Chapter 14


"Incendio!" And in an explosive flash of fire the morning's copy of The Prophet vanished into a curling wreath of ash. "I can't believe… Merlin."

Groaning softly, Ginny hung her head as she caught her face in her hand wincing slightly as she could hear the owls beginning to flap angrily around the sealed windows of her flat. Already she could practically hear the howler her mum was likely to send her way. Another wince rippled through her as she shook her head again. Not to mention her manager, her teammates and oh so many others.

"Just bloody brilliant, Gin, just bloody brilliant." Sighing softly she stared at the still smoldering aches of the paper. "You just had to be the cocky little brat."

Her eyes turned towards her floo, and for a moment, just a moment she considered shutting off the private connection entirely. As it would stand, that moment's speculation was all it took for the fireplace to suddenly explode into life. Groaning softly, Ginny reached over and grabbed the glass full of orange juice, with a healthy splash of vodka and took a sip before studying the face in the flames.

"Hermione." She wasn't quite sure whether or not to feel relief as she saw the familiar bushy-haired face of her sister-in-law staring back at her while she took another sip of her drink.

"Ginny." The answer was level as the woman stared firmly back from the flames as she studied Ginny, before carefully speaking. "What happened?"

"George was being a prat and I was being an idiot." A simple answer for a less than simple situation as she lightly shrugged her shoulders and took another sip from her drink. "I forgot, we're not kids anymore, and that just because I'm a star chaser, doesn't mean my casting skills are anywhere up to the snuff they were back when we were fighting for our lives."

"I… see." There was a pursing of her lips for a long moment, before Hermione took a slow deep breath, before her look turned into a glare. "How could you be so bloody stupid?"

"Rather easily apparently." She drawled back with a shrug of her shoulders and a shake of her head. "The vultures will flock, swarm, and then eventually disperse as long as you don't keep giving them fresh meat to feast on. I'll lie low, get yelled at a lot, and it'll all blow over in a week or so."

"How can you be so nonchalant about this?"

"Alcohol helps." Ginny admitted as she took a casual sip from her glass. "A little bit of muggle vodka in the orange juice and…"

"Ginerva Weasley! It's not even 9 in the morning!" The half shriek of outrage made Ginny wince more than the actual name itself did. "And you're drinking screwdrivers?"

"… No, I'm drinking orange juice with vodka." Ginny clarified simply as answered back as if she was addressing a small child.

"That's what a screwdriver is!" Hermione countered with a glare through the floo.

"No, I'd need triple sec for a screwdriver." Shaking her head, Ginny rolled her eyes at the disapproval rolling off of Hermione in waves. "Relax, Hermione. It's not like I do this every bloody morning. And I've only been old enough to drink even in the muggle world, for how long now?"

"It's the principal of the matter!" The woman huffed through the floo before shaking her head. "Really... What do you think Harry's going to think about it?"

"... Seriously, Hermione, get over it. I had a row with one of my brothers. It's been happening since before we were even ickle firsties." Ginny rolled her eyes and shook her head as she quietly took another sip of her juice, before her face twisted as the taste suddenly seemed entirely too bitter for her preferences. "Ugh. I suppose that's as far as that goes."

"... Not to mention how this will hurt things in the Ministry." Hermione added with a slight wince as she couldn't quite bring herself to keep Ginny's eyes. "We were really counting on an endorsement from you to help sway things more in our favor."

"Ah, now here we are, more to the heart of the matter." Ginny nodded her head and smirked slightly back at the floo. "And away goes the mask of the concerned sister-in-law and out comes Hermione, the politician."

"That's not true and you know it!" Hermione glared back at Ginny and growled softly as she seemed to spit fire with her words. "You know I worry about you and that I'm concerned!"

"Meh." Ginny shook her head and sighed as she pushed the juice away from her. "That's probably why you want me and Harry back together, isn't it? Power couple extraordinaire there to help you push your little reforms through."

"How, how dare you!" The anger only grew in Hermione's eyes as her glare only burned even hotter in intensity. "If you think for one moment that I'd use Harry…!"

"Oh, no, I'm sure that would never occur to you, at least consciously." Ginny shook her head and flopped back. "Honestly? I don't even know if I want to get back with Harry anymore. I'm starting to think Ron might have a point after all."

"You're just going to give up?" The anger had turned into disbelieving outrage as the figure seemed to huff loudly back at the girl.

