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Chapter 30: Chief Motherfuckin' Swan

So I'm sitting there at my computer Facebook stalking Mike Newton. What a fucktard! His interests consist of World of Warcraft and Girls. Wow I'm sure revealing how nerdy you are will get you plenty of play. His only picture is of him and Bella at some school function. She smiles like he has a gun to her back. I chuckle and click 'ignore' to his friend request. Bella is having a nap on our bed, I sigh at the thought of 'our' bed.

Within a second however, all hell breaks loose. Bella is up and running out the door yelling at me. I make out "Volturi" "Leave now!" "No time" I grab my leather jacket and follow her down the stairs and out to my Charger. I slide into the driver's seat and speed off.

"Ok Bella take a deep breath and tell me what's going on."

"The Volturi. I had a dream, they're coming Edward!"

"When Love?"


"Soon. How soon are we talking?" I question her.

"I'm not sure. Could be this week, could be next week, could be tomorrow!" She's shaking, and biting her lip. I run my thumb across her bottom lip releasing it from her teeth.

"It's going to be okay." I tell her softly. "It wasn't long ago that you were assuring me that we would get through this." I wrap my arm around her and bring her close to me.

"I know, I have to have hope. But I don't know what I would do if I lost you. Any of you!" I feel a few of her tears soak through to my shirt. I kiss her hair softly before the sound of a police siren breaks me out of the moment.

"Shit!" I slap my steering wheel in frustration as I pull over to the side of the road.

I hear a clunking sound and Bella curses as well. "I dropped my cell phone." She reaches down between my legs to retrieve the cell phone from the floor. She sits back up and then turns to look out the rear window "Oh My God! That's my Dad!"

"Shut the fuck up! Are you serious right now?" I whisper yell.

Bella's head is in her hands. "Fug fug fug fug!"

"Oh my God! He's gonna shoot me Bella! I'm sure when you dropped your phone it looked like you were-"

"OH SHIT! GAHH! What are we going to do? We don't have time for this."

Before I can respond, Bella's father taps on my window. I roll it down. "License and registration." He demands, then bends down and looks at me and then, much to my regret Bella.


"Um, Hi Dad!" She smiles sweetly.

His mouth drops open and then he looks at me with a hard glare. 'Who is this asshole? And he better not have been defiling my baby girl.' I gulp.

"Who's your friend Bella?" He asks her.

"Umm… he's my… my.. my.." Bella is at a loss for words. Does she call me her boyfriend or her fiancé?

"Your?" he asks again.

I clear my throat and thrust my hand out to him. "My name is Edward Cullen." He just looks at my pro-offered hand like it's covered in dog shit. He glares at me again. "License and registration... Edward." He spits my name.

I lean over Bella and open the glove compartment and retrieve my registration. I slowly hand it over to him.

'Cullen, Huh. He must be Dr. Cullen's boy. I'm inclined to cut him a break but he's dating my baby girl… And I think he might've been… defiling my daughter. That alone warrants a pat down.'

"Oh fuck! We don't have time for this!" I whisper to Bella.

Before she can answer me the Chief cuts in. "Step out of the car please young man."

I slowly open the door and get out of my car.

The Chief roughly pushes me onto the hood of the car ordering me to assume the position. The asshole in me really wants to tell him all the positions I've had his daughter in. But since I value my balls I keep my mouth shut. Chief Swan pats down my legs and then rifles through my jacket. He takes out my pack of cigarettes and pours them on the hood. After he's done he orders me to stay put. He peers into the back seat of my car.

"That's an awful lot of empties you have in the back there Edward." The Chief says looking deeply into my eyes.

Bella jumps out of the car and stalks over to us. "Dad, we really don't have time for this!"

"Who is he to you Bella? Please tell me he's a study partner from school" The Chief pleads.

Yes Chief Swan, Bella and I study Anatomy, Yoga and Music together. In fact we study them all at the same time. I know her body, put her in certain positions and make her sing! I think she might be a fan of downward facing dog.

Stop that! Bella's voice echoes in my head. I blink my eyes at her innocently.

"Dad, there's a lot to explain and we don't have time to explain it, but Edward's my fiancé."

"Your what?" The Chief shakes his head in disbelief. "You can't be serious."

"Yes Daddy, I'm very serious." Bella looks at the ground momentarily "There's something else that you should know."

"What's that?... Oh my God are you pregnant?" The Chief shouts and then glares at me. I feel very mortal at the moment. I have no doubt that he'd tear my balls off vampire or not. I gulp.

"NO!" Bella takes a deep breath and centers herself. "I found out that we have Quileute blood in our history."

"…..Okaaayy" The Chief is impatiently waiting for the point.

