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"Checkmate!" Somebody had won.

End Recap

Shikamaru sat, frozen. Never ever in his entire life did he ever witness an event like this. A mere girl from some village had just beaten him in shougi. Him, of all people. How smart was this girl? He was sure no-one else had an IQ over 200 like he did.

Meanwhile, Ami did a little happy dance inside. She won, she won! Oh yeah, oh yeah! But in all seriousness, that guy was quite a challenge. Ami had never faced anyone like him before in her entire life. One hour was also the longest that she had ever played. Idly, she wondered how smart Shikamaru was.

"Congratulations," Shikamaru drawled. "You are the first person to ever win a game of shougi with me."

Ami was quite surprised at this new bit of information. "Really? Well, I would guess so, not that I'm boasting really." Ami blushed a bit. "Umm… you were quite a challenge for me as well. I've never enjoyed a game of Shougi more than now, especially since we've been going at it for about an hour."

Shikamaru smiled-smirked in that weird way of his. "If you don't mind me asking, what's your IQ?"

"Uhhhhhh…" Ami hesitated. "My IQ is 300," she mumbled.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), Shikamaru heard. No wonder she had won against him! "No wonder," Shikamaru said. "Are you a strategist?"

"Yeah, are you?" Ami asked.

"Of course," Shikamaru replied, "but that doesn't mean I suck at battling."

"Same here."

"Want to go get some food?"

"Sure, I'm feeling a little hungry."

And so they walked to the new sushi place that had just opened in the heart of Konoha, and became best friends.

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