"I'm not giving up." Ginny corrected defensively before wincing slightly. "I'm just not sure I should even start to begin with to begin with. We didn't exactly work out too well last time."

"But he was absolutely devoted to you." Hermione answered back with a firm insistence as she quickly shook her head. "You both just… needed some away time to settle yourselves."

"Right, settle ourselves." Ginny snorted a bit and smirked slightly. "In other words, I needed time to stop being such a wild party animal." She paused, before smirking back at Hermione. "Though, in that case… Not sure I've settled enough."

"Really, Ginny." There was a soft huffing sigh that curled past the other woman's lips before she stared back at her. "If you really don't want to do this, that's fine, I just thought that you'd want to try again with him after everything you've been through together."

"Maybe." She admitted back, as she lightly turned her head and stared at the glass of orange juice settling into a still surface in its glass. "But, a lot's changed since I was the little firstie he saved in the Chamber of Secrets."

"It's still Harry. Besides, it can't hurt to go to the wedding and at least see him, can it?" The completely reasonable tone made Ginny's shoulders slump as the woman let off a sigh and nodded her head reluctantly.

"Fine… Merlin, I can't believe I'm actually agreeing to go to Draco Malfoy of all people's wedding." Pausing a moment Ginny shook her head. "Who's he marrying anyway?"

"One Astoria Greengrass." Hermione shrugged her shoulders slightly and glanced back at the woman. "She's Daphne Greengrass' little sister, and that's about all I know about her."

"Ah, another Slytherin?" Ginny pursed her lips and nodded slightly. "Well, this should be… interesting."

"Hopefully no one will be foolish enough to start a fight with Ron and myself there." Hermione responded simply before shaking her head and sighing. "Are you going to be all right?"

Snorting softly Ginny rolled her eyes a bit and gave Hermione an almost patronizing look. "I've dealt with You-Remember-Who, crawling around in my head, I can deal with this."

"All right… just… We're here if you need to talk." Hermione stated with a quiet uncertainty as she looked at her sister-in-law.

"I know, I know." Ginny nodded her head and made a shooing motion. "Now go on and get back to saving the Wizarding World and let me get back to dealing with the mess I made."

"Bye." Hermione agreed, albeit reluctantly as she quickly faded into another flash of flame.

And once more, before Ginny could move to shut off the Floo, it roared into life as another, rather irate, female face flashed into existence causing Ginny to groan out loud. "Hello again… Mother."


Hermione Granger-Weasley frowned slightly as she lightly paced her way through the Ministry of Magic. The fallout from the morning's paper involving one of her biggest public supporters hadn't been as bad as she'd feared. Possibly because Ginny wasn't exactly known for her even temper to begin with, a fact that made her rather popular on the Quidditch pitch.

Still, it was a slight set back that put her in more than a small bit of a pickle. As she slowly walked back towards her office that fact was quickly made rather apparent. Standing there in front of the entrance to her office was the form of one Theodore Nott. The way he was smirking at her, distinctly reminded her of Draco Malfoy in their fifth year at Hogwarts at the height of his personal power and influence in the school.

"Mr. Nott." The words were forcibly polite as they left her lips, even as her eyes narrowed into almost glowing slits. "What can I do for you?"

"Why, I simply wanted to… talk to you, Mrs. Weasley." That cocky little smirk never once left his lips as he continued to loom there, near the office. "Such a nice office you have here."

"I like to think so." There was a stiffness in her voice as she answered back, her lips pursed into a thin line as she watched the man in front of her. "What is it you wanted to talk about?"

"Just a little of this, a little of that." He chuckled a moment before holding up his empty hands, fingers splayed out wide and unthreatening. "Including the… future of your office."

"And how exactly, does the future of my office become your business, Nott?" There was another spiking edge to her voice as her teeth set firmly and she watched the man with an ever growing, agitated stiffness.

"Please, Mrs. Weasley, we aren't in school anymore." The words left with an oily smoothness, as his eyes narrowed just the slightest bit. "It's either Theodore, or Mr. Nott. I afford you that courtesy, so the least you can do is afford it back. You were taught proper manners, yes?"

He fought back the urge to let that smirk grow into a triumphant grin as he watched the way her jaw clenched, fingers tighten and eyes narrow in response as she growled out. "I do apologize, Mr. Nott. I simply can't help but think about my most recent trip to Azkaban and seeing your father, along with his Death Eater colleagues there. And I had thought you wanted to keep yourself distanced from him. Was I mistaken?"

