Christine awoke suddenly, her body drenched in sweat, the horrendous nightmare finally over. Looking about, she felt despair creeping over her. Raoul had not come and Erik had always been there for her.

"Now your comparing him to Erik?" she silently questioned herself. "Merely because Raoul didn't come and Erik always did? This is a considerable sized flat, maybe he couldn't hear you." That did nothing however to stop the despair that was creeping over her.

The next morning was bleak, the sky deadened by black clouds, though they gave her an odd comfort. Perhaps hypnotised by the clouds she sat on the window sill her mind wandering back; back to when Erik had played for her.

It had been after one of her nightmares, he knew not how to calm her save through music and so music it had been. The violin and his angelic voice combining felt like black velvet caressing her jangled nerves. Soon she had been drifting before she slept though she had asked him to stay.

When she awoke he had been watching over her, his eyes glittering in the darkness.

There came a gentle rapping on her door, bringing her out of her thoughts, and Raoul's curious face appeared, "Christine, are you alright?"

Having forced a smile she nodded. "Raoul is a charming young man," she assured herself" He loves you very much."

Though she kept assuring herself of these things by the next morning she found she missed Erik's gentle ways. She looked down at the gold ring Erik had given her and knew in that moment who she loved.

Not wasting time to pack anything she rushed to the opera. It was deserted as it always was at this time of morning. Forcing herself to walk, she reached the dressing room where she had first gone through the mirror. She began to search for the mechanism which opened it and once she found it gathered her skirts and began to run.

Having reached the lake she began to sing and found her trembling voice barely a whisper. She gathered her courage and began again. She had almost given up when she saw the placid lake come alive with ripples. Her heart leapt in anticipation and she peered through the darkness to see her love bathed in flickering candlelight.