going to Paris tonight… Luna and Draco are visiting friends… Hermione and Ron are going to give their respects to Hermione's parents…. Evening all to ourselves."

Edward snorted, kissing him behind the ear. "Really, Harry, not in front of your parents."

I rolled my eyes, a small smile breaking on my face, "Dork," I whispered before pressing my lips to his softly, "love you, forever."

"Love you, too, forever," Edward whispered back against my lips.

I grinned with all teeth and chuckled, hardly remembering a time when I didn't have something to smile or laugh about. I breathed the easy air, no weight settled on my shoulders. There was nothing but blue sky and Edward ahead for me and I couldn't think of a better life. I grinned even bigger, every time I came here and when I turned to leave I said a little prayer of thanks to fate, to my parents, all four, and my family, because just living felt just so damn good.

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