Before you read: I'm soooo sorry about the huge delay between the two chapters, I could make up excuses (I have plenty) but overall my laziness seemed to get the best of me… anyway once again, sorry, enjoy the chapter, and I promise not to let my laziness distract me anymore. R&R

Also… in case you're wondering about Gibbs & Jenny with Vance as Director, this story is set in Season 6, instead of Jenny dying Judgement Day, she left NCIS, but is still with Gibbs.

"So, what do you think of McBiceps?" Tony chuckled, staring at the new and improved Timothy McGee.

"Very impressive Tony, he'd give you a run for your money!" she chuckled back, poking her tongue out in Tony's direction. Ziva had just gone for a coffee run giving Abby the perfect opportunity to ask about their 'relationship'.

"You and my favourite ninja huh Tony?" she was still giggling, as they all had been since they were reunited.

"Yeah well, you and Tim, Gibbs and Jenny, we figured it was time to take the leap, and it was so worth it!" Tony grinning, but it wasn't a normal, cheeky DiNozzo grin, it was real, maybe Ziva was the right one for him, maybe now he could be truly happy. "I really love her Abbs, I really, really do!"

And with that Abby jumped up and landed on him, giving him a classic Abby bear hug, lasting for almost five minutes until Tony claimed he couldn't breathe, and Tim was starting to get jealous.

Abby shuffled backward, and snuggled close to Tim, resting her head on his shoulder, and holding his hand.

Soon Ziva returned with coffee's, and the room began to feel like a home, the four of them like a family, they were always there for each other, through the good times, and the bad, they all seemed to be thinking in synchronicity as well, suddenly breaking the silence, Tony raised his coffee mug,

"To death do us part!" Tony smiled, Tim, Abby, and Ziva also raising their mugs, and smiling, for once in their lives, everything was going to plan.

Behind them a mug dropped, Ziva instantly pulling out her gun, much to the amusement of the rest of the team, it was the one person who completed them, their father figure, and the man Abby could not wait to see.

"GIBBS!" She jumped about a metre in the air, and sprinted towards him, almost knocking him to the ground. It was clear for anyone, he was crying. He had lost too many women in his life, Shannon, Kelly, Kate, he couldn't bear to remember those few weeks trying to cope without Abby, his secondary daughter.

"Oh! I missed you so much Gibbs!" She continued to hug him, he was unable to talk, both because of his uncontrollable tears, and the tightness of Abby's embrace. Gibbs had never been one for crying in public, even managing to stay stoic at Abby's sham funeral, but this was too much, for a moment he didn't even care that his team was watching him cry, but only for a moment.

He tried quickly to compose himself, wearing a straight face, but with a huge grin, she finally let go of him, and they stared at each other for a long moment.

Suddenly, "Shit, you're REALLY pregnant!" Gibbs almost yelled, Tim walking towards Abby now, he thought it would be harder than this for Gibbs to accept one of his agents not only marrying, but impregnating the girl he thought of as a daughter.

Tim stood proud beside Abby now, preparing to receive the brunt of any lecture heading their way, but it never came. Despite Gibbs talks with Tim about the possibility of children, and him finding out that Abby told Ducky she was pregnant, he was unprepared. He had figured that Vance had made at least half of his explanation up as he went, but he was wrong, and Vance was right.

"Um…congratulations Abby, Tim." He hugged Abby again, and gave a firm handshake to a pleasantly surprised Tim McGee.

Conversation settled in, as the five team mates sat together sharing stories from the past three months, all claiming to have missed Abby the most… however all were avoiding Tim's near death, which was quite easily noticed by Tim and Abby, they had all said what they did when they first realised she was dead, however when it was Tim's turn the subject was quickly changed.

However, the team were more open with each other than they had ever been before, truly a family more than anything else. Suddenly, guilt struck Tim, 'Ducky' he thought, he had been so rude to Ducky, when all he was doing was his job, what if he had hurt him, he couldn't bear to think of what damage he may have done.

"I have to go see Ducky…" Tim murmured, slowly standing up.

"Hey! I'm coming with you, but just let me say goodbye to this lot!" Abby squeaked, trying to pull everyone into a group hug.

She whispered to each one of them separately;

"Gibbs, thanks for never giving up hope on me, the others started to move on, but you loved me too much." And planted a kiss on his cheek.

"Ziva, Tony loves you more than you know, take care of him…"

"Tony, thank you, you saved his life, I owe everything to you."

She stood beside Tim, grinning at them, turned and quickly towed Tim behind her.

"HEY! Thanks, but we'll see you tomorrow!" Tony shouted after them, a giggle was heard from the elevator.

"And as for you Timmy, I've never been more grateful to be alive." She kissed him on the cheek, and once again pulled him into a tight hug, and pressed the button to Autopsy.

The soft mumble of Ducky talking to his dead patients could be heard from the elevator, as Tim took a huge breath before stepping out, ready to confront one of the demons he had created in his darkest period.

They shuffled closer to Ducky, Abby pushing Tim forward, what would he have done if she had never come back, the thought was clear, he would have found a way to escape from Tony, to end it all, no one could have stopped him.

Ducky turned toward them and stared into Tim's now warm, caring eyes, apprehensively though, like something within him hated Ducky, his oldest, wisest friend.

They both looked worried, like each one would not forgive the other, however for once in Ducky's life, he was wrong. Abby had changed him, brought him back to life, given reason to his existence.

A smile lit up the older man's face, inspiring Tim to do the same.

"I forgive you." He walked towards Tim, as he nodded, and Abby grinned as she always did.

"I'm sorry…"