A/N: This, sadly, is the final Booth letter. I can't express how much I've enjoyed writing each one of these, and I am forever grateful for every single person who took the time to write a review for this little project. But now that the new season has started, I want to concentrate more on some unfinished stories and series I have, as well as wrap up my collaboration with BrainySmurfs, State of Love and Trust. So something had to give, and this seemed to lend itself to the most natural ending.

Thank you again for reading and reviewing. I appreciate it more than you know.


My Bones,

So I'm sitting here in the chapel at the hospital, hiding from everyone. I know that Lizzie knew where I was going and what I was doing when she saw me grab my notebook, but she didn't say a word from her place next to you. She's a good woman, our Elizabeth. Just like her mother in so many ways, but I see flashes of myself in her dark eyes and I feel blessed.

And my Jacob, wow. He's become such a wonderful man, all the grace of his mother and the toughness (I hope) of his father…just the perfect combination of us both. I don't know if he's tough enough to get through this whole thing, but I pray that he is. I pray that we all are.

I called Angela to give her the news, and I hope to never have to do something like that ever again. After she lost Jack all those years ago, our Ang was so strong and stoic for her children…but now that they are grown and have children of their own, she doesn't have to be as strong and I think losing you is breaking her. She loves you so much, Bones. She's lost the only sister she's ever had, and I only hope that she'll let us all be there for her. I just never imagined that she and I would be the last of the team left. It's surreal to realize that the only thing that could break us up was death…but it's also a comfort in ways I'll never be able to verbalize.

What I said to you before you closed your eyes that last time still holds true, Bones. I love you more than I can ever express, and I will spend every day for the rest of whatever life God decides to grant me missing you and thinking of your heart, your eyes, your smile…your everything. I still can't believe that the woman who once said that love was ephemeral and that we weren't built for monogamy spent the last 46 years by my side, loving me and only me. As always, you humble me, Temperance.

I was afraid that when this day came my heart would be crushed. That I might not be able to make it through one day on this earth without you. But I've come to realize that our story always had to move this way, Bones. I once promised you that I would never leave you, and that was always the one vow I swore I would never break…even if it meant that I had to try to survive your leaving me. You gave me so much in this life, so much which made me happier than I think I ever deserved to be. And if this is how I can repay you for that blessing, I am more than willing to make that sacrifice. Life is less sweet, less bright and less colorful without you, but to think that I disappointed you? That would be so much less than I can ever imagine.

So I'm not going to say goodbye to you, Bones. I know (and now you do, too) that you are waiting for me, and that single thought is what is going to help me get up every morning and keep breathing the air you no longer share with me.

Goodbye is too final. Our story was never written with an ending, it always endures.

Until I see you again, my love. My Bones…

Yours always,