She was nowhere near as skilled at controlling the creeping smirk that twitched at her lips as his cool mask cracked at the reminder of his father's fate and his family's shame. "Of course, Mrs. Weasley. So kind of you to remember that."

"This has been fun and all, but I do need to get back to my job." The way she casually lifted her chin and nodded, almost dismissively to the man. "If you need anything else, please do talk to my assistant to schedule an appointment."

For a moment, the man seemed as if he was about to answer her back, before slowly that expression turned into a cold, knowing smirk. "But of course, Mrs. Weasley." Again that emphasis on the title before slowly turning away as he cast a look over his shoulder. "I simply wanted to warn you, that you've been treading entirely too much on your association with Harry Potter. And what good will that encompasses, is dwindling, rapidly. Do remember that."

"My friendship with Harry is none of your concern, Mr. Nott." Hermione shot back as she turned and rather forcefully shut the door to her office behind her.

"Friendship?" The word was mused aloud to an empty hallway as the man stood there, consideration written across his face. "Mmm, now that, is an interesting way of putting things, Granger. Very, very interesting."

Chuckling softly to himself, the man put a slight swagger into his steps as he casually strolled his way through the Ministry with an amused bounce to his step.


"Minister Shacklebolt."

The tall, powerfully built man glanced up from his desk to frown slightly at his assistant as she nervously stood in the door way. "Yes? What is it?"

"There are several… individuals here to see you." She glanced slightly back over her shoulder before turning her head back to the man. "They, well, insist on seeing you, Sir. Now."

"And I suppose they don't have an appointment?" Kingsley noted as he reached up and lightly rubbed his brows at her nod. "Exactly who are they to insist on it?"

"Several Department Heads and a few members of the Wizengamut." There was a nervous kind of shifting in the woman's body, before she continued. "They say it's in regards to Hermione Granger-Weasley."

An audible groan left the man's throat as he reached up, palming his face in his hand before continuing. "What's she done this time?"

"I don't honestly know, Sir." The nervousness only increased for a moment before she glanced back over her shoulder. "Can I show them in?"

"Fine, I've got a few minutes, but ONLY a few. Make sure they understand that." There was a frown on his lips and a shake of his head. "I don't have the time for another half day long shouting match today."

"Yes, Sir." She winced at the words and at the memory before she vanished back through the door.

A few minutes later, a group of visibly irate wizards in dark, somber and crisply cut robes strode in, and half glowered at the man sitting neutrally behind his desk. When the last of them had entered, he paused a moment, glancing from one face to the next, studying, cataloging each of them before he spoke. "So, what'd she do this time?"

"It's not a matter of something specific, not this time." One of the men, a head of a lesser department that Shacklebolt couldn't quite remember off the top of his head spoke up. "It's more… how she's bloody choosing to go about things. Her whole bloody self righteous, knows better than anyone and you can't tell her otherwise attitude."

There were murmurs of agreement echoing through the group as various other unpleasantness was added to the agreement before another voice spoke up. "Look, we know the girl is intelligent, at least academically, but she has no sense of courtesy, no sense of compromise, no bloody patience! It's either her way or she bloody hounds you on it, beating it over your head until you give in."

"Or bar her from your office." Another voice spoke up.

"Even then, she'll just start going on and on about how you have no right to do it once she finds out, some by-law or another." Came a bitter counter.

"We put up with her at first because of the recommendations of her teachers and her friendship to Harry Potter." One voice put in with a slight tinge of anger, before an admission was ground out. "Look, I know that things needed to be changed. Merlin, did they ever, but this girl… Her hearts in the right place, bless her soul, but the way she's trying to get it done is doing more harm than good."

"We WANT those reforms." Another voice put up. "A lot of her ideas are very, very good ideas, the problem is she wants to jump straight to shoving the furniture into the house, before the foundation's even built! She refuses to accept that these things take time to change and they have to be done slowly!"

"Why?" There was a pause as everyone was startled from their deliberations amongst themselves as Shacklebolt spoke up with a calm, careful, deliberate tone. "Why do the issues she's trying to push through need to be done slowly?"

"Because we can't keep up with it otherwise!" A voice cut in with a growl. "She's pushing all these laws through and expecting everything to suddenly be fixed! We don't have the manpower, or the infrastructure or even the guidelines for people to follow to enforce them."

