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America shivered, he didn't like the feeling of dying…no…He didn't like it one bit. He couldn't feel England's arms around him, could hardly hear the others voice, he couldn't feel anything. But he could see through dimming eyes that Arthur was crying. And…Arthur NEVER cried.

This must really be upsetting him…

Maybe America shouldn't have told him about the attack on his capital. That way England wouldn't be worrying so much. That way Alfred could just give in to the sleepiness that kept coming over him…


I can't die. I can't die. I CAN'T DIE!

He would do whatever it took for him to stay alive. Because that's what he had promised Iggy!

"Anything?" A voice murmured. It didn't sound familiar, and there was no one around but England. Where the hell had that come from? America took a sharp breath in to find that— he could, and….

It didn't hurt anymore…


So he had died after all…

Sorry Iggy…

But what the hell was up with that voice? Was it trying to make a deal with him? Wait, didn't these kinds of things only happen in movies?

"uh…yeah." He murmured lamely. "Anything."

In the ever growing darkness that surrounded him, a thin smile appeared. Okay, creepy…The smile grew into a grin, reminding the American of the Cheshire cat. He shivered violently.

Why is it suddenly so cold?

"Then anything it is~"Out of the mouth came a mist which snaked and looped around Alfred making the shivers grow until he was sure that he was just having some kind of f*cked up dream. The mist suddenly formed a body.

"Okay. Who are you?"

"You can call me what you wish." The voice took on a more female tone as curls spilt over her forming shoulders and body. Her face looked sweet aside from the much too cocky grin on her face. She looked like a child, but there was something menacing in her appearance. She moved closer to him, tilting her head to the side a bit as her eyes scanned his body.

"Would you…give up being a country?" She'd found his weakest point.

"No." He responded without hesitation. That would be the one thing to make him betray his promise to England. If he forfeited being a country all of his people would die. It didn't matter if he would live in place of them. The girl laughed and pressed down on his forehead.

"Oh Alfred, the ever noble hero~" She snorted and trailed a finger down his cheek. "But Alfred, Hero's don't exist."

"Yes they do."

Another bell like laugh chimed from her throat and she slung her arms around his neck, looking up at him with eyes that reflected horrible visions of war and death. Flames danced through her eyes reminding him of too many sad memories. He wanted to look away from her, but he found that he couldn't move at all.

"And you are one of them~? …Well believe what you wish." Suddenly she was 5 feet away from him walking away with her hands behind her back.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

The girl turned around and looked at him with that Cheshire like grin of hers.

"I'm giving you a very rare opportunity Mr. America~"

"I want to live." Alfred stated. "Don't get me wrong i—"

"You promised."

"Yes… But I will not give up my country. A Captain goes down with his ship, promise or no. If I am to survive it will be with my country and people. I will not let them die."

"I know." She pouted. "Fine."


"Yes, you do not have to give up being a country…" She smirked.

"But?" He questioned, growing increasingly suspicious of her intentions. It didn't seem like she was going to let him off easy.

"But, you will forget."


"Yes. All of the evens from this war, and the feelings that you have for Arthur Kirkland. There is a way this is to be fixed, but~ you must figure that out yourself~"

"Problem being, that I won't remember."

"Not. A. Thing."


The frowned, her face becoming darker as she glared at him.

"It's going to have to be a good enough deal. Unless you want to just die." Her form snaked around him again. "And that would kill both you and your people. In addition to breaking your precious little lover's heart. Right. In. Two." She slammed a hand down into his chest, smirking as he fell to the ground.

It seemed like he would have to forget…


England turned around to face Russia, his narrowed green eyes meeting the others violet. The man stood much taller than he, but England felt like he wanted to get into a fight with him. Just knock out his vital regions.

"Hello England." The Russian smiled his usual pleasant and creepy smile. England held his ground, his mind filled with insults that he was never going to say.


"Da. That would be me." He smirked. "You certainly rushed over very quickly."

"What did you do to Alfred?"

"Ah…America." Russia's smile became sad for a moment, his fists clenching for a brief moment before he slipped back into his normal person. "He passed out."

