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Chapter 13

It had been a month since Katsuya had been turned back into a human from being a dog. After many battles, very angry angry battles, Katsuya was cozily living with the Kaibas. Bakura and Marik had gotten the same talking to that Mokuba had—well, it was actually much worse since they were the ones with the magic—and were on the same trust probation Mokuba was.

Mokuba wasn't happy with it at times, but with the way Katsuya was still a little tense around him, he'd take what he could get without looking it in the mouth.

Mokuba looked over his coffee cup—a trait Mokuba had picked up from his ever-so-perky brother: drink coffee—at Katsuya across the table. Katsuya was filling out paper work to get into cop-school. Apparently, Katsuya figured he could help out more if he got a job where he knew the territory.

Mokuba found the situation ironic, but never grew the balls to say it out loud.

"Yes," Katsuya inquired, lifting his head from his paper work. Mokuba looked at his face, which had filled out healthily in the past month. Mokuba had thought Katsuya looked a lot better after being a puppy and getting good meals, but it wasn't anywhere close to how good he looked now. Mokuba scowled, thinking of the conversations with his brother—since he couldn't talk about Katsuya with Katsuya—and how much Seto certainly enjoyed Katsuya's new healthy looking figure.

How Katsuya's bones didn't jut despite the small amount of (apparently really dense because Katsuya was wicked ass strong) muscle and how it didn't look like it was a struggle for him to stay awake anymore. And there was Mokuba's "favorite"—Seto talking about how nice Katsuya's ass was now.

Mokuba would never get his innocence back.

"Nothing," Mokuba said. "Just my brother talks too much."

Katsuya snorted and looked back at the paperwork. "Ain't t'at a laugh, Seto talkin' too much."

"You'd have to be related to him to understand," Mokuba shrugged. "How would you feel if Shizuka started talking to you about guys she was into?"

Katsuya paused and blink before slowly bringing his head up so he could glare at Mokuba so threateningly that Mokuba felt a cold chill go up his spine. Note to self: Never, ever, talk about Shizuka being into someone around Katsuya Jounouchi.

"Don't even joke about t'at shit. I'd give her a damn good reason not t' be int' them by rippin' off their—"

"I get it!" Mokuba yelped, putting his hands up defensively. Some of his coffee spilled out of his cup and the thought of mourning its loss capped Mokuba's mind, but he found it a better interest to pretend not to care about it. "Sheesh!"

Katsuya's shackles settled a little and he went back to his 'Cop Shit,' as he would often put it. There was a deafening silence for a moment when Katsuya initialed something and flipped the page. "Ya talk to Seto about the girls ya like?"

"Ha!" Mokuba snorted, "If I did that he'd have backround checked on all her ancestor's going back from her great great great grandparents. Like I need more put against me than I already have."

Katsuya shrugged, "I dunno, I figured if you start talkin' about shovin' your dick up some girl's cooch, he'd back off."

Mokuba stared at Katsuya for a second. "And you're kissing my brother with that mouth?"

"And he fuckin' loves it apparently." Katsuya shrugged, initialed, and turned another page. "I've sucked him off with it too."

Mokuba's stare turned limp as he deadpanned. "I know."

Katsuya lifted his head again, his eyebrows waved up in his bangs. "He really has no mercy on you, does he?"

"I. Fucking. Wish."

Katsuya chuckled and initialed a final page before closing that packet.

Mokuba took another sip of his coffee and stared questioningly at Katsuya. "You haven't had sex with him, right? He hasn't mentioned it, and I have a feeling he's taking out his sexual tension on me because of it."

Katsuya put his pen down. Walking over to the fridge he asked, "And you think having sex will stop him talking to you?"

"I think it'll stop him coming into my room in the middle of the night and sleeping in my bed because he's hard and wants to surprise!sex you." Mokuba pouted. "I think you sincerely underestimate my brother's dysfunctionality."

