Chapter 7: What's Going on?
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Hello! Hellooo!
W-Who are you?
I'm Hurt Zack,You dont Remember me? Its Aer-
"Zack! Wake Up!" Zack sat up with a jolt as he felt himself become drenched in freezing cold water he looked around his room as he saw his sister looking at him holding a empty cup."Damn,Xion,"He Grumbled as he shook drops of water out of his hair."I been trying to wake you up! Since we're unpacked we should go meet some of the kids!"Xion walked to the window and opened it,"Its great morning lets get the hell outta here!" He covered his eyes as the sun came in lightning up the room."When did you become a morning person,Xion?" She shrugged,"Don't Know I just woke up in a good mood...feel like I've been sleeping all this time now I just wanna get out." Zack laughed and nodded."Ok Let's go then."He flicked her forehead and grinned as he picked up his clothes and went to get dressed.
Roxas walked into the Usual Spot with a blank look on his face,Who was that guy?I hope he's not mad for throwing that stick at him. "Rox,have you seen Olette?" Hayner asked. "No I thought she was here already."Roxas answered. He handed him Sea Salt ice cream."Well,She better hurry up and get here before her ice cream melts." "Hey Can I have it then!" Pence grinned at Hayner as he rolled his eyes and handed it to him."I swear Pence do you ever stop eating?" Hanyer teased."I'm a growing boy I have a high matbalisum.!"Pence bit his ice cream."Yeah well your going to buy Olette her ice cream when she gets here." Roxas chuckled at his friends antics as he looked to the entrance when he saw Olette and two kids follow in after holding ice cream,"Hey Guys"She waved at them and smiled."Hey where you been?" Hanyer's head tilted to the side."And who are they?"The boy with black spikey hair grinned and waved and nudged the shy girl next to him. Olette turned to the kids."This is Xion and Zack 're new here." Roxas froze as he looked at them."Awesome! Nice to meet you I'm Hanyer" "And Im Pence!"They both walked to the new kids. Why do they look so familure... Roxas though as he watched his friends greeted them."We should show em around!" Pence turned to Hayner."How About a trip to the beach!" Olette smiled,"sounds like a great Idea!" Hayner shook his head,"Got one problem,No munny." Their shoulders slumped."Oh yeah..." Zack grinned,"Hey Why dont we go work or something or street perform!" Xion nodded quietly,"Yes,That would be a good Idea..I have my drum set..." They both looked at each other and ran off."wait where are you going?" Olette called."We'll be back in a few with munny! Don't wait up!"

An hour later Zack and Xion ran back to the gang with a puch of money and a big grin on their face."Got the money!"Roxas and his friends turned around from the poster."whats that?" Hanyer looked at him,"This is a game we have in this fine establishment in Twiliight town,The Struggle Tournament consists of a few simple rules: each participant begins with 100 colored orbs. Every time one of the participants is hit, they'll drop colored orbs (participants each hold different colored orbs). There's also a time limit. Collecting the opponents' orbs will increase your score, but opponents can also regain their orbs by pickin' them up." Zack grinned."Sounds like fun!" Hanyer noded."Yeah! Me and Roxas are gonna enter its in two days you and Xion should too!" Xion shook her head."No thanks...You can Zack.." Zack pumped his fist."Oh yeah! Well enough of this now! Lets go to the beach! Here Rox You hold the munny." He nods as they all started walking into the trainstation."Common Rox hurry it up!" Zack froze when he saw a black figure behind Roxas"Hey!" He fell forward as the man picked him up and murmered something to him."who was that?"He asked as he helped Roxas up."I..dont know.." zack shrugged."Alright well lets go common." They ran to Xion Hanyer Olette and Pence."Okay Roxas can I have the munny to buy the tickets?"Olette nods and searched his pockets." is it?"His mind flashed back to the man in black."That guy must of took it!" Zack looked at him,"Seriosly?" He nods."There was no one there Roxas." Pence blinked."But there was I saw him too!" "well..Looks like we can't go.." They walked away from Zack and Roxas sadly."But..I saw him.."Zack put a hand on his shoulder."I know buddy I know."

All six of them sat on the clock tower eating sea salt ice cream."This tastes salty but sweet."Zack stated staring at the ice laughed."Thats what Roxas used to say."He looked down at him,"Hey Rox..You okay?" He shook his head."I lost the munny.."Zack rolled his eyes and shook roxas by the shoulder with a grin."Cheer up already!" they all nod."Yeah We can go to the beach another time." Roxas smiled a bit and nodded."yeah.." They all looked at the sunset."It was still weird though..."

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