England slammed his fists down on the counter and was met with wide eyes from the nurse behind it. He didn't bother to apologize, he just glared at the Russian.

"Bloody hell! I KNOW he passed out! The problem being that, Alfred wouldn't just pass out like that!"

"Well he did."

"What happened before then?"

"He…..Was drinking."

"He doesn't get drunk that easily."

Russia hesitated, moving a little away from the desk as if he was going to just turn around and leave. Had someone bad happened before then? What did Russia do to him?

"Well…he got upset…" England raised an eyebrow. "Jealous if you will. And he ran outside. Then, he fell down."



"What did you do?"

"Nyet, I wasn't the one who did anything wrong."

England paused, taking in a deep breath and continuing to glare at the Russian. Russia didn't give much away, but there was something…Almost accusing in those icy violet eyes. England's green eyes widened as realization struck him, was it something this he did?

"Are you….trying to say that it's my fault?"

"Nyet. It was that woman's."

"What woman?"

"the annoying one who looked very similar to Alfred." England bit his lip, once more angered by the similarity in which Russia was addressing his Alfred. Wait—did he just say a woman who looked very similar to—

"Molly?" England growled.

"I do not believe that her name was Molly…"

"Argh! Well who cares?" Russia's eyes narrowed.

"Alfred." He stated. "He cared. Cared enough to snap." Ivan looked truly upset as he began to turn around.


"Yes." The large man began to make his way towards the elevator. "He remembered."

England froze, his eyes going wide.


"Russia!" The Russian turned around with a forced smile.


"Did he…Really remember?"

Ivan clenched his teeth.

"No England, I am lying to you."

He was—?


"So then he did."

"Da." Russia said impatiently as he pressed down on the 'up' button. "But do not get your hopes up. He may wake up without his memories again."

"No." England smiled. "He'll remember this time."

The elevator door opened and Russia stepped inside.

"We will see…"

Canada sat beside his brother, watching the other man breathe. At least that was good, that he was breathing. When they had first found him outside in the cold his heart had stopped…

That night had been really odd… What with that girl, and….Matthew had been quite drunk. Thank God he hadn't done something stupid. But then again…doing that one stupid thing might have been good. If he had told Russia how he felt. Purely on impulse and the liquid courage. But still… nothing would have happened anyways because….

Ivan loves Alfred…

Not him. His twin. Canada looked back down at America. The other blond hair slightly messy, his expression pleasant…He was surely the more attractive twin. The more outgoing. The more laid back…more fun…more noticeable…

More lovable

Yes, the only love Canada got aside from the rather creepy love that France gave him was from Alfred. But then there was Russia. There were times when the bigger man would act kindly towards the Canadian. And he never forgot that Canada was in the room. He was—

But he loves my brother!

A bittersweet smile passed over Matthews face, and he touched Alfred's hand, running his fingers across the smooth texture of his brother's palm. His little selfish moment was over and he was simply happy for his twin. Alfred had just gotten out of the ICU. He was doing much better now.

I hope that his memories come back.

"Wake up soon Al."

A clicking sound stirred Canada from his trance, and he turned around in time to see England rush into the room with a very upset looking Russia behind him.

"Alfred…" England murmured.

There was a painful expression on Russia's face as he looked up and met eyes with Canada.

He must have told him…

"Canada." Russia said his name softly, and turned around. His body langue telling Canada that he wanted him to follow behind… Slowly Canada stood and walked past England.

America lay on the hospital bed, beautiful as ever in England's eyes. His Alfred was alright. So long as that rang true England could forgive all that had happened. Because….Despite everything Arthur couldn't stop loving Alfred. England sat down on the chair beside America's bed and ran a finger across his cheek, felling the warm softness that meant he was alive.

"Alfred…" He murmured. "You truly are the most imbecilic hero that I have never met" England reached down to touch America's hand, and lacing his fingers through the other's. "But you already know that. I've told you this before. But you know what it means… Though, I don't have any idea how I can even tolerate your presence and yet I couldn't live without being by your side. You know…When I heard you'd fallen down. I rushed here as quickly as I could." England took a deep breath.

