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I stared blankly in Thalia's general direction. She was going on about some "interesting website" that I was supposed to look at, but truthfully, I wasn't listening at all. Grover, Annabeth, and I watched as Thalia took Daedalus' laptop off Annabeth's bunk and set it in front of us.

Thalia's pale fingers moved rapidly over the keyboard of Annabeth's laptop.

"It's really cool. You should read some of the stuff on it." I thought I could hear a tone of sarcasm in her voice, but I shrugged it off.

Annabeth looked at her. "Thalia, I'm kind of busy right now. I really don't have time to be surfing the web-"

"No, really, it's okay. It'll only take a few minutes…" Thalia interrupted, but trailed off.

"Oh, shoot! I just remembered..! I have something to do!" she suddenly announced.

She elbowed Grover next to her, who yelped in pain and quickly exclaimed, "Y…yeah! We have to go …uh…play pinochle with Mr. D and Chiron! Sorry guys, we have to leave! Bye!" Grover's enthusiasm seemed a bit plastic, but that was normal for him. However, Thalia's smirk made me wonder what was really going on.

I glanced over at Annabeth as Thalia dragged Grover away. She scanned the screen of her computer for a moment and sighed.

"Uh, this doesn't seem…right," Annabeth muttered. She looked upward, her eyes stormy. She was obviously overanalyzing again.

"What are you afraid of? Spiders bursting out of your computer?" I mocked.

Her eyes narrowed. "Shut up, Kelphead. That's what you said in Medusa's Lair."

"Relax. Thalia's not going to turn us into statues-" I stopped. "…I think."

Annabeth breathed an exaggerated sigh of relief. "Wow. I was scared for a while there."

"Let's just get this over with." I clicked on the first link I saw and began to read to myself.

eturnal loverz by percabethhloveandtoast3

hey this is my first fic so NO HATING! flames will be used to make toast for good reviewers! MAJOR percabeth! 333! annabeth and percy talk to each other and confess their love, what will happen? Romance. Rated T for Toast!

hey annnabeth, said percy Jacksson

wassup pecry, said annabeth

omg lol im soooo bored, said persy.

hey omg let's die nico's hair pink, sed annabeth!

she went and come back with pink die.

i'm so awesome, sad percy.

your sooo hawt and you're eyes are so green and youre mussels are so toned and hooottt everytime i look at you my heart beats faster and faster, said amabeth. she blushed and her face turned pink just like nico's hair.

omg wise girl ur eyes are as shiny and grey as the moon and your hair is so hot and pretty and blonde and you look just like a princess. your as hot as toast i love you. then persy turned bright red. then he kissed anabeth passionately as the sun set. annabeth's head was spinning. when they finaly stopped and opened their eyes, they saw nico. they were very embarrased.

hey isn't nico too young to see this? said purcy.

hey you guys stop talking about love im going to barf. Bleeehhhh said nico as he barfed into the lake with his pink hair.

annabeth i loveee you so much. will you marry me?

of course lol seweed brain. and they kissed passionately. The End.

A/N: awww! wasn't that so romantic! i love happy endings…i think im going to cry right now! i need toast!

I grimaced at the spelling. Apparently, it wasn't written for dyslexics. "…Can they even write? What did they do, flunk kindergarten?"

"Look who's talking, Seaweed Brain. Just read." She seemed flustered in a way.

I cleared my throat. "…'Hey, Annabeth,' said Percy Jackson." Percy…Jackson? So, Thalia had written a story about me. Not creepy at all.

Annabeth began reading the 'Amabeth' part. "'Wassup, Percy,' said Annabeth." She rolled her eyes. "This sounds stupid."

"Typical of Thalia," I muttered. I continued reading. "Uh…'Omg, lol, I'm so bored,' said Percy."

"'Hey, oh my gods, let's dye Nico's hair pink,' said Annabeth." she paused. "Wait. When did Nico get into the story? And why…pink?"

I shrugged. "I guess Thalia's lamer than I thought. I can't believe she wrote this."

Annabeth continued. "She went and…came back with pink dye."

"'Omg, I'm so awesome,' said Percy." I laughed. Annabeth glared at me, annoyed. "What? It's true!" I protested.

Annabeth squinted to decipher the next paragraph. "'You're so hot and your eyes are so green and youre muscles are so toned and hot. Every time I look at you my heart beats faster and faster,' said Annabeth. She blushed and her face turned pink just like Nico's hair."

I blinked. Wow.

"I'm sorry, what was that? I couldn't quite catch that- could you repeat it?" I laughed.

She slapped me, turning bright pink. Like Nico's hair? I thought. Regaining her composure, however, she smirked knowingly. "Your turn, Seaweed Brain."

"Omg, Wise Girl, your eyes are as shiny and grey as the moon and your hair is so hot and pretty and blonde and you look just like a princess. You're as hot as toast. I-" I stopped. "Um…"

I reddened and turned to her. She managed to say, "Well…?"

"Then Percy turned bright red." I felt as if I were narrating my own situation. "And then he…uh…"

I was interrupted by a quick, loud outburst of laughter. Annabeth and I jumped at the sudden sound. I turned my head towards the window, feeling uneasy... Nothing but the breeze ruffling the open curtains.

"Do I have to continue..?" I asked, looking down at the screen. Annabeth laughed awkwardly, which probably meant no. I skipped ahead a bit and managed to read the author's note. "I need toast," I summarized. Thalia's gone completely insane. I knew it.

"Are you sure she wrote this…?" Annabeth asked uneasily. I never knew Thalia was so infatuated with toast, but it's not like anyone else could have done it…right?

I hit the back button on the browser, and hastily clicked on another story. Maybe it'd be better…though, I didn't really know what to expect from Thalia. Well, anything to get away from that awkward moment.