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Yep, so this is going to go day by day. Nodnod.

Belatedly, Watari realized that giving Light and L a bag of flour and telling them to take care of it for one week to prove that they could handle a puppy, might not have been the best idea the genius inventor had ever conceived.

It was a simple enough assignment, in theory. Carry the bag around, pretend to feed it, pretend to change it, and whatever else they felt like they should do. If, at the end of the week, it was still largely intact and had no obvious signs of abuse, Watari was almost confident that they would be all right to move on to an actual life-form, such as a goldfish. He'd see where it went from there, but images of a grossly neglected fish kept invading his mind as if flashes from an inevitable future. However, if they proved that they could, in fact, keep a fish alive, he would get them the puppy.

They had been begging for the creature for so long that it almost felt like there was one in the house already. By all means, Watari couldn't understand it. He liked dogs as much as the next man, but they were loud, and they were messy, and they were difficult to transport by airplane every time L moved, which was often. They also drooled and ate any food they could find, and Watari could imagine L's violent reaction if the poor animal was unfortunate enough to snatch any of L's candy.

Also, the boys- even L!- seemed unconcerned and in fact oblivious to the fact that adopting a dog between L and someone who was probably Kira could cause a problem.

Quite frankly, Watari didn't believe that they could handle the flour, let alone a dog.

But hey, he had been wrong before, occasionally, and maybe the two smartest people in the world, between the two of them, would be able to handle it.

Then again, maybe not.