The Switch
Naruto (Starfire) x Starfire (Naruto)
Author's Note
As most of you are aware of I planned on updating and doing a chapter for every story. But because of the sheer amount of stories I have, I decided to put that project on hold and post the stories I have. Upon April 10 I will go on another Hiatus and update the stories I didn't get to doing chapters for. Other then that, please enjoy this mass update and to the people who keep on saying put stories for updates this is a huge F.U. I might or might not switch between an old undated story and the new ones. But expect at least one new story project every two weeks. Until then, have fun.

Story Start

''Titans trouble!'' Robin cried out as the blaring of the alarm and its ambulance red colored filled the tower. He along with Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg all rush out, leaving Starfire and Naruto in the room, unsure of what to do. ''Well I can't teleport with this body.'' Naruto elaborated on. ''So just hope on my back and I'll carry you. At least when it comes to speed and super strength I have knowledge in those abilities and can simulate those movements.''

A little on the annoyed, Starfire realized that Naruto was right. Especially considering the fact she knew next to nothing about using chakra. By the time they finally got there the criminals were already taken care of. Naruto couldn't help but filled annoyed, not remembering the last time he felt useless. ''God I could use a shower.'' Naruto groaned before pausing and realizing something. ''Uum Starfire,'' he called out to the orange skin, er blond haired...he wasn't going to get used to this. ''Is there...anything I should know for...Hygienically reasons?'' he asked.

Starfire paused for a moment before she realized what he was hinting towards. ''Oh there are many things you must understand Naruto. I'll be happy to show you.'' she said, grabbing his hand and leading him towards the bathroom despite his very vocal protests. Damn, no nudity taboo on Tamaran. Starfire could be far from modest, by Earth standard at least times. At the very least being in a woman's body he didn't have to worry about his hormones going crazy and having a raging hard on. Somehow he was able to convince her to wait outside the bathroom and that he would call for her if he needed to help.

And catching himself staring at Starfire's reflection he found himself reconsidering the so called hold he had on his hormones. Both agreeing that they would still act and reflect their actual sex. But he couldn't help it; her long, lustrous auburn hair, tall stature, and amazing body. ''I can't do this.''



"Come in," Naruto reflexively yelled and cringed. He wasn't going to get used to hearing Starfire's voice from his mouth. It just felt so wrong. Being inside Starfire's body. 'Crap, walked right into that one.'

''Naruto...'' she said, walking in with some of her...clothes?

''Oh god.'' he grumbled as he looked at the articles of clothing in her hands.

''I'm sorry my friend but these are the only clothes that fit my body shape.'' she informed him.

''Tomorrow, we're going shopping.'' He be damn if he didn't at least get some boxers and shirts to sleep in. Regardless of Starfire's charitable choice he grabbed one of his t-shirts, as a result it only came down to his thighs.

''Do you find my body hideous?'' she finally asked him, looking a bit put off by his behavior

''W-What?'' he stammered. ''No of course not, you're body is gorgeous. I mean you're body is perfect, no I mean you're beautiful and I'm not coming on your body. To you!" he screamed the last part after multiple Freudian slips and stammering. She merely giggled at his antics.

''It is okay.'' she said with a king smile. She really was quite understanding about the whole thing. ''May I request some suitable clothes from you?'' she asked.

''Huh?'' he dimly stared at his body for a moment. ''Oh right,'' he quickly added. To say the exchange of clothes was quite excruciating was sugar coating it. Once the clothes were changed all they could do was wish each other good night.

''Good night,'' Starfire said, giving him a peck on the cheek before leaving the room. Things were definitely going to be more interesting from now on.