Chapter 1

"I'm not dead!"

Zack opened his eyes slowly. " I...?"

He saw a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes smile. "Your in Twilight Town."

"Where?what happened to Cloud and Aerith and-"He sat up and winced in pain. "Ahh crap!"

She shushed him."Quiet.."She whispered.

"I don't understand..." Zack said as he layed back down.

"Cloud and Aerith are Ok they are in hallow Bastion..." The girl said in a reassuring tone. Zack looked at her."Who are you...?" She smiled at him"I'm Namine" He grinned "I'm Zack nice to meet you Namine." Namine giggled, "Your silly." She stood up and sat at her table pulling out her notebook and pencils.

Zack sat up carefully and streched."How'd I get here?"

Namine shook her head "So many questions!" She chuckled softly and started drawing.

He looked around. "Is this your room?"

She nodded not taking her eyes off the paper. "Mhm."

"It's so bland...and boring! I swear I'm gonna fall asleep this rooms giving me a headache!"Zack looked at all the drawings. "well these brighten up the room pretty good"

Namine smiled,"Thanks...nice to have company and a compliment..."

Zack grinned again."Your welcome I make great company!" He studied her "Your like Cloud..I mean got his eyes and hair your really shy and all, just like him"

Namine shrugged as she continued drawing,"I don't really know him.. never met Cloud...,But I know Aerith. She's the one who asked me to find you...She really cares about you"

Zack smiled, Aerith.. "Where exactly did I go?"

Namine sat quietly drawing. After a long intense moment of silence she finally spoke up "Your dead Zack..."

Zack stumbled back."Dead! I'm not dead! I'm breathing I'm here!"

Namine griminced "I brought you back..."

"I'm not dead! I haven't been dead! Cloud and I were so close to Midgar...then..."he traild off. Namine stopped drawing, walked up to Zack, put a hand infront of his face and a mirror appear in front of him.

Zack stared at his reflection and put a hand over his chest and felt bullet holes he gasped his uniform was torn and bloodly. He stumbled. Namine made the mirror disappear put a hand on his head."It'll be Ok.."

Zack withered in pain on the floor gripping his head. As his final moments played through his head he blacked out...

Cloud weakly made his way to Zacks figure laying lifelessly on the floor.

Zack was staring at the sky when herd Cloud."For...the..both of us..."He managed to say.
"The..both of us...?" Cloud echoed.

"Your gonna live.."Zack put a hand on Clouds shoulder and brought his head to his chest.

Cloud sat up as Zacks hand dropped. He looked at his buster sword and slowly picked it up.

"My honor..,my dreams..."he gave the buster sword to Cloud,"Their yours now"

Cloud hesitated and stared at him. Zack pushed the sword to him and his hand dropped to his side. "Your my living leagcy..."

Cloud stared at him and nodded."I'm leagcy..."

Zack smiled and closed his eyes.

Cloud gasped and stared at Zack then screamed into the sky Tears his eyes morning in pain of the death of his best friend.