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A New Beginning

Chapter 4: Traveling together.

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Naruto got up gathered his gear together and bid farewell to his mom and left for Jubilife city his first destination then of to Orebuge city for his first gym battle.

As Naruto was walking he heard someone call his name he turned and saw Cynthia with Gible running up to him.

"Hay Cynthia whats up?"

Cynthia stopped and said "I was wondering if I could travel with you?"

"Sure but why me?"

Cynthia blushed a little and replied "Well your the only other person I know my age that is on a pokemon journey."

Naruto nodded and said "Okay what do you want to do on your journey?"

"I want to investigate Pokemon myths and legends what about you?"

(Cynthia will not be competing in any Pokemon leagues I don't think the relationship would work out well if she did. She'll still be a strong trainer she'll just won't compete.)

"I want to challenge the Pokemon gyms and win the Pokemon League."

"That won't be easy." Cynthia stated.

"I know but as long as I work and train hard I can do it." Naruto said with a smile.

They traveled for several hours nothing happening except for the occasional conversation until.

As they were they were walking out came a Budew. Cynthia walked up and said she wanted to catch it.

"Go Gible." Cynthia called out and unleashed the dragon type.

"Gib." It said and readied for battle.

"Dragon breath." The attack landed on Budew but it got back up and launched an absorb attack. (I don't know how to describe it.)

"Gible dodge." Gible narrowly avoided the attack.

"Now Dragon Rage." and Gible launched the powerful attack and it landed. The attack landed and knocked the Budew out. Cynthia then tossed a pokeball and successfully caught the Budew.

(Sorry it was short but it was just a Budew not very stronge for now.)

"Great job Cynthia you caught your first Pokemon." Naruto congratulated her.

Cynthia blushed a little but shock it of and said "Thanks."

The rest of the way was uneventful and just before noon the next day the arrived at Jubilife city.

As they arrived Naruto turned to Cynthia and said "We'll stay here today and leave tomorrow morning."

"Okay I'll see you later at the Pokemon center."

As Naruto approached the PokeCenter a familer person ran into him.

Naruto got up and said "What the hell?" He saw Barry and groaned "Great you again."

Barry looked up and glared and quickly got up "What are you doing here!" He yelled.

"I'm passing threw on my way to Oreburg city."

"Same here but I'll get there before you!" with that he ran off.

Naruto shacked his head and walked in.

The day passed with out event and the next morning Naruto and Cynthia had left Jublife city and were passing threw the cavern part of route 203 when Naruto saw a fire but it was moving. As they approached it they that it was a Charmander.

"This one is mine." Naruto said seizing the opportunity to catch a rare pokemon.

"Go Ace." and unleashed his Riolu.

"Use dark pulse." Riolu launched the dark move but Charmander evaded it and launched a flamethrower attack.

"Ace move and use focus blast." Naruto commander. After narrowly avoiding the attack Ace launched the sphere shaped attack at the Charmander successfully landing and knocking the Charmander in to the wall but it got back up.

"This Charmander is strong I'm amazed it hasn't evolved yet." Naruto said to him self.

"Alright Ace quick attack." The attack landed and it hit at an angle that launched the Charmander into the air.

"Quick while it still in the air force palm." Ace jumped into the air and used force palm to send the Charmander strait into the ground successfully knocking Charmander into the ground.

Naruto threw a pokeball at the Charmander and caught it.

As he caught the pokeball he said "I'll call you Napalm." and attached the pokeball to his belt.

"Great job Naruto." Cynthia congratulated him.

After walking threw the cave the arrived at Oreburge City.

They went to to the Pokecenter and Naruto got his pokemon healed. As he was in the Pokecenter he found out that it was a rock type gym and decided to train his Pokemon before the battle. After telling Cynthia Naruto spent the next week training his Pokemon.

After the week Naruto meet up with Cynthia and they headed to the Gym.

When they arrived Naruto called out "I'm here to battle."

After that was said a man arrived wearing a miners outfit. "I'm the Gym leader Roark and I accept your challenge."

They then entered the arena a referee said "This will be a three on three battle Naruto Uzumaki Joy vs. Roark the Gym leader." (Naruto had taken his adopted mothers name.)

