Second part of Dallying With Fire. I have no plans for a third part as of yet. Falcon and Ayame were kind of pestering for their thoughts to be made known, so. :P The writing style here isn't something I like very much though. But then I prefer it when it's in present tense. This is in past tense to match the previous part.
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Dallying With Fire (Part 2)

When nary a word budged from Ryoma's throat, Falcon turned away, huffing impatiently. He hadn't wanted to walk in on Rouge and Ryoma snogging. Or whatever it was they were doing in their Power-Changed states. It looked wrong - that wasn't what their Power Stones were for. Maybe he just felt betrayed because his best buddy got the girl he wanted. "I'm going back to the inn."

Jealousy nibbled away within his ribcage, little by little. As far as Falcon knew, he'd made the first move on Rouge. He'd complimented her, asked her out. He made efforts to visit her at her tent. And no offense to Ryoma, but he was the better-looking of the two of them. He was keener on being more than friends, suaver at handling women. On top of that, he was willing to give Rouge anything she wanted.

So why had she chosen Ryoma, of all people? She'd picked him right from the start. Falcon hadn't wanted to see proof of the fling he suspected. They were always together, but a guy could dream, couldn't he? As long as Ryoma hadn't publicly staked his claim on her, he was free to pursue Rouge all he liked.

Until now. Hell, he'd never expected to catch them in such a display of intimacy. It made him cringe to fathom what else they might've done. The man gritted his teeth. Rouge looked like she'd been having the time of her life. It was probably long overdue that he moved on, he concluded in resignation.

Falcon stomped out of the clearing with excess force, glowering at the buildings ahead. It was a bad idea to have followed Ayame into the forest. Even if she had smiled prettily at him.


Ayame peeked cautiously behind at her two remaining teammates. With Falcon's departure, they had exchanged a glance, slowly getting to their feet. If it weren't for the vermillion tint on their faces, it would seem as though this were a situation they encountered regularly.

She didn't know what she wanted to feel about the pair. On one hand, resentment hid deep within her chest, that she held against Rouge because the latter had snagged Falcon's fancy. On the other, she felt guilty for such a response. Rouge didn't even want his overt concern. Time and again, they'd have the same conversation about the men - Rouge would tell her to go for Falcon, since all she wanted was Ryoma. If only it were as easy as the fortune teller made it out to be.

If Ayame were to be bluntly honest, she'd admit that she didn't get what Rouge saw in the samurai. Ryoma wasn't handsome, nor was he kind. He was strong. But then, so was Falcon. And again, all that hardly mattered when Rouge was no true rival of hers. It allowed them both to be closer friends than she'd previously thought.

Yet, as she watched Rouge smile and Ryoma blush from the corner of her eye, Ayame couldn't help but feel a little envious, that Rouge had found her happiness with Ryoma. She was glad for them, and sorry at the same time. Their relationship came at a price. They had no future, quite unlike Falcon, and for that, Ayame was grateful.

Still, it had been a total shock to find Rouge and their comrade all over each other in the forest.

She'd lured Falcon into its verdant depths in a bid to snare his interest, but it backfired miserably. Knowing how far along Rouge and Ryoma were in their courtship was entirely different from actually seeing it with her own eyes. More so when they'd done the unthinkable, of transforming into their battle states. It was beyond intimate, something Ayame would never have thought to learn at her age. Her embarrassment had fallen just short of if she'd found them in a naked tangle.

She cast a last look at the pair, before hurrying after Falcon. It pained her to see how upset he was by the incident.

But maybe, a little voice whispered in her head, just maybe, that was all he needed to change his mind about Rouge. Maybe Falcon would notice her from now on.