( Kimmy and Jennifer are sitting the lunch counter )

Jennifer: Oh yea I was going to tell you that you can still use our house but I can't come to the girls night

Kimmy: Why ?

Jennifer: I'm going out with Brian

Kimmy: Hahahahaha…

Jennifer: (gives her a look)

Kimmy: WHY !

Jennifer: Well we just found out we have a lot in conman when we where stuck in the bathroom

Kimmy: ahhhhhhh… lalalalalala…. Not listening !

( Jennifer gives her a look )

( It is 7:00 night Kimmy is on the phone )

Kimmy: Jason where are you at ? I tried calling home ?

Jason: I'm in Bosten with Brian and Joe

Kimmy: I could kill you !

( the door bell rings )

Kimmy: Hold on !

( she opens the door Jennifer walks in )

Jennifer: I could kill Brian !

Kimmy: (picks back up the phone) the feelings muchale

Jason: What ?

Kimmy: Bye (hangs up)

Jennifer: He jus blows me off

Kimmy: So are you staying for the night

Jennifer: Yea of course I live here and I want to get my mind of it

( the doorbell rings Kimmy opens the door Casey and Helen walk in along with 3 other friends of Jennifer and Kimmy's walk in they are all carrying bags and pillows and blankets)

Taylor: Oh Kimmy it's been to long I've missed you so much (wraps her arms around Kimmy's neck)

Kimmy: Tay…tay honey can't breathe

Taylor: Opp's sorry

Jennifer: Well she hasn't changed a bit

Lidia: Jen !

Jennifer: Hey ! ( hugs her )

Catharine: Ahhhhhhh… Hey my lovely's

Kimmy: Hey Kath ( run's over to hug her )

Catharine: Jennifer you get over here too !

Jennifer: Hey

Helen: So what are we going to do tonight

Kimmy: lot's of stuff Jennifer do ya'll still have those home videos

Jennifer: Yeaaa… (they start walking up the steps)

( A little while later )

( The lights are off Casey, Helen, Kimmy and Jennifer are sitting on the couch Lidia, Taylor and Catharine are laying on the floor they are all covered up in blankets )

Lidia: Hahahahaha… your moms giving Brian the right act agine

Kimmy: Yea till I was 4 I thought his name was stop it Brian

Taylor: It's not ?

( They all look her )

Kimmy: no !

Taylor: oh OK !

Helen: Oh that had to hurt

Jennifer: Yea Joe just rammed Brian into the side of the house

Kimmy: So that's what happened !