"Well you see there's a certain gene that skipped you and well I uhh I ended up getting it."

"Gene? What the hell are you talking about?" The Chief questions.

"Umm… it's a shapeshifting gene."

"Shapeshifting." Chief Swan utters slowly.

"Yes. Werewolf to be exact."

"Werewolf." The Chief stares at her in disbelief. He clucks his tongue. "Bella. What are you on? What drugs has this jerk been feeding you?"

Bella huffs and begins to back away. "Please don't freak out Dad." She pleads and continues to back away some more.

"Bella where are you going? You really don't expect me to believe that you're gonna change into a werewolf do you?"

Bella closes her eyes and then begins to shake until she's trembling violently before she bursts into her wolf form, shaking the remnants of her clothing off her fur.

Chief Swan's mouth drops open and he mutters a quiet 'holy fuck' before promptly passing out, I'm there to catch him before he hits the ground.

"Could you be more dramatic about it?" I shoot at her. She just rolls her eyes and huffs at me.

A little while later, Bella and I arrive at the Blacks' house. Bella has borrowed a pair of my boxers and rolled them up so that they've become booty shorts. The wife beater she borrowed from me as well is rather loose and she's tied it in a knot above her belly button.

"Billy! Jacob!" She shouts as I haul "Daddy" out of the back of the cruiser. I pull his arm around my neck as he groans in semi-conscious awareness.

"Bella?" Billy questions from the doorway. "Is everything alright?" He adds as he sees me shuffling Charlie towards the porch.

"Not in the least." Bella sighs as she helps on Charlie's other side.

"Bells?" Charlie grumbles more coherently.

"Yeah dad, we're at Billy's. You went into shock and fainted."

"You were a wolf?" He groggily murmurs as we lower him to the couch.

"Yeah about that…" Bella starts.

"You told him?" Billy asks surprised.

"I had to!" Bella fires back. "He was going to try and arrest Edward for being my fiancé!"

"You're engaged?" Billy inquires.

"SHIT!" Bella curses. "Yes, Edward and I are engaged. I phased in front of my dad. I had a supernatural meeting with an assumingly dead ancestral chieftain and I can control the weather as well as make every man hard and every woman wet in a two mile radius. Happy? Now can we please get a council meeting going before the shit really hits the fan?"

Billy promptly wheels himself out of the room and to the phone where he proceeds to dial the first number of the Quileute "Code-Red-We're-in-Serious-Shit" phone tree.

Charlie comes to when a large crack of thunder echoes through the area.

"Bella?" He grumbles from the couch.

"Yes dad?" Bella sighs as her anger ebbs and the dark clouds that had formed are now dissipating into the dull gray they normally are.

"Was I dreaming? This is Billy's. Did I fall asleep watching the game? PLEASE tell me you are not engaged and turned into a wolf."

Bella delivers the message like a doctor tells a family bad news about their loved one.

"Dad, unfortunately you're not dreaming. Before I tell you anymore though, you need to know that everything I'm going to tell you puts you in danger. I don't want you to get in over your head without you knowing that you are. I understand if you decide this is too much for you, but I've found that the more information that one has, the better off they are."

Charlie goes silent for a moment or two before he nods his head. "You're my daughter Bella, and anything that puts you in danger, I need to know about."

"Alright dad," Bella nods once before going into a detailed explanation. She tells him all about their gene pool, the wolf magic that passed over him and her joining the pack.

"But that doesn't explain him." Charlie thumbs at me. Bella gives me a speculative look and I nod at her.

"Okay Chiefy." I start. "Here's the deal…"

"Edward…" Bella warns.

"Sorry, I'll be nice." Charlie gives me a glare that makes me almost chortle. I'm about to flip this man's world upside down.

"The reason Bella phased, the reason that she is a wolf now, is because of me. I'm the one thing that sets off the gene. The one true reason any of the wolves are here. Well, not me personally, but figuratively I guess."

"Boy, spit it out. I can take it." He snaps.

"Fine. I'm a vampire." It takes a second for the police chief to gather himself enough for a response. When he does, it's the exact one I expected, laughter.

"Bullshit." He manages to gasp through his laughter. "You two are some major fucking drugs if you think I'm going to believe that."

I roll my eyes before rushing at him at vampire speed. I have him lifted by the shoulders and my fangs bared before he knows that he's off the ground. His laughter turns into a scream.

"Edward! Put him down!" Bella jumps at me, gripping my arm and pulling. I gently let the chief's feet hit the ground before retracting my fangs.

His face has gone almost as pale as mine and he looks like he's about to puke.

"Get it?" I ask.

He nods in agreement and shuts his eyes. His thoughts are all over the place. Frightened. Angry. Worried. Disbelief. Denial.

