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(by mnemosyne04)


Misaki yawned widely, covering his mouth as he walked down the sidewalk towards their apartment. He glanced at his watch. It was 5:10 pm. He felt tired. But a good kind of tired; the kind of tired after a hard day's work. He felt really thankful that Aikawa-san took him as a part-timer in the publishing house. It was a good part time job while doing his MBA in Economics (using his own money, by the way). But he was most thankful because of Usagi-san. The older man never protested or held him back in what he wanted to do.

Misaki smiled softly, fingering the silver ring on his left hand. So many things have happened in the last three years and he thought that he never felt happier. He felt that he couldn't ask for anything more.

On a second thought…Misaki looked in horror when he opened the door to their apartment and beheld the sight that greeted him.

Loads and loads of flour and egg shells littered the kitchen floor and the counters, and bottles of chocolate syrup toppled over, spilling their contents on the counters as well. Strawberries dotted the floor here and there. But that was all that he could see through the smoke coming from the oven. Then he heard coughing somewhere in the vicinity where the smoke was coming from. Misaki was jolted from his shock and he dropped his bag near the door and ran to the kitchen.

"Usagi-san! Where are you? Stay there! Cover your nose and I'll open the windows!" Misaki grabbed his handkerchief and covered his nose as he opened the windows. He gagged as they refused to budge but they finally opened and he breathes in deeply the air outside.

Then after a few minutes, the smoke finally cleared out and the extent of the mess in the kitchen tempted Misaki to lash out at Usagi. He's had a long day and he's already tired, dammit!

Speaking of Usagi, there he was. Clad in Misaki's pink apron once more, hair matted with unidentifiable substance, nose and cheek covered with flour. Usagi blinked owlishly at him and they both stared at each other.

Usagi smiled. "Welcome home, Misaki."

Misaki sighed in barely restrained anger. "What's the meaning of this?"

Usagi looked around and grimaced. "I actually tried to make something."

Misaki frowned and crossed his arms across his chest. "Did you also plan to burn down the apartment?"

Usagi sighed and removed the apron. "I miscalculated the time. I thought it would take 20 minutes, but to make sure, I waited for 30 minutes. That's when the smoke came out of the oven."

"God, Usagi-san. You could have suffocated there." Misaki sighed again in irritated fashion. "Why didn't the smoke detector go off, anyway?"

Usagi looked sheepish. "I disabled it." Usagi caught Misaki's look and threw up his hands in surrender. "It was making a lot of noise! I got irritated so I disabled it."

Misaki felt a headache coming on. Sometimes Usagi's childlike behavior irritates the crap out of him.

"Misaki, I'm sorry. I was just doing something to surprise you." Usagi approached him and uncrossed Misaki's arms. He then hooked it around his own neck, the placed his arms around Misaki.

Misaki sighed as his anger quickly melted away. Damn Usagi and his irresistible self. He then stepped closer to Usagi and wiped a smudge off the older man's cheek. "What were you making, anyway?" Misaki's eyes widened. "Please don't tell me you're trying to cook curry again?"

Usagi chuckled. And just like that, he knew he was already forgiven. "No, I was actually baking a cake." He then glanced at the kitchen. "Or trying to bake one."

Misaki frowned. "Why are you baking a cake? Why don't you just buy one? Is this one of the spur of the moment things, like when we went to the park in the middle of freaking December?"

"You're still angry about that?"

Misaki narrowed his eyes at him. "Of course I am. I told you you'll get sick. But did you listen to me? No!"

It was one of Usagi's spur of the moment things and they went to the park at 9pm in the middle of December. He was not wearing gloves and a scarf and was only clad in his trench coat. He said that he'll be fine and he rarely gets sick. Well, he did get sick and Misaki could still remember how a lousy patient Usagi-san was.

Usagi chuckled and wrapped Misaki in a warm embrace. "Well, you took excellent care of me and I was well after a day. Now, don't you even remember what day it is?"

Misaki closed his eyes as he melted against Usagi. "Uhm…you finished another novel?"


"I know it's not our anniversary since that was only a month ago. Uhm…you got another teddy bear?"

"Far from it."

"I also know it's not your birthday." Misaki sighed as he placed his cheek against Usagi's shoulder. "I give up."

Usagi drew away slightly and kissed Misaki's cheek. "Happy birthday."

Misaki's eyes widened. He then fished out his cellphone from his jeans pocket and looked at the date. Whoa. Usagi's right. It is his birthday!