"Good answer." Shacklebolt agreed with a slight smile and a nod of his head. "Have any of you tried to explain that to her?"

At the nervous looks and slight shifting of stances, he shook his head a moment, before one voice spoke up. "She just won't listen. It doesn't matter how much experience we have, she treats us all like we're dunderheaded firsties still at Hogwarts."

"I know." Finally the neutral look left the Minister's face as he slumped back in his chair and he reached up, pinching at his nose. "I've spoken to her, personally, but she won't listen to anyone anymore it seems. She's convinced she's right and damned be anyone else who tells her otherwise."

"Can't you, you know, fire her?" One voice offered hopefully from the back of the group, only to wilt at the look Shacklebolt leveled at him.

"I could, the problem being, her close friendship with Harry Potter is well known. Something she's traded on far, far too often." A flash of disgust crossed his features as he shrugged his shoulders and slowly shook his head. "All it would take would be one word from him and…"

"And what makes you so certain he'd actually give that word?" The amused voice spoke up, as eyes shifted to one of the figures in the back, to reveal the smirking form of one Theodore Nott.

"Nott." The word was cool as it left Shacklebolt's lips as he eyed the young man with glacial dark eyes. "Anyone who's ever met Harry Potter knows that he'd…"

"Do anything for his friends." Nott finished with a nod of his head and a light pursing smirk. "But, I'm curious, what makes you so certain they're still friends?"

That brought Shacklebolt up short, as he slowly arched a brow at the man and studied him carefully. "What makes you think she's not? Growing up, her, her husband and Harry were practically inseparable."

"Not quite that close." Nott murmured as his eyes grew distant. "At least not her husband… and there were other issues that seemed to crop up, but I digress. When was the last time anyone actually saw the esteemed Mrs. Weasley with Mr. Potter? Or, for that matter, Mr. Weasley with Mr. Potter?"

"Unlike some people, I never chose to find interest into delving into people's private lives, Mr. Nott." Shacklebolt's voice came like a cold river of ice as he glared back at the man. "What they chose to do in their own time, as long as it does not violate the laws and put people in danger, is theirs."

"Of course." Nott winced slightly as he quickly bowed his head in acceptance before glancing around. "Well? Can any of you remember when you last saw Mrs. Weasley meeting Mr. Potter, even in passing?"

When a slow group of shaking heads met his question, the man turned his head and looked back at Shacklebolt. "That's because they haven't. From what I understand, they haven't been seen together for more than a passing exchange on the street in over three years now."

"And you think this means that Harry suddenly won't come to her side if she's in trouble?" Shacklebolt snorted softly and shook his head. "Doubtful. More than doubtful."

"Well, you could always just ask him." Nott put forth far, far too pleasantly as he smiled back at the man. "After all, you were both members of the infamous Order of the Phoenix."

Shacklebolt leveled Nott with a long, long look, as a heavy silence reigned in the room. Under that hard, unblinking stare, Nott suddenly felt entirely uncertain as his smirk faded from his face. Nervously he took a step back, his fingers raised up reflexively. "What?"

"I will... consider it." Was all that was said as the minister finally nodded his head slightly before glancing around the group. "If there is anything else?"

At the quiet negative murmurs, Shacklebolt nodded his head again. "Gentlemen, what you need to understand is that I AM on your side on this. I want her gone as much as you do. However, we need to do this properly, or a lot of us will be gone instead. Am I clear?"

At their affirmation, he nodded, before standing up, suddenly looming over the group, as his eyes glared at them all. "Now, if you ever try to barge in here again without an appointment, I will have each and every one of you working duty at Azkaban for a month, am I clear?"

At their startled. winces and nods, he canted his head slightly backwards. "Then, you're all dismissed."

As the groups faded out, Kingsley once more brought his attention down to the parchment in front of him and stared as he moved to resume his work. But still, his eyes found themselves drawn to a blank sheet of parchment and Nott's words. It had been some time since he'd last seen Harry after all.


"Now, thank you all for coming." Hermione smiled back at the small group of press gathered in front of her as the giddy swell of energy that washed through her every time she found herself the subject of such apparently rapt attention. "I'm afraid I don't have too much time, but I'll be happy to answer a few questions."