Katsuya shook his head before he uncapped the gallon on milk and drank from the gallon. Mokuba scowled, but he and Seto had done everything possible (and legal) to deter him from doing that. Nothing seemed to faze the blonde from doing so.

"I don't underestimate it," Katsuya said. He wiped his lips with the back of his wrist, like something Mokuba had seen in Dragon Ball Z, and put the milk away. "I like him 'cause he's so dysfunctional. I feel like I fit right it."

Mokuba pulled his cup to his lips to hide the satisfied smile he sported. Things may be tenser between him and Katsuya than anyone would like, but he was glad Katsuya still like his brother so much.

Dear Brother, Mokuba prayed, don't be stupid and ever let Jou go.

"Hey, Mokuba." Mokuba jumped hearing his name spoken so sensitively. He wasn't even sure it was Katsuya talking to him! He had to look around and make sure no one else was there. He was so used to Katsuya using a terse tone when he called on Mokuba. "Go out for t'e night. T' a friend's or som't'in'."

Mokuba furrowed his brow, but even with the amount of time that had past, he was in no position in denying Katsuya any favors. "Okay."


When Seto had gotten home that night he had not expected only Katsuya to be there. When Katsuya had informed him from his seat on the couch that Mokuba had left to spend the night at a friend's house, Seto grunted and wondered about the spontaneous decision. Mokuba was usually good enough to give him a day or two heads up.

"Did you get into a fight again?" Seto asked, setting his work equipment down. He walked over to the back of the couch and Katsuya pulled Seto's head down for a kiss.

"No. He jus' wanted t' spend t'e night at a friend's house and I said I'd deal with you." Katsuya frowned. "Ya don' wanna spend the night wit' me?"

Seto scowled at the idea of not spending it with Katsuya. "You're such a mutt."

"Ya're such a fatass bag of money," Katsuya scowled back. Pulling away and patting the spot beside him. "Watch t'is with me."

"What is it?" Seto looked at the paused screen and scowled when he realized it was one of those American shows.

"It's NCIS. I watched a marathon when ya left me home one time and I've been watchin' it ever since."

"Can't you find something better to do with your time?"

"I can only jack off in your bed so many times a day, Moneybags."

Seto blushed and got excited at the thought, but deeply frowned. Like it wasn't hard enough to sleep in the bed with Katsuya already!

Seto made his way around the couch and promptly sat next to Katsuya. He watched the show with the blonde for a few minutes because he just couldn't keep focused. All he could think about was Katsuya on his bed with his legs spread wide as he cupped his balls and stroked his cock, every once in a while wiping his thumb over his tip—! And the noises! Seto could imagine every keen and bleat Katsuya could make as he—as he—!

Oh, fuck him.

Seto gritted his teeth as his pants became too tight. "Was it really necessary to say that?"

"Say what?" Katsuya asked, shutting off the television. He looked Seto up and down and grinned. "Someone's happy t' be home."

Seto snorted and stood. It was awkward, but he started to walk out of the room to go upstairs for a shower. "You know exactly what."

Katsuya didn't stop grinning—especially not as he walked beside Seto and watched the CEO suffer on his journey. At the top of the stairs he stopped Seto and looked the man up in down. Dressed in his spiffy work suit, Seto looked like the brilliant man he was and Katsuya definitely could appreciate that.

Katsuya brushed his fingers over Seto's lapels and then pretended to flatten them as if there was a wrinkle. "Ya seem like you need a lot of help, Seto."

Seto raised his eyes brows and looked down at the mischievous blonde. "Help?"

"Yeah," Katsuya said, continuing to coyly play with Seto's lapels. He tugged on them a bit and looked up at Seto in a way that did anything but 'help'.

"Oh?" Seto coaxed, leaning down a bit and lifting Katsuya's chin so the blonde's head was tilted up at a good angle. His lips were right before Katsuya's, his breath ghosting over them and making the blonde shudder. "Then please," he husked, "dear god, help me."

