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"…rica…merica…America!" his eyes fluttered open focusing the mess of blonde hair belonging to his former caretaker. What was England doing here?

"hey there Sir bushy brow..." he stretched his arms up to find pain shooting though him. He winced, Well that hurt. What the hell had happened to him?

"shut t'up you moronic twit!" well then, there was no need to be that- something wet hit his hand. He didn't want to look over and see the nation crying. Knowing that he was…that was more than enough for America to handle.

Then it hit him, as if an electric bolt stuck his body. Numbing his being and forcing him to remember what had happened. The Nation swallowed closing his eyes only for a moment- for when he did all of the pictures that haunted him came I clear as day… Sh*t…his eyes burned.

"I…couldn't save him could I?" there was a silence. A painfully heart wrenching silence which spoke words worse than a response. No, he hadn't saved him. It was all America's fault.

Canada…Canada was dead. He felt the tears welling in his own eyes. NO! he fought against them. dammit! Hero's didn't cry! But… he wasn't really a "hero" now was he? So… he let the warm liquid flow from his eyes.

Canada had gotten into a war that was too much for him to fight. that sounded funny-and America would have laughed and called it a joke…as he had in the beginning…but since it wasn't a joke in the slightest. alls that he could do was fight against the ever flowing tears. It was impossible for Canada to be in a war… but somehow he was in one, and it wasn't something that he could handle. And though he hated to admit it, America knew even he couldn't have fought something like that alone…

America always knew that china was going to invade one day. Or at least he had a sneaking suspicion…but, china was a friend he hated to think if a friend that way. though America had expected it to start with himself. Not Canada. Not his brother. Though they looked alike and people often confused them for each other…China had targeted Canada first for a reason…

Because America is a hero. Because America would jump in and try to save him. Because America was already in a war of his own with Iraq… and now the war had spread. And it was just him and Canada against Iraq and all of Asia. But…England had joined in at the last moment…and-he guessed-that was why he is still alive…

"the war…" he began his voice husky. Green eyes bore like flames into his. Fury ripping though the other nation.

"DO YOU RELISE YOU COULD HAVE DIED ALFRED?" England shouted using his human name. He was angry, and America was confused, but unconcerned.

"yes." he stated, causing those green eyes to grow even more intense on his. America hated that all the brit seemed to care about was him at the moment. In any other situation he would have been please with it. But not his one. Right now he wasn't in the mood for it.

"I couldn't just leave him. he is" was, he reminded himself sadly- "my brother." the word caught in his throat causing the tears that were stinging the corners of his eyes to fall again. "and…I want to know what happened in the war."

The silence fell yet again and America wondered why England wouldn't tell him anything. Was it really that bad? He continued to prod the older nation asking him over and over the same question about what happened.

"England…" The blonde choked on his words. "please."

Finally the older man looked into his eyes showing so many emotions, centuries' old emotions.

"you…you won. Sorry. I was just…you won Al, then you passed out. Your country was nearly taken off the map." England's green eyes flared again, his former caretaker giving him a stern look. "…but you won. you're a hero Al. A stupid and idiotic hero, and I hate you for that." America smiled at that. And the tears continued to fall in big globs onto the hospital's white pillow. God dammit America! He thought to himself. Stop crying!

"but…" blue eyes melted. "Canada died... I'm no hero… and besides you're the one who came and helped us." England's emerald eyes searched his, bushy brows scrunching as if he didn't know what America was talking about… but surely he did. He had been in the war as well.

"America…Canada isn't dead. Not yet at least." Alfred froze. His heart pounding viciously in his chest. He had heard right hadn't he? Canada was alive? He shot up out of bed, only then realizing that what was pulling him back were the iv tubes connected to his arms. He started pulling them off, his heart threatening to burst out of his chest. He really was a hero! Canada was safe, and he had to see it for himself before he could entirely believe it.

"thank god!" he whispered. "thank you…" this time it was directed towards the English nation. "come on, why are you so gloomy England? We're fine so… relax!" England looked up and cursed, venom in his voice.

"Relax? America, how can I relax when you almost got your head blown off there?" America stood only to be pushed back down again. He tried to fight to get up but England kept him down.

"let me up! England! Let go!" why was he so weak? America was struggling against the weight that he could lift up since he was a child. He should at least be able to push England off of him!

"no Alfred, I will not let you up! You need to rest."

"I've been asleep for days! How can I rest more than that? I'm sure too much resting can't be good for you!"

"since when do you know what is good for you? You don't! and that's why I always have to come and remind you! You had me worried sick dammit! And by god, if I am going to let you hurt yourself any more than this!"

"yeah? Well I'm sure that crushing me under your weight isn't a very good way to keep me safe! Especially while I am still healing!" then the weight was off of him and England was back in his chair.

"sorry are you-" America made a move to get up again, ignoring the pain shooting through him at an even harsher rate than before. Once again was he pushed onto the bed by England. And not in a fun way…not at all.

"go ahead boy, keep trying that." England's voice was dangerous, Alfred didn't care. He needed to go see his brother. He needed to…

"why?" the nation used his cute charm to his advantage, standing up again. "why can't I go see Canada? Nii-chan?" blush spread across England's face, America smirked inwardly. He was a sly one~ The green eyed man looked at a loss for words. America kept moving forward slowly, and just as he got past England his wrist was caught in a firm grip.

"no." The older man said with a glare. America looked back with a slightly pained expression.

"that hurts England…" he whimpered. It wasn't completely a lie. But it only hurt a little bit because his wrist was still healing. His arm was released and England stepped back, looking a bit dazed. America grinned, and took that opportunity to sprint towards the door.

He was out of the room his own footsteps pounding in his ears. England was close behind him shouting at him, but eventually giving up as America entered the room that his brother was being held in. his heart nearly stopped at what he saw. Canada was hooked up to many different machines, the heart monitor beating at an uneven pace. America slowly made his way over to his twin, touching his skin. It was cold. It shouldn't be cold.


poor England. it always seems that he gets the bad end of everything...