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Puppy Treats: Prologue

Katsuya glared at Mokuba—the terrifying mastermind behind everything. The whole ordeal was something he had openly thought the mischievous Marik or Bakura would create. It was well thought out and devious, two traits the two psychotic Egyptians possessed. But no. Instead, Katsuya Jounouchi had a five-foot-ten sixteen-year-old plotting against him.

What was the world coming to?

And Mokuba was like a little brother to him too! How could the only possibly normal one in the three in front of him turn against him like this?

"He says he feels betrayed and he hates you," Bakura told Mokuba, the only one who couldn't hear what Katsuya was ranting on about. It was something both Marik and Bakura wished they couldn't do either.

"Ya forgot to tell him how I'm gonna bite off his balls in his sleep and use them as a tug-o-war toy between me and a yapping Chihuahua!"

"What breed do ya think we should call 'im?" Bakura asked, leaning his elbows on the kitchen table Katsuya sat on. If only Katsuya had fists—oh! That's right! Mokuba had him turned into a puppy!

"I dunno," Mokuba said, "He looks like a really light colored golden retriever puppy, but he has that random black spot over his eye."

"If you call me 'Spot' I will pretend your dick is a squeaky toy for me to chew on! And the squeak will be you screaming for mercy!"

"Awwwwwwwe, but spot would be such a good name." Marik mocked, "I say we call him a mutt. Then who cares?"

"Everyone," Mokuba panned, "I can imagine it now, 'Ooo what breeds are he?' and 'Oh! He looks like an English golden retriever'. We need to pick some breeds."

"I like your thing. The 'English whatever'," Bakura informed, "and maybe a…."

"A Dalmatian?" Marik suggested.

"But he don't look nothin' like a Dalmatian." Bakura frowned.

"It's fine," Mokuba said, picking up Katsuya—who felt nothing short of a fuzz ball—and coddling the five pounds of him protectively to his chest. "We can just say the Retriever blood is stronger or something."

Katsuya growled and yipped. He demanded he get turned back! Okay, so what if his father kicked him out since he just graduated high school and he refused to stay with one of them. They did not need to sink this low just to please themselves! He would eventually find a place!



"Be quiet," Mokuba hissed and tapped harshly under Katsuya's curled-upward tail on his small patootie with his hand.

"What should we call 'im then?" Marik asked, "Ya can't expect Seto to let you keep him if you haven't grown attached enough to give him a name."

"I know," Bakura said, "Let's call him Seizure, 'cause that's about what he had when he realized he'd been turned into a puppy."

Katsuya had to admit, despite how much he hated all their guts right now, the name was almost comical given with the reasoning. Now if they only weren't talking about him…

But no! This was not funny! He was a PUPPY for crying out loud! He was supposed to be an eighteen-year-old human boy!

"I like it," Marik seconded, raising his hand, "Mokuba?"

"I wanna name myself!" Katsuya yipped, "If I gotta be a dog I want at least that!"

"What's he saying?" Mokuba asked, holding Katsuya out with his hand under Katsuya's pits, almost like a child cooing at a baby doll, except a little more awkward feeling on Katsuya's part, with his man-parts being exposed and everything. He may have been a dog now but he still had human feelings on things!

"Well, one," Marik started, "He's embarrassed about his man parts bein' on the open."

"And two," Bakura continued, holding up two calloused fingers, "He wants to name himself."

Mokuba still held Katsuya thoughtfully in front of him and when he finally pulled the puppy back to his chest, the pup whimpered in relief. "What does he want to be called?"

"Joey!" Katsuya answered quickly, "I want to be called Joey!"

"Joey?" Marik repeated.

"But that's so boring," Bakura complained, his face falling flat on the table-top.

"But it'll be easier for me ta remember," Katsuya pointed out, "since my name's Jou. Besides, ya really think I'd answer to 'Seizure'?"

"That's true…" Bakura admitted, along with Marik before they transferred the note to Mokuba. "It'll probably be okay if we slip and call ya Jou, too."

"Damn crooked!" Katsuya barked. His tail automatically started to wag and he tried to wiggle out of Mokuba's arms back to the table top, but the teen refused to let him go. He fussed again, but Mokuba held on to him tighter.

And then Katsuya decided he had to go.

It was really too bad for Mokuba that Katsuya was still mad at him.

"Wha—?" Mokuba questioned, suddenly feeling something warm and wet soak his shirt and he pulled Katsuya—mid-pee—away from him. "Oh, Jou—! GROSS!"

Ah, revenge. It was nice, no matter how small.