Katsuya gripped the lapels and pulled Seto's body onto his own as he smashed his lips to Seto's. Seto groaned and kissed back, eagerly gripping Katsuya's hips at first and then moving his hands to even more eagerly grab at Katsuya's fine ass.

"Mmm! Set'!" Katsuya fisted his grip before pushing Seto back. "I we should get ya t' the bed."

Seto growled and pushed a smacking kiss on Katsuya's lips. "I think that may help."

Katsuya grinned and lead the way, all the way to the bed where he started to push off Seto's suit jacket and unbutton his shirt.

Seto yanked on Katsuya's hips so Katsuya would be close enough that he could continue attacking his lips with fervor as Katsuya continued the undressing process with Seto's pants. When Seto stood so Katsuya could disperse him of his pants, he clamored Katsuya out of his own set of clothes—which was a nilly-willy set of boxer briefs and a T-shirt.

It didn't take long for them to be back on the bed, Katsuya straddling Seto hips as Seto kissed him with more passion than Katsuya thought was possible for the CEO—it just made it that much better.

Seto ran his hands up Katsuya's sides, feeling all the precious muscle and meat that made the blonde that much more attractive. He licked daringly at Katsuya's lips, nipped at them for entrance and when Katsuya opened his lips, he plundered, running his tongue along the inside of the blonde's lips and teeth and flicking his tongue against Katsuya's.

Katsuya mewled, rocking his hips excitedly and gripping Seto's hair tautly. He moved his mouth back against Seto's, flicking his own tongue and playing with Seto's. He was so hot! Feeling Seto all over him sent electricity from every nerve in his body up his spine and made him tingle familiarly in excitement.

Seto's hands ran up his side, stopping and clenching when Katsuya's hips rolled in the right way. He touched Katsuya, and he touch Katsuya in such a way that it made the blonde's heart palpitate funnily.

He loved it when Seto touched him and laved him with attention. He loved knowing Seto liked him after seeing all his scars and he loved how Seto would lackadaisically trace every single one of them with his tongue sometimes. Softly, lovingly, he leaned back and trailed his fingernails lightly against Seto's cheek.

His heart settled a little, the heat from the arousal swirled in him into something else. Something warmer, something more comforting consumed him and something else settled in him. Something…something he'd never felt settle before.

"Y'know," Katsuya said, kissing Seto's cheek where his nails had tickled him. He smiled, kissing Seto's cheek down to his chin and Seto frowned at the sudden coolness in Katsuya's attitude. "I really really like you."

Seto grabbed Katsuya's face and looked at him. "I like you too, Katsuya….is everything okay?"

Katsuya covered Seto's hands and looked into those brilliant blue eyes and just…he just fell in love. "Yeah." Katsuya smiled, and it grew the more he stared into Seto's soul. He could see the scars on Seto too; he wanted to lave them and love on them as much as Seto had his. He could also see all the love and devotion that the CEO's cold stare hid from the world. Katsuya loved being one of the few to see it, and he loved how it played some weird kink he had like a fiddle.

He couldn't help it, it just turned him on when someone he really cared about adored him.

"I'm really okay." Katsuya threaded his fingers in Seto hair and pulled him down. "I think I love you…"

Seto blinked for a moment, his brain shutting down until it registered and he smashed his lips back against Katsuya's. "Oh, God, Katsuya, I love you too."


If Mokuba didn't know better, he could have sworn Seto had just had great, mind-blowing sex.

When he looked at Mokuba as the teenager walked in and smirked like the devil himself, Mokuba stopped, stood there for a second, and promptly turned around. He was not dealing with this. "I'm going to Bakura's. Later."

Mokuba could only imagine what Seto was going to say. Not that he had wanted to, it just it seemed he had no choice, not at this point the game. Despite knowing it was inevitable, he was going to avoid it as much as humanly possible.

That was it, he was turning Seto into a dog.