A/N: Wow... this is my first ff.. feel free to review! This story is a collaboaration of myself and Truefan (go read Real Women Have Curves) Here's the full summary:

Something has driven Edward back to his family in Forks after two decades of hunting humans. A vision of a beautiful brunette following him into the forest has his venom pooling for her scent.

Bella is a college student living in Seattle when she meets the dark and alluring brother of her friend Alice. She is pulled to him and cannot seem to tear herself away from him. Two who are alike but different, being forced together by circumstances out of their control, and also being driven apart by those same forces. Can they overcome the cruel fate the Universe has dealt them?

My Vamps are different. Look out for the fangs!


Prologue: Homecoming

Striking green eyes glance into the rear view mirror to see a blue, souped up Nissan 350zx complete with aftermarket white lights. The driver in the Nissan pulls up beside and looks appraisingly at the 69' Dodge Charger and honks his horn.

"Hey Douchebag!" The driver yells out, his buddies laugh in the back seat.

The driver of the dodge winds down his window and smirks. The cool night air swirls into the confines of his car 'These guys can't be serious! Do they really want put that lawnmower, up against a Charger! '

The Nissan driver revs his engine "When the light turn green, first one to the freeway wins the losers car! I've always wanted a Charger!" The driver laughs.

The other driver calmly lights a cigarette and then reaches over and turns on his radio, Frank Sinatra's My Way plays loudly through the cars sound system. The stop light switches to green and the Nissan takes off, squealing its tires and creating a cloud of smoke in its wake. One of the passengers screams out the window "C'mon Pussy!"

Pussy?... Huh! He arches an eyebrow.

The Dodge driver takes a slow drag from his smoke and exhales putting his foot on the gas. The car slowly gains speed, he shifts gears and begins to sing.

And now, the end is near; And so I face the Final Curtain

One would think that with the Dodge having such a late start there would be no way he could possibly catch up now. But having Vampiric senses and a piece of American Muscle that has been recently upgraded tipped the odds in his favour.

...I'll State My Case of which I'm certain

I've lived a life that's full, I've traveled each and ev'ry highway

And more, much more than this I did it myyyyy wayyyyy

He shifts into 3rd causing the speedometer to rocket around the dial and the car to weave in and out of traffic.

Regrets, I've had a few, but then again too few to mention

I did what I had to do and saw it through without exemption

I planned each chartered course, each careful step along the byway

And more, much more than this I did it myyyy waayyyyyy

His attention catches on a stunning red-head driving a Mercedes causing him to almost collide with a car in front of him. He swerves to miss it.

'Focus Edward!' He scolds himself.

Oh no, Oh no not me, I did it myyyy wayyyyy

He grins to himself as he is now bumper to bumper with the assholes in the Nissan. When the coast is clear he pulls around to the side of them, both cars traveling at break neck speed. He begins to sing loudly out of his window

"For what is a man, what has he got? If not himself, then he has naught..."

"..To say the things he truly feels; and not the words of one who kneels"

He can hear a chain of expletives coming from the other car.

"The record shows, I took the blows..."

He shifts into top gear pushing his car to the limit. He sticks his arm out the window giving the other driver the finger and bellows the last line of the song as he zips past them and onto the freeway.

"...And did it MYYYYYYYYYYY WAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" He laughs loudly as the Stateline into Washington zooms by.

Washington... Forks... Looks like I'm coming home after all

Just then, his cell phone chirps. Alice?

"Hi Alice."

".God! You're coming home! Edward I can't wait to see you!"

"Gee Alice, I wonder how you figured that one out…" He teases his clairvoyant sister.

"Oh, a little bird told me."

"And what does this little bird predict about Carlisle's reaction to my homecoming?"

After a long pause on Alice's end, Edward sighs loudly.

"He's not going to want me there is he?" He asks, sounding more like a statement then a question.

"Well I wouldn't say that…more that he'll be wary and concerned about your... change in diet."

Edward's turn to pause now. "You do realize Edward that in order for you to stay with us-"

"Yes I understand."

"May I ask what brought on this sudden change of heart?"

"Let's just say... It's not what it's cracked up to be."

"...Ok-aaayyy... You're not in any kind of trob-"

"No Alice. How's Esme?" Edward changes the subject as another wave of overwhelming guilt rocks through him. The events that prompted him to leave New York plague his mind.

"She's… well she'll be okay now that you're coming home. We've missed you."

"I Know I've missed all of you too." Edward did truly miss his family. He could recall with perfect clarity the day when his century's worth of self control slipped. When he became the monster he despised.

Twenty years ago would be a lifetime in human eyes, but just a tick on the clock of eternity for the life of a vampire. In the weeks following the incident Edward's adoptive brothers and sisters rallied around him with love and support. Due to his ability, their thoughts were open to him and he knew the sincerity of their words. But just as he was accepting his mistake and beginning to move on he overheard the thoughts and words of his father while speaking to his mother. The conversation was enough to send Edward sprinting from the house and into the night.

Edward pulls up into the driveway of his family's house, cuts off the engine and takes an unnecessary breath. He runs his fingers through his messy hair, then places his shades on his face.

"Well, no time like present!" He hops out of the Charger and heads to the front door. Before he can knock the door flings open and his pixie of a sister has her arms around his neck.

"Edward! I'm sooo happy to see you!"

Edward chuckles, grateful for at least one warm welcome. "Thumbelina, is that you?"

Alice narrows her eyes at him "You know I hate that nickname!" She drags him inside of the sprawling mansion.

Emmett runs up to Edward picks him up in huge bear hug. "Look who it is! If it isn't our favorite brooding vampire. Nice to have you home brother, it's been too long!" Emmett's voice changes ever so slightly.

"Yes. Yes it has. Uh, could you put me down?"

Emmett chuckles. "Sure thing Lil' Brother"

When planted back on his feet, he's greeted next by Jasper and Rosalie.

"Welcome home Edward!" Jasper embraces his brother warmly. "I hope you'll stay."

Not having any definite plans made Edward just smiles in response.


"Edward." I wonder how long it will take for him to fuck up this time. Although I'm not sure Esme can take his absence again. Rosalie's thoughts drive a stake of guilt straight into his long dead heart.

Edward growls lowly at Rosalie's thoughts. She smirks and heads back into the living room.

Now standing with Jasper, Alice and Emmett, an awkward silence falls over the four of them, Edward listens to everyone of their thoughts.

'I really hope he stays, Guitar Hero is not the same without him'

'He's nervous... I wonder why he's decided to come home now...' Edward grimaces slightly at Jasper's too intuitive thought.

'I can't believe he's here! Esme will be overjoyed... and he will be happy with me because I haven't looked into his future like I promised him... Except the occasional flash, but I can't help those... and the occasional flashes...well no one wants to see their brother in... certain situations. So keeping my promise was not all that difficult. Maybe I should mention the one I had yesterday about Bella...'

"Alice, who is Bel-" Before Edward can finish his question, the front door opens and in walks Edward's parents Carlisle and Esme.

"Edward!" The sound of his mother's voice makes his dead heart clench. She wraps her arms tightly around her son. For the first time in a long time Edward feels his long dormant humanity awaken. He kisses her hair softly knowing that it will only be a matter of time before she finds out what he's been doing and why he's back home. Will she accept him so willingly then?

"Edward... I need to speak with you." Edward breaks away from the loving embrace of Esme and looks into Carlisle's eyes. His thoughts are guarded.

'Might as well get this over with' Edward sighs and follows his father outside.