Chapter one part two

Chapter one: new arrivals

a young dark orange dragon with light brown lightning shaped horns, a dark yellow hide, with light brown spines running down the back of his neck all the way down to the tip of his tail which was tipped with a flame shaped blade and orange eyes was playing in the temple garden. The dragon was only a hatchling, by human standards he would have been around five years old.

His name was Ignitus.

He was chasing butterflies around the green forested garden when a soft females voiice called his name.

It was his mother Pyrie, a female fire dragon with similar colouring to Ignitus. her horns curved down in a goat like fashion and were a golden colour. her eyes were amber coloured and she had golden spines and a spade shaped tail blade.

"Ignitus we have some visitors" she said and walked into the temple.

Ignitus ran into the temple after his mother and the pair soon reached the main meeting room. It was a large circular room which, like the majority of the temple, was coloured a light brown or orange. In the centre of the room was a green round pool with bubbles floating up from its surface.

There were three exits the one directly behind Ignitus which gave a full view of the room, one to the left of him which led to another part of the gardens and the last one was directly in front of him on the other side of the room.

Standing in front of this door was a large red dragon with an orange hide and orange eyes. his horns were brown and shaped like lightning bolts and he had brown spies running down his back. The blade on his tail was shaped like a flame.

At the red dragons feet were three dragon hatchlings, all of which were no older than Ignitus himself.

The first hatchling at the feet of the red dragon was a scrawny green earth dragon with brown curved horns, green eyes, brown spines and wings, light brown hide and a brown mace on the end of his tail.

The second hatchling was a blue ice dragon with two straight purple horns on his jead, purple spines, hide and wing membrane, blue eyes, a small blue horn on the end of his nose and on the end of his tail six spines encircled it near the tip like a snowflake.

The third and final dragon hatchling was a yellow electric dragon. he had two grey horns on the top of his head that curved back and pointed upwards at the tip, grey hide, yellow wing membrane, grey spines that curved down at the tips like an ocean wave and two large scythes each of them facing each other were on each side of the end of his tail. Two yellow spikes protruded out from the sides of his cheeks.

"Ignitus meet Terrador, Cyril and Volteer" said the red dragon as Ignitus approached.

"Hi I'm Terrador one day I'm going to be the best dragon general ever!" the scrawny earth said proudly.

"I'm v-vol-Volteer my name is Volteer" the electric dragon said. "And I want to be a...a uh...a really smart and fast dragon, so I can help others!"

"Pfft you can't even pronounce your own name, well I'M Cyril, my parents are the strongest and best dragons ever and I'm going to beat all of you" the ice dragon sneered and puffed out his chest proudly.

"No one is going to beat any one, you are all here to train and to work on your basic skills; physical combat, aerial combat and more importantly team work!" the red dragon said firmly before an argument broke out.

The three hatchlings nodded and the red dragon continued speaking.

"Right my name is Sacroth and I will be your teacher for the duration of your training, you've all met my Son Ignitus, now-". The red dragon, Sacroth, began but Pyrie interrupted him.

"Sacroth, we have a problem down at mounitions forge" she said, handing him a scroll.

As Sacroth read the scroll his eyes narrowed. "I'll see to it immediately, I'll be back in a few days" he replied and left.

"So what now?" Ignitus asked his mother.

"While he's away I will teach you, we'll start off with a few basic flying lessons" Pyrie answered.