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I realized that Starfire had conjured up the "mall of shopping" adventure for me due to the fact of only us departing while the others stayed and prepared. In any other situation I would be thrilled to do such things but not now...not after the incident. The only thing I wish to do is to talk to Robin and some how apologize for my words. Sadly I do not see this occurring. The way Robin looks at me, when he actually does spare me a glance, is filled nothing as if he is looking through if I am already dead and forgotten memory of what could have been. It was truly foolish of me to ever believe that some thing good would last in my life. But what induces a terrible sickness deep within my very being is the fact I am not sorry and this resolution was achieved by myself alone. Which scares me into thinking that maybe I-

"Friend Sage, do you hear me?"

Starfire questioned thus pulling me from my as they pity party. I smile and toss my hair back and responded in my most cheerful voice,

"My dearest apologies, Starfire would you mind repeating yourself once more?"

Starfire smiled happily as pointed towards a overly priced name brand store asking whether this would be my taste or not. I smile and nod in agreement to satisfy her. That was one of the things I have learned from Slade; avoid causing people reasons for inquire because once you let some one in it is very well impossible to get them to stop caring. Which is why I do not show my real emotions as much as the other parties of this argument do. Which is a probable cause of why I feel this way currently.

After our "mall adventure" Starfire brings me to this ice cream shop that I do not catch the name of. She orders an item with so much sugar that I gain three pounds just by viewing it. Not that I could not stand to gain a few.

"Friend Sage what type of tasty dessert do you desire from the cream of the ice shop?"

I smile slightly at Starfire's attempts at the English language. I almost decline but I remember my current mantra. I order a basic vanilla ice cream cup. Starfire is not talking...she examining me, her face contorted with confusion and effort. She is looking for holes in my shield. She has good intentions and I do not need my abilities to realize that.

"Is there anything that you wish to talk about Sage?"

Perhaps I should tell her...but actually let some one in could be dangerous. I will feel guilty if I do not give her a honest answer so I decide to give her one of the apparent reasons.

"As you know the three sides of the argument clashed and words were thrown like daggers, especially mine, and inevitably a foul knife of mine severed a vital artery within Robin. Now he barely spares me a passing glance."

I watched as Starfire began to contemplate my predicament. Then she asked,

"Who do you not do the apologizing to friend Robin?"

"I do not believe that will do much good at this point. Robin will not forgive me. He..he does not care about me."

Starfire assures me of how much Robin cares and how he has been moving through a difficult time. That he just requires a few more days of space and other useless words of console. Words that mean nothing anymore as the reality dawns upon me. I should have known this all along. Maybe I knew but just denied it in hopes of enjoying the few moments of happiness I could steal from these people. I should have realized that beings like me do not deserve happiness. I wish I have known that I do not belong here with such good people. And sadly I know I have to leave in order to prevent anymore of my misfortune on others.

When we enter the tower Starfire hands me one of the bags.

"I have taken the liberty of picking an outfit for you!"

She then runs off with the other bags to pack to help the struggling Cyborg and Beast Boy whom are trying to pack in more luggage than space the T-Ship has. I exited the garage and headed down the corridor that lead to my room. Once in my room I pulled out what I must say is the cutest dress I have ever seen. It was white with a blue and pink floral and a lace trim on the bottom. There was a knock upon the door which as when I opened the it I realized exactly what I was getting myself into.

Robin looked around nervously as he stood before Sage who's expression portrayed a mixture of both surprise and nervousness.

"Do you have anything you wish to tell me?"

Robin was taken aback. The sound of her child like voice seemed so strange to him now that he had went so long without it. Robin struggled to find the words he had thought out so well before he embarked on this endeavor but all that he could manage was a cliche,


Sage looked down and shook her head in discontent. She then said.

"It has been at the least two weeks since you have spoken to me and 'Hey' which is not even proper English is what I receive. That is great."

Robin slowly took Sage's hand and said

"I'm sorry."

Sage removed her hands.

"Why is it do you feel the need to be sorry. Your disappointment is in me therefore apologizing unnecessary and if you say otherwise I am sorry that can not see what a vile person I truly am."

"Fine. You are right that I am disappointed in you...but that's aside the point."

"Robin, what is exactly your reason for being here? If you are here for to convince me to give some sort of apology you are wasting your time."

Sage said but as she turned toclose the door Robin's hand shot out and grabbed her shoulder. Robin pulled her close and smashed his lips against hers and Sage did not protest only her eyes widened in surprise. Pulling away only slightly so that their faces were only mere inches apart Robin asked coyly,

"Does it look like I want an apology?"

Sage smiled involuntarily. By all means Sage wanted to be mad at Robin for doing something so rash but instead she was as giddy as a school girl. It was hard to stay angry around Robin.

"Friends we shall be leaving within a few moments."

Said Starfire who stood at the end of the corridor smiling in a way that told she had seen everything. No sooner than she came she left. Sage looked up at Robin still smiling. Her cheeks began to turn to a very vibrant pink upon her alabaster complexion she said,

"I believe Starfire is correct that we should be leaving or else I am afraid that I may just do something very unladylike."

"What do you mean unladylike?"

Robin said smiling. Sage rolled her eyes playfully and said,

"I think you can in between the lines perhaps."

Sage's face grew ten shades redder as she ran down the corridor to meet the others.