The Switch
Naruto (Starfire) x Starfire (Naruto)
Author's Note
Slight reference spoilers for Kitsune Among Titans. References to said story like all my NarutoxTitan Stories are in an abundance as here as well. References to my Unleashed series as well, but not part of the series. Will stick closer to Cartoon Canon with Comic References then Kitsune Among Titans.
Story Start
''How the bloody hell could this have possibly happened! That fucking puppet! I'm going to turn him into dust!'' 'Statfire' roared as 'her' eyes glowed a dangerous green. Starfire was the alien power house of the team known as Teen Titans.

A group of teenage heroes that were located in Jump City Coast, a coastal city situated on a large island a bit of ways from New York she was known not only for her ability to absorb ultraviolet energy and convert them what was known as Starbolts, but for her beauty. Tall, Amazonian like height, lustrous orange skin, dazzling emerald eyes and long Auburn hair. Not to mention her curves, most noticeably her chest made her target of a lot of sexualization by the media and fan boys.

There were two distinct personas. One, a battle hardened warrior if enraged would rip your spine out of your ass or the kind, considerate and lovable girl. She could be a bit naive and unsure at times sure, but who wouldn't if they found themselves on an alien planet after being kidnapped, tortured, and experimented on for years; finding them self in a strange society where so many things were different from what you know.

The sight before the other four times was not only a bit unnerving but quite weird. One, the team leader because none of the others fit the idea or cared for leadership was one Robin, former protege of the legendary Batman. Which in itself a particular member questioned at time due to the boy's traffic cone costume. Out of all the titans he was the third most disturbed at this development.

Another member, tall and mostly cybernetic due to an accident was one Cyborg, the team mechanic. A former African American sports star he found himself by a twist of fate a member of the Teen Titans.

Next to him was a black and purple suit wearing teen with green skin and hair. This young male was Beast Boy, the animal shape shifter of the Teen Titans.
Last but not least was the other female Titan, a powerful sorceress whose very emotions could cause powerful and dangerous outbursts. She was simply known as Raven.

''Kami! Why the hell wasn't there additional security protocols or something? You just had to keep the bloody little puppets? Oh man...I'm screwed.''

''Oh so this is our fault now?'' Robin snapped, ''What about you? I didn't see you add any security measures?''

It truly was an odd and nightmarish like sight. Robin and 'Starfire' in a heated argument. This was the sort of stuff that signals something was wrong, or often more then not a cheap ploy in fanfiction. To think after a few months there was already fanfiction about them.

''Well excuse the hell out of me for having to go check up on my book stores. Seeing as I'm the only one with a job. Paying the bills and all.''

''You're some kind of ass-hole you know! You never can go one day without throwing it in our faces!''

''Well if I get a little thank you here or there or maybe a little help I wouldn't constantly bring it up. Excuse me for making sure there is enough food for six people. The only saving grace I get is that Raven doesn't eat that much. Bless your heart by the way,'' 'Starfire' said over Robin's head to the empath.

''Look...I sent Puppet King's remains and all the information I had to Batman. It shouldn't take him long to contact Zantanna and hopefully she could fix this little problem.''

''Little problem? LITTLE PROBLEM? Starfire and I have fucking switched bodies! That goes beyond little problem!''

''Azarath...Metrion...Zinthos!'' Raven raised her hand and chatted as the two teens were elevated in the air, enshrouding by her black energy. ''You two are really growing on my nerves. Robin, Naruto is right. We were far too careless in our security and now Naruto and Starfire is paying the price. Naruto, we all realize that we have been too lax and know you're doing a lot for this team, but you two butting heads all the time isn't going to help anything. In case you two are forgetting something we're down by one Titan.'' Both were dropped to the ground as suddenly as they raised.

''I guess I can be a bit more tactful and considerate of what I said...'' Starfire (Naruto) admitted, albeit begrudgingly.

''And maybe the others and I can be a bit more cautious and attentive to our actions.'' Robin responded. ''But that still leaves a problem. Because of this situation were down two Titans. If word gets out our enemies will try to take advantage of this weakness.''

''Then we should make sure it doesn't become a problem. I'll go talk to Star and see if we can work on getting to know each other. I mean hell, Rae (Who was currently grumbling about annoying blonds and nicknames) and Starfire were able to bond well enough in a day to use each other's power and they're literally as different as night and day.'' Starfire (Naruto) took off with a start only to trip and fall flat on her (his) face. ''Damn these boots.''

Hopefully the two would get back to normal soon. The sight of an angry and swearing Starfire, at least after the whole first meeting and alien invasion fiasco was highly disturbing. When 'Naruto' finally arrived to 'Starfire's' room 'she' knocked on the door. ''Hey's Naruto? Can I come in?'' He asked, hearing the faint sounds of sniffing. It hadn't even been the better part of the day and he was terribly missing 'his' enhanced senses. When 'he' didn't get an answer 'he' turned the knob and entered.

There, in 'his' body sat 'Starfire' with puffy red eyes. Something about the sadness had overwhelmed Naruto. Making it was because 'he' was a she now and Tamerenean whom were a very emotional species or memories of 'his' own sad and lonely childhood spurred 'him' too. Whatever the reason 'he' moved forward and brought the crying Teen into a tight hug. ''It's going to be okay.'' 'He' said soothingly rubbing his...her back.

Kami he hoped this wasn't going to last long.
Chapter End
If this idea has been thought of it's either A. Very poorly written. B. Very Old and Short. C. On a Hiatus or Forgotten meaning otherwise abandoned or D. Doesn't exist. Don't worry I haven't forgotten His Alien Girl, Fox Sage and Tamerenean Kunoichi or any of the other Multi Story fics. I have another Half written Naruto and Starfire story which I will be posting shortly. Seeing as I'm the only writer of this pairing with the exception of one short and not too well written attempt.

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