"It really is my birthday." Usagi remembered his birthday. He even tried to bake a cake for him, as botched up as it was.

"Yup. You're so busy with work and school you even forgot." Usagi said while he brushed Misaki's hair away from his face.

"You even tried to bake a cake for me." Misaki stared up at him, his love overflowing for this kind and amazing man.

"Well, 'tried' is the operative word –"

He was cut off when Misaki suddenly kissed him. Usagi moaned and tightened his arms around Misaki as the younger man's tongue went in and tasted him. Usagi reciprocated by grasping Misaki's head and deepening the kiss. Misaki whimpered and stepped closer to Usagi-san, bringing their clothed erections together. Usagi moaned and trailed kisses from Misaki's jaw to his ear. "Misaki…bedroom…"

Misaki shook his head, grasping Usagi's head and proceeding to devour his mouth again. "No, here. Now." He whispered against the older man's mouth.

Usagi moaned helplessly as he cupped Misaki's ass and lifted him. He then propped Misaki on top of the counter while the younger man was busy undoing the buttons on his shirt, still not breaking their incredible kiss. Misaki panted while removed Usagi's shirt from his shoulders. Usagi reciprocated by removing Misaki's shirt as well.

Misaki reluctantly lifted his mouth from Usagi so that the older man can remove the shirt. Once it was off, he plunged his fingers through Usagi's hair and their mouths dueled again.

Usagi fumbled for Misaki's belt and was rather amazed that his hands were shaking. From excitement and nervousness, he'll never know. He then drew back with a gasp as he beheld Misaki's state: his eyes were glazed with passion, cheeks flushed and mouth red and swollen.

Usagi swiped his thumb across Misaki's swollen lips. "After all these years, I can't believe you can still make me hot like this."

Misaki panted as he sucked Usagi's thumb, making the older man moan. Misaki looked hungrily at Usagi's muscular chest and flat stomach. "After all these years, I can't believe you still look like this. It's practically a crime."

Usagi moaned and captured Misaki's mouth again as he removed the younger man's pants. He tensed as he encountered warm and soft skin immediately. Usagi drew back and found out that Misaki went commando today. Usagi's hormones went on overdrive and he thought he could not be more aroused than this.

Misaki caught Usagi's shocked and very aroused gaze and smirked. "Surprise."

Usagi growled and sucked Misaki's earlobe while grabbing hold of Misaki's hard and dripping cock.

Misaki's head fell back as he gasped loudly. He then moaned as Usagi planted kisses from his neck, to his chest, flicking his tongue along Misaki's nipples, earning the older man a gasping moan. He then flicked his tongue along Misaki's belly button, swirling it around and around. Misaki threw back his head and grasped Usagi's hair with both hands as he spread his legs. "Please…Usagi-san…please…"

Misaki's eyes rolled back at the top of his head as Usagi licked the top of his erection. He bit his lip as he struggled not to moan loudly. Well, the windows are open, what if other people might hear him?

Usagi sensed that Misaki was holding back. He drew away slightly and spotted something at the corner of his eyes. He smirked. "Misaki, don't hold back your voice, I want to hear you."

"B-Baka Usagi…what if the…neighbors…" Misaki gasped as Usagi licked him from base to the tip.

"I don't care about them." Usagi kissed Misaki's cheek. "Misaki, look at me."

MIsaki looked at him with glazed eyes. With eyes locked on each other, Usagi lifted his hand and Misaki saw that the fingers were coated with chocolate syrup. Misaki's eyes widened and his mouth fell open as Usagi lifted his hand and sucked two of his fingers clean. Misaki gaped and was not aware that he was drooling not until Usagi licked his lips, still tasting of chocolate.

Misaki moaned into the kiss and without either of them touching him, the younger man came with a stifled cry. Jets of white coated his stomach. Misaki drew back and took hold of Usagi's hand. There were still two fingers coated with chocolate and he licked it with eyes locked with the older man's. Usagi moaned weakly and stilled Misaki's hand.

"Misaki, stop. Please stop."

MIsaki looked at him with wide eyes. "Why? Don't you like it?"

Usagi chuckled weakly as he captured Misaki's lips again. "I like it too much." He whispered.

Misaki sighed, then gasped against his mouth when he felt two fingers enter him. "Usagi-san…hurry…please…"

Usagi swallowed Misaki's erection again as another finger went in. He licked Misaki's stomach, cleaning it of his come earlier. Misaki moaned impossibly louder as Usagi's talented finger finally found his prostate. "Usagi…please…now…"

"Misaki…lube…bedroom…" Usagi spoke incoherently against Misaki's ear.

