Life Isn't a Fairy Tale
The Cullen's left Bella alone and broken. They turned around and kicked Jasper out for his weakness around human blood.

Six months after they leave Bella gives love a second chance and finally let's Jake into her heart but then when he imprints on a woman named Raven Bella gets her heart broken a second time and decides that enough is enough after graduating high school she takes off and leaves Forks behind.

Three years later she's a junior at University of Alaska, working towards her teaching degree. When in walks the Vampire who started it all, Jasper. When they start to strike up a friendship strange things start to happen. When Bella receives an email from an unknown source she starts to figure things out. Her and Jasper must learn to trust each other and work through the greatest evil that is threatening to tear them apart.

Jasper/Bella. Alice/Edward. Emmett/Rosalie. Carlisle/Esme.


Chapter 1: Broken? Not Anymore!

"I'm seeing red, don't think you'll have to see my face again
Don't have much time for sympathy
Cause it never happened to me."
-Seeing Red by Unwritten Law

I have been a shell of a person since HE left me four months ago. My heart lay on the forest floor where HE left it, broken and bleeding. My soul feels like it has been ripped in half and the other half is missing. I feel nothing anymore, no pain, no sorrow, nothing. It's times like this when I wonder what I ever did to deserve this fate. The love of my life never loved me at all. My second family that meant everything to me up and walked away without so much as a goodbye. I don't know how to get threw this anymore.

Today I figured enough is enough, just because HE doesn't love me anymore doesn't mean that I should sit here and let my life just pass me by. So today I got up, put on a pair of low rise boot cut jeans, a tight fitting t-shirt, and my old worn out converse. I grabbed up my school bag and headed downstairs.

"Morning Dad," I said to my Dad who was finishing getting ready to head into the station. He had a startled look on his face. Guess that I was worse than I thought that I was in my coma like state.

"Morning Bells," he finally said back to me.

"Dad I'm going to go and see Jacob after school, do you think that you can do pizza for dinner?" I asked

"Sure Bells. Be safe and don't be out to late okay?" He answered.

"Okay Dad." I sad as he left for work. I grabbed a bowl, and some cereal out of the cabinet, a spoon from the drawer, milk out of the fridge, and made me a bowl of cereal to eat for breakfast. When I finish eating that I wash my bowl and spoon put them in the strainer to dry, then put the cereal and milk away.

Arriving at school a little early I spot Angela standing with her boyfriend Ben, and made my way over to them. "Good morning, Angela and Ben." I said.

Both of them looked shocked that I was talking but they both looked happy as well. "Good morning Bella, how are you today?" Angela finally asks. Angela and Ben are the only ones that have stuck by me through my coma-state-days.

"I'm doing better today. I am finally ready to move forward from Edward, I may not be ready to date but I can not let him ruin my life any further." I answered her with a smile for the first time in four months.

"That's awesome Bella, you want to do something with us this weekend?" Angela asked me.

"Sure, I guess we can go catch a movie or something this weekend, I need to get out of the house, and I really need to get out of Forks for the weekend." I answered excited.

"That sounds good to me. How about you Ben, you want to go with us this weekend?" Angela asked.

"Sure I'm up for a weekend away." Ben said. "We can spend the weekend in Port Angeles because my parents don't want me going anywhere near Seattle right now because of all of those murders that have been going on there."

"Yeah my parent's are the same way. They are worried because the murders seem to be headed in this direction." Angela said.

"What murders? I've been living in my own little bubble the last couple of months." I asked because it's true I haven't heard anything about any murders lately.

"Over the last two months there has been at least one or two murders a week and people just randomly going missing. The cops have no clue what is going on lately. There is never any evidence at the scenes and the bodies are so bad off they're having a hard time with the cause of death." Ben answered.

"Yeah and like I said they seem to be getting closer to town. It's making everyone around here nervous because no one can seem to catch who ever it is doing all of this." Angela said.

"Wow, that's really crazy, I wonder who would do something like that." I said. "Well then we will go to Port Angeles, that's good enough for me."

"Yea we can go to the movies and shopping. It will be so much fun." Angela said actually very excited but I think Ben was just excited because Angela was.

The bell rang signaling that school was starting and we had five minutes to get to class. I waved bye to Angela and Ben then made my way to my first class. By lunch time I was ready to go home, I was so tired of everyone asking me how I was since they seen me talking earlier today. I made my way quickly through the lunch line and simply grabbed a salad and water then sat beside Angela at out usual table.

"Oh look Bella's back." said Jessica.

"I never left Jessica, I've been here the whole time." I said back. I was already tired of her shit more than anything else.

"Yea okay like whatever. Anyways, I heard you and Angela are going away this weekend, maybe I should come too." Jessica said in her very annoying voice.

I looked over at Angela and she just shook her head at me and I knew that she didn't want her going any more than I did. "Sorry Jessica but the list is full." I said trying to be sweet about it but Jessica didn't take it that way.

"Whatever," she turned and started to talk to Lauren instead.

"Don't worry about it, let the sluts go away for the weekend, maybe we can take Tyler and Mike away for the weekend so that Bella doesn't get her claws in them again." Lauren said loud enough that I could hear her but I don't think that I was supposed to.

"Yeah those two sluts are always trying to steal them away from us. We need to show those guys what they don't want to lose." Jessica said with a smirk.

"Who the hell do you think you are calling a slut?" I asked. "The only two sluts here are you two. I think you will fuck anything with two legs."

"We're not the sluts you are, that's probably why Cullen left is because he got tired of you." Lauren sneered, and with that comment all I was red, I don't remember standing up or walking over to her but I do remember pulling my hand back and slamming my fist into her nose with all my strength. Her nose made a crunch noise and started to bleed while she started crying.

I turned to Jessica and said, "You have anything else you want to say?"

She just shook her head and ran off. I looked over at Angela and she looked absolutely shocked at what just happened. I moved back around and sat down next to her. Nobody said a word for at least five minutes. "Holly crap Bella are you okay?" Angela finally asked grabbing my hand to look at my knuckles, they were bruised but Lauren still got the worst of it.

"I'm fine Ang, I just couldn't stand the way they were sitting there talking about us, I just go so mad I snapped when she mentioned Edward. I wasn't planning on hitting her it just sort of happened." I said. "But it felt so good."

Everyone started laughing. "They got what they deserved talking about you two like that." Ben said smiling.

"So we're still on this weekend right Ang, Ben?" I asked smiling and changing the topic.

"Oh yea I think you need some new clothes to go with the all new and improved Bella." Angela says with a smile. "Maybe hanging out with you more will help me improve and start to defend myself too."

We all laughed ad talked till the bell rang telling us that it was time to go back to class. Making my way to class I can't help but think that life was going to get better. I saw Lauren one more time before it was time to go home that day and the look she gave me made me burst out laughing. Her nose was taped straight, and she had two black eyes. She still tried to give me an evil hating glare but it didn't work. I felt better at the end of school than I have in a long time and I was beyond ready to go see Jacob.