Chapter 20: Crazy Shit


" Dream sweet dreams for me

Dream sweet dreams for you

Close your eyes and I'll close mine

Good night, sleep tight"

- Good Night by The Beatles

"No I am not taking you with me to the store ever again." I said as I walked back in the front door of the house carrying 10 pizza boxes that made it where I couldn't see where I was going. "If you don't help then you don't eat." I called out in general. Soon Peter and Charlotte were on the way out to the car with Emmett and Carlisle following them. Jasper, Esme, and Edward came and grabbed pizza boxes out of my hands and sat them on the table.

"What happened darlin?" Jasper asked hugging me tight to him as he could once he put the boxes down.

"Your sister is worse than Peter when it comes to going to the grocery store." I said before turning and walking into the kitchen for cups and plates. "Alice if your going to eat you need to come set these on the table. I'm serious don't help, don't eat, ask Peter."

"She means it Pixie." Peter said from somewhere in the house. I heard Alice growl at being called Pixie.

"That's enough Alice!" I heard Esme say from somewhere in the front of the house. Finally Alice came and grabbed the plates and took them into the dinning room.

"Thank you Alice." I said smiling a bit at her attitude. "Thank you everyone for helping with the groceries.' I grabbed the drinks and pointed at a bucket of ice for Jasper to grab and walked into the dining room. "Now everyone grab what you want and eat. Enjoy!" I finally said after focusing on everyone in the room.

"I don't know about you guys but I'm starving." said Peter taking a bite of his pizza. "Yum, I'm going to have to get this one again next time." Jasper was nodding in agreement with Peter but I noticed the Cullens looked a bit worried.

"Trust me." I simply said smiling at them and eating my own pizza. Finally Carlisle took a bite of his pizza, his eyes widening in shock probably since he still thought the pizza would taste like dirt or something. "Good huh?" He nodded and everyone started eating.

"So Bella is this another display of your power?" Carlisle asked between bites.

"Yes it is. It's one of the only ones that I can share with people. It comes in quite handy when we are required to eat around humans and not look suspicious." I said smiling.

"Would you mind explaining what your power is exactly?" Carlisle asked. "I mean you have shown you can somehow shut Peter up, and now you made it where we can all eat."

"Yes well this is only temporary. It will only last about 2 hours then wear off. So don't try to eat anything again later, it wont still taste good." I said laughing a bit at the memory of the first time I used my power on Peter.

"Yeah you tell them that." I heard Peter grumbling to himself.

"Sorry Petty we didn't even know if I could share my power with others when that happened." I said causing others to laugh catching on to what happened "But anyways I believe that my powers are my human-like qualities, and my shield. We believe as of recently that my shield absorbs the powers that it comes in contact with. We only just found that out yesterday when we first seen you. It first showed when I met a nomad named Mandy but it has gotten stronger since then. Of course we dint realize that was what was happening the first time I sealed Petty's mouth shut." I laughed when Peter growled at his nickname, and the memory of me doing that.

"That's quite a talented shield you have I can see why the Volturi is so interested in your family." Carlisle said smiling.

"Yes we deal with them quite regularly they can't seem to take no for an answer but I am sure ya'll know all about that huh?" I said smiling back.

"Probably less than you, Aro respects me so he leaves us alone for the most part, but I always feel like when he leaves there will be a day he wont take no for an answer from Alice and Edward." Carlisle said but as he was speaking the words started to face and soon I was standing in the baseball field in Forks.

The Volturi all stood in front of us, the whole Volturi. I could sense the wolves presence in the woods behind us, the presence of several unknown vampires standing behind me, my family and Jasper on my right with the Cullens standing off to the left.

"Join us and there will be no one hurt today, refuse and everyone will die." I heard Aro say. I could see the white fog of Alec's power trying to make its way inside of my shield.

"The only person who will die is going to be you Aro if you don't leave us in peace." I said back to him, a growl in my voice. "You have let the power go to your head and it needs to stop."

"You need to learn your place Isabella, and I'm going to be the one to teach it to you. We wont leave so if you want a fight then you got one." Aro grinned menacingly. "Guard attack!"

Then we charged fighting with everything we had.

I came back to the present looking into the eyes of a very worried Jasper. "Bella darlin' are you alright?"

I wanted to tell him yes but I couldn't lie to him like that so I shook my head and said ,"No." before I broke down sobbing in his arms.

"Bella what did you see, I recognize that look, it's the same one Alice gets when she has a vision. That's the second one you have had today. Talk to me darlin'." Jasper said holding me in his arms.

"The first one was so beautiful, I cant wait for it to happen, it was our wedding day." I paused and took a deep breath. "The second one was of a war." I wasn't sure at first if anyone heard me because I spoke so softly but they were being so quiet I guess they did.

"A war with who?" Peter asked, I think he knew some of what was going on with his power.

"The Volturi, they came for another visit but this time when we refuse they wouldn't take no for an answer. They say we either join or die. We choose to fight for our freedom. There are others with us willing to help us fight for our freedoms. The Volturi have gown to powerful, it is time that someone else rule for awhile."

"When will it happen?" Carlisle asked.

"I don't know but we will be in Forks for this war. The wolves will be helping us. I didn't see them but I could feel them there. I don't know who all was there so we need to call everyone, tell them to be ready to gather in Forks when we know more info so that we can train and prepare. The Volturi are great fighters but we have te best fighter here to help us train so we can beat them but this is not going to be an easy fight, and you need to make sure you tell them that before they come to help." I said taking charge. "No Cullens it was nice to see you again but it is late and I need some rest. Do you have a place to stay tonight?"

"Yes we have a house not far from here, so we will be there. I will start making phone calls tomorrow. When would you like us here to start training Jasper?" Carlisle asked looking from me to Jasper.

"Make your calls tomorrow, the next day be here at five in the evening. We need to continue life as usually as we can, so me and Bella have class tomorrow." Jasper said looking at me. "You all have a good night and see you the day after tomorrow."

Jasper grabbed my hand and lead me upstairs, not even waiting for the Cullens to leave, leading me to my room before leaning in and kissing my lips. "I will be back in five minutes, I just need to change into something I can sleep in. And then I'll be back here." Jasper whispered against my lips, all I could do was nod before going in to my room to change.

I walked into my room and over to my dresser trying to find something suitable to wear. I ended up in a pair of black yoga pains and a black spaghetti strap top. I didn't have anything sexy to wear since I've never needed it. I was just sitting on the bed when I head a knock on the door. "Come in Jazz."

"All ready for bed darlin'?" Jasper asked coming in the door wearing a pair of black sweats that hung low on his hips and no shirt. I was having a hard time not running over, tackling him and just taking him, but I was to tired to do that after the day I had.

"Yea now come lay down with me and we can get some sleep." I said yawning.

"goodnight my Isabella." Jasper said kissing me as he lay down. "I love you."

"Goodnight my Jasper. I love you too." I said cuddling up to him and quickly falling asleep.