Misaki blushed and reached overhead for the cupboard. He opened it and fished out a small bottle of lube. It still has a seal and it looked brand new.

Usagi's eyes widened then his smirk came back. "Hm…I wonder why there's lube here. Were you planning to seduce me here, my dear Misaki?"

Misaki blushed even harder. "Shut up! Just in case…you know…something like this happened."

Usagi chuckled. "I love you, you know." He then devoured Misaki's lips as they removed Usagi's belt and his trousers. They poured out the lube on Usagi's hands and coated his member with it.

Usagi entered Misaki in one fell swoop and Misaki's eyes rolled back at the top of his head. There were no slow movements here. Usagi suddenly found a rhythm that had Misaki screaming as his prostate was abused anew. Just after a few seconds of desperate thrusting, Misaki came again with a stifled cry. He buried his mouth against Usagi's warm shoulder as he cried out. Usagi felt Misaki's contractions and moaned against Misaki's neck as he followed with his completion.

Usagi's knees threatened to buckle under him so with him still inside Misaki, he slowly sat down on the kitchen floor. He slowly withdrew, albeit Misaki's protest. They exchanged soft, soothing kisses and still trying to calm their pulses.

Usagi smiled and brushed Misaki's damp hair away from his face. "Happy birthday."

MIsaki smiled back as he planted a kiss on Usagi's lips. "Thank you. And thanks for the cake, too."

Usagi groaned as he bowed his head on Misaki's chest. "The cake was a disaster"

Misaki chuckled and urged the older man to look up. "It's the thought that counts." He then stared at Usagi's violet eyes and never felt happier. "I love you."

Usagi leaned forward and kissed his cheek. "I love you more."

They basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking when Usagi suddenly thought of something. "Wait, don't tell me that Takahiro never called you to wish you happy birthday?"

Misaki pursed his lips. "No, he never called today. Well, it's understandable. He's busy with work and family."

Usagi sighed. It's not Takahiro's nature to forget something so special, especially when it includes his beloved little brother. "Well, anyway. Since I knew that the cake will be a disaster, I have another surprise for you."

Misaki's eyes lit up and he grinned. "Really? What is it?"

Usagi was saved from answering when the phone rang. They have an extension at the kitchen so Misaki took the phone and then sat at Usagi-san's lap. "Usami residence."

"Misaki-chan! How are you? Belated happy birthday!" It was Takahiro.

Misaki grinned. "Nii-chan! How are you? I thought you have forgotten my birthday."

"Of course not! Manami said that your birthday was today but I said 'No, Misaki's birthday was yesterday! He was probably doing something with Usagi that time so we said that we'll call you a day after your birthday!' Did you get my gift?"

"W – what? You gave me a gift? Wow, thanks! But wait, Nii-chan, today's my birth…day." Misaki almost moaned aloud when Usagi sucked a spot on his neck. He then whipped his head and glared at Usagi-san, who only smirked and proceeded to find new places to mark.

"No, Misaki-chan,. It's yesterday."

Misaki bit his lip as Usagi's hand travelled downward, his spent member twitching back to life. "Nii-chan, it's today."

Takahiro sighed with affectionate patience. "Misaki-chan, how can I even forget my brother's birthday?"

Usagi was now pumping Misaki's cock, while kissing his neck and he tried his very very best not to moan out loud while his brother is still on the phone. "Nii-chan, how can I even forget my own birthday?"

Takahiro went silent. "So…today's your birthday? It's not…yesterday?"

"Yes!" Misaki shouted as Usagi tweaked his nipple.

"Oh dear…then we might be interrupting something right now."

Usagi sighed impatiently as he took the phone from Misaki. "Takahiro, listen, he'll call you back later okay? Right now, I'm giving him his birthday present."

Misaki yelped a protest as Usagi smirked and placed the receiver back. He then laid Misaki down on the kitchen floor still littered with flour and sugar. He placed a kissed on Misaki's blushing cheek. "What would Nii-chan think?"

"We're married. He'll understand."

Misaki sighed and succumbed to the warmth that was his husband. Usagi kissed his lips gently, and Misaki drowned in the love in his eyes. Then, the pervert was back. The pervert smirked.

"Now, where were we?" He then grasped Misaki's cock and gave it a tug, making the younger man moan. "Oh yeah, right about here."

And that was the 22nd year of Takahashi Misaki's life. And in all his birthdays, he thought it might be the best one he has ever had.

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