The Music Metamorphosis

Summary: Penny and Sheldon's friendship is transforming into something neither of them expected or understand. Each stage of the developing relationship is found in a randomly chosen song that coincidentally – or, in accordance with the law of large numbers - fit perfectly.

Note: Each chapter of this fic is based on a song – it is not a song fic, but the songs have been chosen randomly on my iPod through shuffle, and they all seem to fit into one way Sheldon and Penny's relationship could begin and progree..

Song: "Your Eyes" – RENT

Sheldon couldn't remember the first time he had noticed her eyes. This perplexed and irritated him, as his superior memory was one of many qualities about himself that he felt were worthy of recognition.

But no matter when he had, what surprised him most was that he HAD noticed Penny's eyes. They were a deep moss green, sparkling and alive with a joy that was both determined and never-ending.

Those eyes kept him awake at night, disturbing his REM cycle. But every time he looked into them, he felt at peace. He felt warmth. He felt at home.