"But you… You're everything that I hate in a person. You're never organized and I cant stand it, you're always late for everything, you don't seem to understand that it's okay to depend on me a little bit… Your low witted sarcasm isn't funny at all. You're always flirting with other people when you don't even realize it. The only one who you should be looking at is me. Not Russia, or Japan, or anybody else. If it was me who you loved…then why not act like it? You're such a sore winner hat it drives me crazy! You could stop rubbing the fact that I lost in my face… Shall I go on?" It felt good to be able to say these things that he'd held in for so long aloud to him. "you're much too cocky, no- or should I say convinced. You call me names, even when you whine about being called names back. You could give me a heart attack st any moment. You're annoying and rude. You forgot everything important, and left me here alone! Then you remember everything and pass out?" He choked on an unexpected sob. "What the f*ck…." England sighed and let a small smile slip over his face. It wasn't fair how America could make him feel this way and he could just forget everything…


Arthur rest his head down beside Alfred's.

"I hate you."

Canada followed Russia down the hallway feeling somewhat nervous. More nervous than usual…Because this was Russia he was walking with. The man that Matthew had been in love with for a very long time…

The silence was nerve wracking,

Maybe I should say something...

"Yes Canada?" Russia tossed a glance over his shoulder at the Canadian those violet eyes piercing. It was funny how he always seemed to know when Canada wanted to say something, but just couldn't find it in him to break the silence… Canada's eyes shifted downwards before coming back up to meet Ivan's.

"Are you alright?" He bit his lip wondering how odd he must sound… but he was only asking if Ivan was alright or not. But why would he assume that something was wrong…? What right did he have to even ask Ivan how he felt… It wasn't like they were close or anything…Did Russia even consider them friends? Canada wasn't sure, but by the tensing of Russia's shoulders he guessed that he had crossed a line he never should have. Ivan let out a deep breath.

"I am fine Canada." The lie in his voice was apparent. Russia was definitely NOT fine.

"Why…why are you lying to me?" Canada's indigo eyes stayed glued on the back of Russia's head as they just kept walking. Honestly, Matthew didn't think that they were heading anywhere, just to get away from Alfred and Arthur.

"I am not lying." Came the cool response.


"No Canada, I am fine. There is nothing wrong. Leave it at that." Canada sighed. Russia wasn't obligated to tell him anything no…but it would be alright if he let it out every once in a while. Canada knew that holding back emotions wasn't good for you.

"You're upset." He stated one again and Russia whirled yet again on him.

"And if I am Canada?" He snarled, his violet eyes searching Matthew's face. "What are you going to do about it hmm? There is nothing that you can do."

Canada backed away from him his eyes moving away from the Russian entirely. How did Ivan expect him to react to something like that?

"No…" He murmured. "But I think that… It would be best if you just…let your emotions show you know… because then you won't feel so horrible after holding it all inside…and you know. Holding your emotions back just isn't healthy and….I…" His voice faltered and fell as he saw the mocking smile appear over Russia's face.

"Ah~ The ever so gentle Canada. What do you want me to do?" He sneered. "Cry? Scream?" He looked Canada over. "Let you hold me?" Russia snorted at that, and backed up from the close proximity that he had been to Canada's face. Matthew tried to force away the blush that coloured his cheeks, to calm his shallow breathing… He blinked a few times in an attempt at making his eyes less wide. Oh and that annoying stutter that he got whenever he was nervous…

"N-no! i-i-I'm not…I'm j-just saying that you should…"

"Now you are ordering me?"


"I am fine Canada, do not waste your concern on me." Russia said as he turned back around and continued down the hallway.

"No…" Matthew murmured, feeling a sudden urgency to get this across to the Russian. "No…I can see it in you. You're upset." Russia turned around with another sigh and glare. "Upset because England—" An angry force ran through the Russian as he began to walk quickly towards Canada. Matthew swallowed. Maybe he had gone too far…yeah…he shouldn't have even opened his mouth in the first place…

"Because he is going to take Alfred away from me? And things will go back to being like they were before? Da. I know these things. I don't even have a chance with Alfred anymore when he wakes up. Of course I would not be the one who gets to hold him. I do not like it, but— I am alright. It is not the worst thing that has ever happened to me." Canada hardly even breathed as silence came over them. His indigo eyes came up to meet violet with a sad smile.

