I laid peacefully in the grass of Jump City Park watching my friends enjoy the beautiful summer day well most of them were. Beast Boy and Cyborg were teaching a group of children the basics of the game "Stank ball". Starfire sat on the bench feeding the ducklings which she found "most amusing". Robin on the other hand appeared serene and happy on the outside but I could feel the stress and worry emanating off of him.

"Just relax, Robin."

I offered outstretching my hand gesturing for him to lie down beside me on the grass. He took my hand and attempted to calm himself.

"Sorry, it's just that Slade's been so quiet lately I can't help but feel like he's planning something."

"Don't be sorry after all its part of the job description of being a leader."


Robin responded smiling at me as he tucked a loose stand of hair that had fallen in front of my eyes.

"What are you listening to?"

He pondered catching me off guard due to the fact I had forgotten I had my ear plugs in.

"Don't laugh okay."

"I promise."

I removed one of my ear plugs and put it in his ear. I blushed in embarrassment as I watched his mask furrow in confusion but at the same time restraining a laugh.

"I thought you said you wouldn't laugh!"

I said pushing him playfully which caused him to burst into a fit of laughter.

"It just that I didn't know you liked Kiss the Girl by Ashley Tisdale."

"Well I can relate to it."

"How so?"

He questioned in mockingly intrigued tone while I rolled my eyes.

"For starters, it took you almost a year to ask me out."

"It was five months!"

"Either way you're oblivious when it comes to relationships."

"I am not."

"Then what do I want you to do?"

I said leaning closer to him.

"For me to hug you?"

I put my face in hand and shook my head disappointedly.

"I was joking Raven."

He said as he leaned in to kiss me when Beast Boy interrupted.

"Raven and Robin sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g!"

"We're under a tree, moron."

"Lighten up Raven! As I was saying: First comes love!"

Robin put his hand on my shoulder as his voice started to take its toll on me.

"Don't do it Raven."

"Second comes marriage!"

"Why not? Just let me send him to another dimension for like an hour!"

"No. I'll take care of him."

"Then comes a-"

Robin stood up and whispered something unidentifiable which cause Beast Boy to almost keel over and his eyes widen in shock.

"You wouldn't!"

"I would."

Beast Boy was out of sight in less than two seconds.

"What did you do?"

"Blackmail. Now where were we?"

Once Robin and I began to lean in to each other but I froze.

"Raven, are you okay?"

"No. Something's coming."

I said feeling faint due to the massive surge of power filter through me.


The team assembling immediately after hearing Robin's loud voice echoing across the entire park.

"What's wrong with Rae?"

Cyborg asked running his scanner across me not waiting for an answer.

"Well, well isn't the famous Teen Titans."

An unfamiliar voice taunted.

"Slade. "

Robin deducted without seeing the person behind the voice. Admittedly the voice did have the same monotonous tone filled with Slade's trademark sarcasm.

"Close but not quite on target and to think that he said you were the one to worry about."

"Who are you?"

The newly found adversary emerged from the shadows of a nearby tree. The girl stood about 5'3 with waist length obsidian hair that gradually turned an orange brown at the bottom. The girl was attractive despite her obviously evil disposition but what caught everyone's attention was her eyes which were a dark blue with green flecks and her pupils weren't the usual black but a shining silver. If you really concentrated on her you'd notice her paper pale skin was surrounded by a silver aura.

"My name isn't that important don't you think? But very well I'll give the satisfaction you're craving so desperately. My name is Sage."

The evil villainess said sauntering forward towards the Titans causing her provocative purple, black, and silver mini halter-dress to flow with the breeze over her black leggings. Robin drew his bo-staff, Starfire readied her star bolts, Beast Boy transformed into a wolf, and Raven summoned her dark powers with an excellent poker face not even a hint of her weakness shown.

"Sage. That sounds like Slade!"

"I know personally I think it bears too much resemblance to daddy dearest."

The teams' faces all had frozen with shock as Sage merely laughed.

"So Slade's…your father?"

"Very good observation Robin, any more questions?

"Why are you working for Slade?"

"Isn't it obvious? You're bound to defeat him someday it's only a matter of time! So daddy decided it was time I learned the family business so to speak. But I'm not planning on being his underling not for long at least. Question and answer time is over now it's time for me kill you… if you don't mind."

