Summary: At night I fantasize about you. Is that so wrong...? It is when you hear it. MinatoXNaruto Yaoi. Incest.

Rated M, to be safe I guess.

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Naruto was always dreaming about his father.

The blonde was nearing seventeen, an only child with one parent who, to his credit, could make up for the missing one a hundred times over. Naruto didn't need anyone else but his father, he wasn't sure he wanted anyone else but his father either.

Sometimes he felt it from his dad too, Minato would come home and as Naruto walked in the room to greet him the blonde swore he saw the stress of work melting off his face. Naruto would launch himself into his arms, he never felt childish even though he'd done it since he was a kid, and proceed to rub his cheek into his father's shoulder.

Minato would chuckle and eventually push Naruto away; claiming he couldn't breathe and the boy should really wait until he'd took another step into the house before assaulting him. Naruto never listened and he got the feeling Minato didn't want him to anyway.

So imagine how he felt when he dreamt about his father, they had a close relationship. Closer than most, and one he'd been told by friends was kind of questionable. Naruto didn't see a problem with it, so he loved his dad more openly than others? So what?

Minato was always in his dreams, as he'd already stated, but recently the direction of them had changed entirely. It would have scared Naruto if he wasn't so damn excited.

His father had been there, with him, doings things he never thought he would do with… well, anyone. For seventeen years the blonde was virtually untouched, and now to be having such explicit dreams? It was overwhelming.

It wasn't as if he never had the chance to date someone. He'd turned down many offers and like any sexually frustrated teenager had his fair share of wet dreams to take their place. The biggest reason for his refusal to date was simple; he didn't want anyone other than his dad so entangled in his life. Naruto made sure to spend every waking moment he possibly could with the man, and to counter that Minato spent every minute trying to get the blonde to hang out with people his own age.

Naruto got the feeling his father enjoyed the attention though, refraining from speaking his mind only because it would encourage his son further.

Minato wanted Naruto to be happy, after all. And what if he didn't make him happy enough? His son shouldn't be bound to him like that. Did Naruto think he was lonely? Is that why he spent so much time with him? Did he feel obligated to take his mother's place?

The blonde would assure his father over and over that's not how it was, that he wanted to spend so much time with him because he liked to. He liked his father, and was happy when Minato was happy. He liked the thought of being there for him and he didn't want anyone else getting in the way of that. If Minato needed him, Naruto would always be there…

Naruto groaned, waking up slowly to realize it had all been a dream. He glanced down and didn't need details to recall what the dream contained for his erection made it quite obvious. He closed his eyes, pulling back the sexy image of his father over top of him, loving him even more than Naruto thought possible.

His hand wandered down and he threw the covers off, firmly gripping his dripping cock with one hand and giving a quick squeeze. He moaned low, doing his best to keep it down. Minato was still sleeping in the other room and their walls weren't exactly sound proof.

This might have been awkward were he trying to keep from being discovered, but secretly he was really hoping Minato would wake up and catch him. Would stick around to watch his son perform the pleasurable act.

He knew his desire was wrong but he was drawn to the forbidden. Naruto tried to imagine it- Minato bursting into his room, only to come to a full stop and stare as he caught his son with his pants down. Hand fisted around his cock and aroused as hell. Naruto would stare at him lustfully, dare him to walk over and finish him off.

Or would Minato be stealthy? Would he quietly open his door and hear low growls? Breathy moans? Would Minato freeze, feeling himself harden? Would his son turn him on?

But more importantly would he be disgusted with himself? Hate himself for feeling that way about his only son. Was it possible Minato would feel wicked enough not to care?

These were only fantasies for the moment though. He would jack off and try as quietly as he could to cry his father's name softly into his pillow, muffling the name into nonsense.

He always came hard when he thought of his father. Definitely harder than when he thought of anyone else. He felt sated and overly tired after indulging in his perverse thoughts, he felt dirty but mostly he felt a deep longing.

One day he would make sure and let Minato hear purposefully, be extra loud. He really was curios how his father would react… whether the man would join him or not.

He sighed, rolling over after briefly cleaning up, and went back to sleep. Morning would come soon and he'd be up early as always to make them both breakfast.



In his room Minato waited. He knew Naruto well, hell he should the blonde being his son and all. And sickly enough, he knew him well enough to tell you when he was awake at night and jacking off.

It was late. Naruto had greeted him as custom when he returned home and Minato finished some last minute work in his office while his son made dinner. Minato was truly grateful for everything Naruto did, always accommodating him, always there for him. Doing things for him. Loving him.

He cooked dinner every night, breakfast every morning- insisting he should do it since Minato was too busy preparing for work to make a decent meal. And Naruto would be right. Minato was always rushing, usually throwing something edible into the microwave to eat hurriedly before he was out the door. At least this way Naruto could make a healthy meal and still leave Minato time to eat it at an acceptable pace.

Minato didn't complain though, he loved his son's cooking. Almost as much as he loved his son. The boy had learned quickly he was magic in the kitchen and was more than happy to replace Minato and his sub-par cooking talent. Minato was not ashamed to say he sucked at cooking, if there was something he could ruin it would be defiled in the worst way possible. Naruto could only stand canned food and microwave pizza for so long. Hence the new chef in the house.

His son truly was his star and now to be listening in on him as he did something this private? It was sinful to stay here, listening eagerly and anticipating that first indrawn breath. That first gasp for air and muffled moan into the pillows. Minato knew Naruto tried to keep it down, for his father's sake at the least, and his heart wrenched but he didn't tune out, doing his best to catch every sound coming through the walls.

His cock was waking up, stirring at the sound of his son making such delectable noises. God. What did he look like? Arching off the bed, hand fisted around his dick? Face flushing and skin tingling as he got off, mind melting as he drew himself closer and closer to orgasm.

Minato couldn't help it; he wanted to know so badly who Naruto was thinking of. Who was it that made him come so hard? Make such sounds? He could hear it, the way Naruto cried out in rapture, poorly muffling it in the covers and slowly cooling off as his breathing evened out and he fell still once more, satisfied and exhausted.

On some sick level, he wanted to be the one. The one who turned Naruto on, the only one who made him come so hard. Could Minato compare to whoever his son was thinking of, could he blow his son's mind like that?

But it was wrong. So very wrong.

He loved how wrong it felt. How shamefully wrong it was to love his son and grow excited at the mere thought of his son returning that love. If that was a mistake, if loving his son so completely was disgusting then he was damned enough not to care. Wicked enough to throw away morals.

He could hear a gasp, and bit his lip to keep his own groan from escaping. Unlike his son, he had managed to keep himself undiscovered, and he reached down to grip his own hard flesh, handling it roughly as he stroked himself to completion. His ears were keen and he did his best to catch every sound the blonde made from the other room, swearing when he heard Naruto come. He lost himself too, being decidedly more silent as he released into his hand. It was hard to keep quiet but at the risk of being caught by his son he found he could manage it.

He may indulge in this perverse pastime but if Naruto ever found out he'd never forgive himself. The sinful attraction for his own offspring didn't bother him, but if Naruto knew it certainly would. That was simply something he would never tell anyone- it had been hard enough accepting it himself. He knew how revolted the boy would be, and that thought scared him more than anything.

If he couldn't stand one person hating him, it would be his son. Naruto was his life and he wouldn't ruin that for anything. Even his own selfish desires.

He disposed of the remnants of his activity, angst receding as he sank blissfully into sleep, Naruto would wake him for breakfast and he would pretend everything was normal. Only at night could he do this, live in his fantasies.

He heaved a sigh pensively, "Naruto…"

Well, that was interesting. XD It really was intended for one-shot though. Hope you like it!