"But it still hurts."

Russia drew in a sharp breath in and moved closer to Canada a way that made Matthew flinch back.

"And what do you know about this pain?" He questioned mockingly.

A lot.

"I know enough…" Canada dropped the other's gaze and bit his lip. All of his emotions had been dripping from those words and ones that followed. "I know what it feels like to spend a very long time loving someone when you know that the feelings aren't mutual. I know how much it hurts to see them with someone else and try…" Matthew squeezed his eyes shut and took in a shaky breath. "try… so hard to be happy for them. To lie to yourself that you actually are! I DO know how much it hurts to understand that you could never actually be with that person." He swallowed and once again met Russia's eyes. He needed to say it at least once. He would give up after this…but he just wanted to…

"But I also know…that even if I told you a million times how much I love you— you would still love him so much more than me… and…I…I don't want to be Al's replacement…" That was IF Russia decided that he would take pity on the Canadian and try to return the love.

Ivan's eyes had gone wide and there was a slight tremble to his shoulders.

"You…" He began "You have much more feelings for me than I ever thought that you would…." Ivan took a step back, hands dropping to his sides. "And I am very sorry." Matthew's heart sunk once again as it became progressively more difficult to breathe… There it was, rejection. The thing in which Matthew never wanted to hear, because he knew that it would hurt this much. He didn't enjoy the feeling of his heart begin crushed inside of his chest.

Canada's back pressed closer to the wall in order to keep his breathing steady and his body from collapsing. He should never have told him. Never. It…should have just been kept inside of him. It would have definitely been better to—

Ivan moved closer to him, whipping the tears from Canada's closed eyes.

"I am…Truly sorry Canada…" That large hand stopped oh his cheek before moving down to caress the Canadian's face. What was he doing? "Matthew." Canada's stinging eyes flashed open. Russia came closer to him, gentle pressing his lips against Matthew's.




Canada pushed him away, his body crumpling to the ground, his form shaking.

"No…No…No…No…" He bit his lip. "You can't do that. Don't play with me Russia…Not unless…Y-You mean it…"

Russia knelt down and pushed Matthew's hair out of his face.

"Canada, I cannot assure you that I love you. But, I think that I will give it a shot. One of these days I could grow into loving you, but for now. Take that as my thanks to you."

Canada turned wide blue violet eyes to the Russian.




"No. And I promise you, it is not because you look similar to him. I shall grow to love you."

Canada smiled as more tears fell from his eyes and he began to cry again. Russia just smiled back at him, pulling the Canadian into his arms.

Alfred's eyes fluttered open.

Meh. Bright light was NOT fun to deal with when you had a seriously bad headache. Was this a hangover…? No. He was in a hospital. And England—


The fuzzy shape in front of him began to clear and he could see the blond man's face more clearly. America smiled, he had been crying.

He cried as he'd talked as well.

He hates me, hmmm?

Alfred chuckled and reached up for his much too long forgotten boyfriend. Arthur's eyes widened as America's fingers threaded through his hair.


"Hey there sir bushy brow." America grinned, letting his other hand come up to loop around the Englishman's neck, pulling the other closer to him so that their lips touched. England hesitated for a brief moment before allowing himself of give in to the kiss.

After a short amount of time America pulled away, leaving the other gasping.

"I hate you too." He grinned, running a hand down England's smooth face.

Arthur's eyes went wide again and he threw himself down on Alfred, wrapping his arms around the American as Alfred pulled himself up from the hospital bed in order to return the embrace.


America smiled.

"I know."


"I know."

"Idiot." England murmured, burying his face in Alfred's neck.

"But I'm your idiot."

"Yes…" England pulled away with a dazzling smile. "But that doesn't mean that I can't you."

"England, you can hate me all you want." America's eyes softened as he smiled warmly at his lover. "Just remember. I'll just forget the meaning of hate."


"That's me."

Arthur laughed and pressed his lips against Alfred's again and began to kiss him. Finally…Finally…

"I love you."

"Baby I know~"

"Oh shut up." Arthur smiled, and the two of them began to laugh.

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