"BEGIN." The referee shouted.

"Go Geodude."

"Go Naplam."

Training Napalm had been fairly easily with him being a naturally friendly and hard working Pokemon.

"Geode rock throw."

"Napalm dodge and charge forward and use iron tail." Napalm weaved threw the incoming rocks and landed the attack and knocked the Geodude to the ground.

"Quick before it gets up use metal claw." The attack hit and knocked the Geodude out.

"Winner of the first battle is Naruto."

"Great job Naruto!" Cynthia called from the stands.

Naruto smiled and waved at her before turning back to the battle.

"Second battle begin." called the referee.

"It won't be so easy this time go Onix." and sent out the rock snake Pokemon.

"Lets keep winning Napalm Metal claw."

"Onix bind." Roark commanded and the rock pokemon caught Napalm.

"Napalm use metal claw to escape." Napalm tried but couldn't break free.

"Onix end this slam." Onix brought its tail down with Napalm in it and defeated the flame pokemon.

"Good job rest my friend." Naruto said while returning Napalm as the referee called the match.

Naruto then perked up and yelled "Go Selina." and revealed the shiny pokemon.

"Begin." called the referee.

"Onix bind." called Roark.

"Selina dodge and use magical leaf." Selina complied.

"Onix again." commanded Roark.

"Grass knot Selina." as the attack tripped Onix and the impact kicked up a huge dust cloud Naruto smiled knowing that the attack was more effect with Onix being a very heavy Pokemon along with it aleady being very effect because of its type. As the dust cleared Onix was unconscious.

"Winner Naruto."

"Alright Naruto one more to go." cheered Cynthia.

"Not bad but can you defeat my strongest Pokemon go Rampardos!"

(No Ash didn't battle Roark already I just decided to evolve for this battle why? Keep Reading.)

"BATTLE BEGIN." Yelled the referee.

"Magical Leaf again Selina," Naruto commanded ,but Roark countered.

"Zen Head but Rampardos."

The attack made Selina flinch and landed. Roark wouldn'y stop.

"Rampardos quick before she gets up HEAD SMASH!"

The attack landed and it was over.

"You did great Selina."

"Alright time for you to face my strongest pokemon GO ACE!"

The Riolu appeared and cried "Riolu."


"Riolu force palm."

"Rampardos dodge and us head butt."

Ace missed and but Rampardoes didn't the attack flung Ace to the other side of the field.

"Now Zen head but Rampardos." The second attack hit the dust cleared and Ace was barely standing.

"COME ONE ACE YOU CAN BEET I KNOW YOU CAN!" Naruto shouted to his first pokemon and after it was said Ace was engulfed in a bright light.

As the light cleared gone was a Riolu and there stood a Lucario.

Ace then charged forward faster then before and Naruto realized it wasn't quick attack it was extreme speed.

Naruto snapped out of his shock and comanded "Force palm."

The attack hit and knocked Rampardos back.

"Quick Focus blast." The attack landed and knocked Rampardos down but it got back up.

Acting before Roark could Naruto called out "One more time FOCUS BLAST."

Ace formed another sphere in his hand but it was blue.

"Aura sphere." Naruto said to himself.

Ace launched all Lucarios' signature attack it hit and the force of the blast knocked up a huge dust cloud.

As it cleared Ace stood talland let out a victory roar.


"Alright Ace we did it!" Naruto yelled as he ran up and huged Ace.

Roark returned Rampardos and smiled as he walked up to Naruto as he was returning Ace.

"That was a great battle Naruto I'm glad to be able to give this badge." Said Roark as he handed Naruto the Coal badge.

"Yes I got the Coal Badge!" Naruto cheered.

Cynthia ran up to him and said "Great job I knew you could do it!"

Naruto turned to her and said "Thanks Cynthia."

As they were leaving the gym Roark called out "Good luck in your next Gym battle."

Naruto and Cynthia turned and waved at him as they were leaving and they left for the next gym.


Author Notes: I hope the battle was good for you readers if it wasn't I'm sure Ace's evolution made up for it.

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