Title: Trying again

Author: Christen Hays (PurpleHaysC@netscape.com)

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Chapter 1

Theresa parked her car in the front of the house, grabbed her bags and went into the house as quiet as possible. She steeped on something that squeaked.  Then she found her room and laid her bags down. She slipped into bed.  Then laid her head on the pillow and took a deep breath and went to sleep.

Kay paid the cab driver his money and then tried to use her key to unlock the door but realized it would not work. She tried the door and was shocked that the door was open.  She slipped in, went up to her and Jessica's room, laid her bags down next to her bed, and then went to sleep.

Both girls were too tired to tell anyone they were home. The night had lasted too long and at that moment, all they need was sleep. When they woke up, they would be back where they belonged at least that is what they thought.

~End of chp 1~