"Mrs. Weasley, as one of Harry Potter's oldest and closest friends, what does he think of the recent bits of legislation?" It was an eager young face asking the questions, eyes shining in no small measure of hero worship in them.

"I'm sure Harry is positively ecstatic about the positive changes this will hold for the benefit of the Wizarding World." Hermione declared with a proud, beaming smile and a quick nod of her head. "For too long we've been stuck, stagnating in the past and refusing to move forward, allowing prejudice and fear to guide our actions. But now, we're finally moving past that to a new age of enlightenment."

"What do you say to the claims that you're acting to completely destroy centuries, even possibly millennium worth of traditions and history to do so?" A more seasoned voice spoke up as he watched the woman with calm, neutral and unreadable eyes.

"Utter rubbish!" The woman glared back at the report who continued to watch her with that same neutral, almost placid expression. "We aren't living in the Dark Ages anymore and it's time we started acting like it!"

"Isn't that actually confirming what they're claiming?" The man asked again with that bland neutrality without even an ounce of accusation in his tone.

"No, it's not." Hermione insisted as she glared at the man before turning her head and looked to another reporter. "Yes?"

"What do you have to say about the claims that you're pushing everything forward too fast, without taking the time to actually set up the appropriate foundations?" It was another neutral voice speaking up as it watched her and simply waited.

"I have the utmost faith that the hard working men and women of the Ministry can keep up with the needs of our society," she said with a firm nod of her head before glancing around the room. "Just like I'm sure Harry has an equal amount of faith in them."

That name sent a wave of silence through the group, and Hermione smiled almost smugly as she crossed her arms across her chest. "Are there any other questions?"

"Do you think Mr. Potter will be available to comment about these issues?" Another voice called up towards the back.

"Unfortunately, due to his previous experiences with the press in our Hogwarts years, Harry has a certain reluctance to give interviews of any kind." Hermione answered before shrugging his shoulders. "He seems to think that anyone he speaks to is going to turn around and twist his words and the facts to hide the truth. Imagine that."

Several of the more seasoned reporters flinched at her words as a look of guilt flashed across several of their faces.

"Now, thank you very much for your time, but I have to get back to work." Smiling back at the young, eager reporter, she turned and walked back towards her office.


"… What do you want, Nott?" Draco's voice was cool as he regarded the man standing in front of him with his arms crossed about his chest.

"Really, Draco, is that any way to greet an old family friend and classmate?" Theodore Nott answered back with an almost hurt expression on his face as he looked back at the man in front of him.

"Considering how we're family friends?" Draco countered with narrowed slits of his eyes. "Yes. There's a reason your father is in Azkaban."

"And he did nothing worse than your own father did." Nott's eyes suddenly flashed as he glared back at the man in front of him. "Yet, your father…"

"Realized that they were following a madman and chose that it was in his best interests to switch sides." Draco finished as he continued to glare at Nott. "And still lost almost every shred of power and respect he once held."

Nott glowered a moment longer, before taking a slow, deep breath. "Regardless, that is not why I'm here today."

"Tell me then, why pray tell?" Draco kept his face impassive as he watched the man with that cold, piercing stare.

"You've come into possession of a rather… influential individual." Nott noted carefully as he watched the man in front of him.

Draco gave the man a blank stare in response, before slowly and carefully he reached up and caught his face in his hand. "Dear Merlin, please tell me you aren't that bloody stupid."

"I beg your pardon?" Nott hissed out as he suddenly glared back at Draco.

"First off, if you're thinking of who I think you're thinking of… You're a bloody ignoramus if you think I'm in 'possession' of him. Let alone that I hold any kind of influence over him. Second, you're talking about poking a ruddy lion with a sharp, pointy stick, when you're bloody naked. Third…" Draco paused a moment, and glared at the man. "You're completely forgetting who we're ruddy talking about."

"Please, Potter might have been something once." Nott sniffed slightly and shook his head. "But a drunken wastrel is hardly…"

"Even at his worst, in a bloody drunken stupor, I have little doubt that he could take you with little to no trouble." Draco cut him off before sneering back at the man. "The fact that he's been stone cold sober for some time now, makes your entire line of stupidity moot."

"…What…?" Nott shifted in shock at that, staring incredulously at Draco with a look akin to horror. "You… you had him… like that, you've had him in the palm of your hand… and you helped him get SOBER?"

