chapter 3- Melee.

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After an hour of rest, the four young Dragons had met up with Pyrie in the training area, all of them watched in awe as they took a better look at the statue in the middle of the room that they passed while learning to fly.

The statue was of a large dragoness with webbed ears, two long horns, like Cyril's, coming out of the back of her head, thin spines running down her back, and a flame shaped tail blade. She had strong build and around her neck was a talisman with the symbols for the four main elements fire, ice, electricity and earth, and a star in the centre on it.

"Hey who is that Dragoness?" Terrador asked.

"That is the elemental mistress Emberress, a dragoness who was known to be the true master of fire, and started the campaign to develop styles of fighting that only females could do, she helped in founding the education system, and the two different fighting styles used by dragons depending on gender, this way everyone had their unique style which couldn't be copied and allowed dragons to develop new uses for their element" Pyrie explained.

"T-that's so c-c-cool" Volteer said.

"Pfft I'll be way better than her, you just watch" Cyril said, proudly puffing out his chest and pushing Volteer aside.

"Why don't you leave him alone" Terrador said, getting tired of Cyril's teasing.

"What are you going to do, you don't have the energy to fly more than a few minutes, let alone fight me".

Cyril was blasted into the wall by a fireball twice his size.

"Just because Terrador isn't as strong as us and just because Volteer doesn't talk the way we do doesn't mean you should go around acting like you own the temple!" Ignitus snapped.

Cyril got to his feet.

"Well I'm still going to beat all of you" he grumbled.

"That's enough!" Pyrie yelled, her roar causing the temple to shake slightly.

Cyril dropped his head in fear, Volteer went pale and Terrador backed away a bit.

Ignitus glared at Cyril, but sat down calmly.

"All of you please be quiet, it's obvious that we're not getting anywhere, so until Sacroth returns you are to behave, is that clear?" Pyrie said sternly.

They all nodded.

Sacroth was at a beautiful land high above the clouds, which one day would be transformed into concurrent skies, walked over to a wolf with dark brown fur and gold eyes, the wolf's face, paws and chest were white, he was wearing a brown vest and long brown pants.

"Max, I assume you have her?" he asked the wolf.

Max nodded, stepping aside to reveal a small yellow lioness with blue eyes clinging to his pant leg. She was around the same age as Ignitus, what surprised Sacroth the most was that on her head and on the end of her tail bright orange flamed flickered harmlessly while she tried to cower behind Max.

"Take it easy young one, this is Sacroth, he's going to take you to a new home" max said calmly.

"Home?" the lioness replied.

Sacroth approached the cub slowly; the lioness sniffed his foot for a minute, but was soon calmly sitting beside the fire dragon.

"You'll like it, I have a son your age, you two can play together" Sacroth, trying to appear friendly.

"It's been a while since I had anyone to play with..." the lioness said.

Back at the temple Ignitus found Terrador sitting on the balcony, staring up at the sky.

"It's not fair..." he muttered

"Hey Terrador, don't listen to Cyril, he's all roar and no claw, you'll beat him one day" Ignitus said happily

"Yes, o-one day w-we will p-prove he is not as s-strong as h-he thinks he i-is" Volteer said as he walked up to them.

"Thanks guys and that was cool how you blasted Cyril into the wall, that fireball was huge!" Terrador exclaimed.

Ignitus grinned sheepishly "yeah well he needs to learn what teamwork is..and you guys are the first friends I've had" he admitted.

The three dragons grinned, silently promising to work hard and prove Cyril wrong.

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