"Well we do!"

Sage smile wickedly as the Teen Titans used their various powers on her. She slyly dodged Cyborg's sonic cannon and Starfire's star bolts. Beast Boy's many animal attacks on her also proved futile as well because she just sent one kick to his side and he was down easily. Robin threw a handful of explosive birdarrangs at Sage who evaded them effortlessly and quickly ran up to Robin and slammed a crescent kick to his jaw. Raven was angered tremendously at the avid fighter and sent a hand made up of dark energy grabbing the girl lifting her into the air. But yet again she still had that same wicked grin plastered across her face and simply laughed.

"Really this is the best you can do? Wow and I thought you would be a challenge."

"Don't underestimate my darkness."

"Your darkness doesn't even measure up to what I can do."

The now conscious Titans watched astonished as the girl back hand sprang from Raven's grasp and landed flawlessly on the ground without a thud.

"Now it's my turn."

The evil girl's metallic eyes and aura glowed as two figures clawed their way out from her very being. Surprisingly the Sage didn't even show an inkling of what looked like would be excruciating pain instead her she just laughed louder with adrenaline coursing through her veins. The two beings looked exactly like Sage herself except one was black and silver lined its features and the other was silver with a black lining on its features. But they both had those same piercing color eyes as their creator.

"What are you?"

Raven asked as she stared with wide eyes filled with surprise. Sage sighed exasperatedly and explained.

"I could make up hundreds of names to describe what I am but I have no time for such frivolous activities anymore."

Sage waved her hands at her shadows like a conductor would at an orchestra. Her two shadows glided over ground. Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Robin charged Sage's dark minions which was a big mistake. The dark beings began to pick up speed as they ran towards them but what would have been a head on collision was the exact opposite they actually ran through Sage's shadows. The attacking Titans looked around confused as to where their current adversaries were. Sage simply snapped her fingers stopping all movement from the Titans except Raven whose eyes glowed white with fury and figure shook rigidly in anger.

I stared angrily at Sage. This girl must be Slade's daughter to be this stupid. Sage returned my gaze with that same sick aggravating grin on her face that I want to beat off of her but I refrained from doing so. That's what she wanted me to do. I figured out her attack pattern easily. She was strong but refused to hit first. She said she wanted to kill us but she never took advantage of the opportunity. She played mind games but never-

"Raven, your theories are very amusing to me. You are even remarkably close to finding my weakness but you won't have the time to find out."

"Then what are you waiting for kill me!"

"I intend to."

The silver aura surrounding her turned black as she coiled her fist punching me out cold. So much for my theories.

Finally, that nuisance was gone. I smiled smugly at my work. All five titans down in a matter twenty minutes and Slade said this was going to be a challenge. I radioed Slade to tell him of my great achievement.

"Father, I have defeated the Titans."

"Excellent but did you kill them like I asked?"

As his words filled my ears I felt a sickening feeling in the depths of my stomach. I looked around once again at the limp bodies of the Titans they were unconscious but I could hear their feeble mortal heart beats. I turned hearing Slade's heart beating rapidly in anger. He picked me up by my neck and held me in mid-air.

"Sage, answer my question now."

"No father I-I did not."

"I knew you would fail me. I gave you this task because I believed that you were strong enough to handle a big responsibility such as this but you let me down you meaningless, worthless, useless child."

He threw me against a nearby tree. I could hear the sickening crack of my ribs hitting the tree with brute force.

"But father I-"

"Save you excuses. You should have known not to defy my orders. Your powers may be strong but your mind is weak."

I narrowed my eyes and stood up against my bodies desperate cries.

"Listen here Slade. I have done more damage in twenty minutes than you could manage to create within a millennium. I am stronger, faster, smarter, and deadlier than you and if you patronize me any longer I will-"

"This conversation is over."

My ribs were being to fuse back together when felt Slade's fist connect with my jaw. The sheer force of the impact sent me down once more. I struggled to get up my vision was clouded with the blood that ran from my forehead.

"Relax, dear daughter this will all be over soon."

He pulled out a silver laser gun aimed, and then fired at me.

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