"Unlike you, apparently, I know how to take care of my family's debts." Draco answered back with a cool ice in his tone.

"Bloody…" Nott swore with a hiss of breath as he almost screamed in frustration. "Just bloody brilliant! Who the hell is going to stop that stupid twat Granger now?"

"… Why would I care about stopping her anyway?" Draco countered with a shrug, before sneering at the man. "And please, don't try to feed me that pureblood supremacy drivel about how she's trying to destroy our heritage and way of life."

"She is." Nott shot back, almost defensively before shaking his head. "But that's not what I'm talking about! She's a ruddy menace! She's got half of the Department Heads about to bloody mutiny as it is!"

"Well, I imagine that…" Draco began as a slight, smug little grin curled over his lips.

"These are the ones that were on HER side of things." Nott cut in with a hiss. "The ones that like the ideas, but she's ruddy shoving everything down everyone's throats so fast that the Ministry is choking on it! We don't have the manpower, nor do we have the infrastructure to handle the level of reforms she's trying to bring about."

Draco frowned slightly, his lips curling downwards as he arched a brow back at the man. "Do tell?"

"She's trading on Potter's name to push through anything she thinks we 'need.'" Nott said the word with a hiss of displeasure as he shook his head. "They say she has good ideas, but she doesn't listen to anyone. And everything she does, she attributes to what Potter would like, or implying he's all for it."

"That would be interesting, considering he wants absolutely nothing to do with politics anymore." Draco drawled out and slowly shook his head. "But, considering the fact that I've been distancing myself from them as well? It's all news to me."

"Great, so there's nothing to stop the crazy, bloody bitch." Nott hissed out as he reached up and rubbed his temples. "Just… great."

"Mmm… maybe, maybe not." Draco shrugged his shoulders slightly before frowning as well. "Is she really just throwing his name around for every issue?"

"It started out with people just asking her what bloody Potter thought of the issue. She floundered at first, but then she found out, when he was supposedly for something? It got done." The look of disgust that crossed Nott's face made Draco wince slightly and nod.

"And since Harry was rather… indisposed…"

"No one could call her on it." Nott finished with another of those sour looks on his face. "After all, she's Potter's 'best friend'."

"Mmm…" Draco nodded his head non-committed as he seemed suddenly lost in thought, lips pursed slightly.

"Considering how she lead him around by the nose back at Hogwarts, I figured that we might have a shot with him being…"

"We?" Draco suddenly cut in as his eyes were once more like ice as he glared back down at the man. "There is no we, Nott."

"Surely you're not…"

"I. Don't. Care." Draco stated with a cold, flat voice as he continued to glare at the man. "Unlike you, Nott, I already saw what happens when you try to manipulate the facts and twist people around to be your puppets. It doesn't bloody work. In the end, you have to pay the price for what you've done."

"I don't see Granger ruddy paying a price." The almost petulant frown that crossed Nott's face made Draco groan aloud.

"Merlin, was I ever as stupidly childish as you?" Draco asked aloud, before a new voice answered him.

"Why, yes, you were. I believe we covered that, extensively." Drawled Harry as he made his presence known.

"Potter…" Nott paled even further as he stared with rapidly widening eyes at the green eyed figure watching him with a cool disinterest on his face.

"Nott." There was a pause, before Harry arched a brow slightly and tilted his head to the side. "You can start running now."

"… Running?" The man repeated dumbly as he stared back at Harry.

"Before I start throwing curses at you." Harry lifted his wand meaningfully and pointed it in the man's direction.

"Oh… Right… Running." Nott nodded his head, before in a moment of insight, popped away in apparition.

"Hum, and here I was hoping for target practice." Harry deadpanned lightly before glancing at Draco. "So, Hermione is causing trouble?"

"Apparently." Draco answered back with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Well, that would explain the owl I got from Shack." Harry nodded his head and winced slightly. "Was he serious about her using my name?"

"As far as I could tell. Nott always was a poor liar." Draco pursed his lips a moment before watching Harry warily. "What're you going to do about it?"

"Don't know." It was an honest answer as the man shrugged his shoulders a bit. "She knew I didn't want anything to do with this mess… But I suppose this also explains why she was always too busy to meet with me to catch up."

"Yes, sounds positively Slytherin of her." Draco noted with a slight nod of his head, before wincing a bit.

"Yup, rather stupid." Harry agreed as he looked away, his eyes lost in thought.