Written for Mystii's FreeVerse competition. prompt: loose .:. Alice/Frank (as seen by their son)


take your s w e e t time

reach their room and pause



she's watching you

he's asleep

his hand curled

in hers



w i s h for something else

anything else


her eyes f o l l o w you

(making yourself busy)

proud to be theirs

scared to be theirs


because she's see-through

and he's paper-thin

and they've both u n r a v e l e d

at the seams


you wish for more

but when she hands you

(yet another)

sweet wrapper

you pocket it

to add it

to your g r o w i n g collection


because you know she loves you

and he's proud of you

their hollow eyes only


when they see you


so you take those

l o o s e ends

and you tie a little bow


pick up the frayed pieces

of your heart

of their hearts

tuck them back

where they belong


push on

carry on



watch them

as he stirs

clutching her hand tightly


(if only for a second)


his soul

r e a c h e s for

her soul

this is real love


so you

pick up the frayed pieces

untangle the l o o s e strings

and tie a little bow