When he opens his eyes he looks at Bella.

"So you're a werewolf who is part of the Quileute pack of wolves, and you're engaged to a vampire?"

"Yes." Bella whispers.

"I'm going to need to leave."


"I just need time to digest this. I don't know how I feel about all this. Part of me wants to run screaming, part of me wants to fight anything threatening you, part of me doesn't believe any of it and part of me just wants to forget all of this."

"I know it's a lot to take dad, sometimes I don't even believe it."

Charlie grunts as he pushes himself to his feet.

"I'm going to go home, but I need to know that you're going to be safe Bella. You're still my daughter, and the fact that you are wrapped up in something this, for lack of a better word, fucked up, well it worries me. I don't want anything to happen to you."

Bella's eyes gloss over with tears and she nods. Charlie pulls her in for a hug. She clings to him and I can see the little girl that he has always seen her as. She's scared and helpless and wants her daddy's protection. She sobs into his shirt and I know I can't move. I don't want to disrupt this small moment because I know it means the world to both of them.

When Bella finally pulls away and the last of her sniffles subside, the chief nods at her. The red of his rims say everything about the amount of pain and worry he feels.

"Love you Belly Bean."

"Love you too daddy." Bella responds as the chief returns his hat to his head and opens the door. He steps out and the crunch of his feet on the gravel signals his retreat from the small home of Billy Black.

Bella throws herself into my arms and I cling tight to her, aiming for reassurance and comfort.

After all the calls have been made, every member of the pack is sitting around a fire strategizing and making contingency plans. I offer my input when I can and also put Carlisle and Jasper on speaker phone so we can all be on the same page.

So the jist is this so far; The Volturi are nearby waiting to make the decision to attack.

The location and day of the fight is still unknown but the Quileute pack will serve as a small surprise, the Volturi aware of their presence but are unaware of their numbers. They will be attacking from many directions in hopes of confusing their ranks and hopefully providing us with the opportunity to take out their strongest vamps; Jane, Alec and Felix first.

Bella will provide a weather disturbance to decrease their sight, while Alice and I defend her from attacks. Alice's visions have proved pretty much worthless unless she's facing hand-to-hand combat with another vampire, and since they have no wolves of their own, she should be able to anticipate any vamp that's trying to make an attack on her.

We take a break from the strategy talk and the pack eats. I'm caught up in conversation with Seth when I notice Bella slowly disappear into the forest. I follow after her and find her sitting near the base of a tree looking somewhat frightened.

"Bella? What's the matter?"

"I needed to escape for a second. There are way too many thoughts." She whispers.

I sit beside down beside her, wrapping my arm around her shoulder. We sit in silence listening to the sounds of the forest for a bit. I focus on letting the sounds drown out any feelings or thoughts I have.

"Thanks for this." Bella says.

"Of course Love."

"Once it's starts it can be hard to shut it off."

"No one understands that better than me." I say and Bella grins up at me.

"How do you cope?"

"Just by distracting myself."

"But aren't the thoughts distracting?"

I chuckle "It's quite the conundrum."

"Edward…. ?"


"I need a distraction."

"Of course, anything you need. Ask me anything."

She grins at me. "Where are we going for our honeymoon?"

"I'm so not telling you that."

She pouts. "Not even a little bit? Is it hot are cold?" She asks.

"Hot, definitely Hot."

"Really far away or not so far?"

"Hmmm Northern Hemisphere."

"That could be anywhere!" She says exasperated.

"It's far enough away that no one will hear your screams." I snap my teeth at her.

"Screams of torture?"

"More like screams of pleasure." I wiggle my eyebrows at her.

"So some place hot and far away but not really? That tells me a whole lot of nothing."

"I want it to be a surprise, you've been so stressed and worried about everything that's been going on, I feel like taking some of the burden of planning off of you would be good for you. I can promise you that it will be the best two weeks of your life."

"Ok you win." Bella smiles at me.

I gently let my lips ghost against hers. We spend some time simply kissing, neither of us needing it to go further before Sam Uley approaches asking for Bella's attention. We both stand and dust off the dirt from our clothes.

Hand in hand we walk back towards the treaty line. As we near, the pack phases to track and defend. Bella stays in her human form.

"This is going to work." I assure her.

She smiles up at me and takes my hand. "I know. It's just that I wish I knew exactly when and where. It's going to be agony being away from you while we wait and patrol, and the issues with the treaty-"

"Treaty? What treaty?" I deliberately step over the invisible line. "I will not bow down to any treaty when it comes to you and I Isabella. We are meant to be together and nothing will stop that." I cup her face in my hands and kiss her with a passion greater than any force that the Volturi, or a treaty, or an angry pack of wolves could tear apart.