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Misaki was staring wistfully at the distance, playing with his teacup has he half-listened to Usagi argue with Aikawa on the phone. Of course, his darling husband "forgot" to meet his deadline again. With the rate he's going, he's going to make Aikawa tear out her hair and scream bloody murder.

Oh, wait. She already did that.

Misaki glanced at the people milling about and thought about how his life had become. He could still remember denying that he's gay when they started going out. Well, look how things turned out in the end. He's married to one of the most infuriating and frustrating creature in the planet, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

In his opinion, their life was utterly perfect. They're both in love with each other, they can't seem to get enough of each other, Misaki has his own job now, and Usagi is, well…Usagi.

Just then, a little girl of about four or five suddenly appeared in front of him, jolting him from his musing. Misaki smiled tentatively as she grinned at him. She then touched Misaki's knee with her little hand.

"Vos yeux sont très jolies." She grinned. (1)

Misaki looked at her questioningly. "I'm sorry I don't speak French."

Just then Usagi sidled up next to Misaki, apparently finished with his conversation. "Misaki, ready to go?"

Misaki gestured to the girl whose eyes are now wide, apparently kind of intimidated by Usagi. "She was saying something to me."

Usagi knelt so that he was leveled with the girl. "Puis-je vous aider?" (2)

The girl blushed, then pointed to Misaki. "Je voulais simplement lui dire que ses yeux sont très jolies. Ils sont verts. Mais i comme la vôtre, aussi. Sont-ils violette?" (3)

Usagi smiled. "Ils sont lilas." (4)

The girl grinned, then suddenly another woman appeared. She looked haggard and tired, but she breathed with obvious relief as she was apparently looking for the girl.

"Vous êtes là, Amélie! Je cherchais partout pour vous!" (5) She then turned to Usagi with apologetic eyes. "Je suis tellement désolé si elle vous dérange. Elle peut être vraiment sympa parfois. Passez une bonne journée." (6)

With an enthusiastic wave to the two men, Amelie and her mom joined the milling crowd. Misaki staring at her back until they're no longer in sight. Misaki turned to look at his husband and Usagi has this strange look in his eyes as he also stared at where Amelie and her mom went. Was that…longing?

"Usagi-san?" Misaki asked tentatively, waiting for Usagi's beautiful eyes to meet his. "What did she asked you?" Misaki asked, looking up at Usagi.

Then suddenly the strange look left Usagi's eyes and it was filled with laughter. He leaned closer and brushed his thumb along Misaki's flushed cheek. "She told me that you have very pretty eyes."

Misaki smiled, unconsciously leaning against that light touch. "Well, you have pretty eyes, too."

Usagi's own lilac eyes lit up with amusement…and something else. "Shall I enumerate other parts of your body that are pretty, too?"

Misaki blushed and pushed Usagi none too gently. "No, that's not necessary. Thanks, anyway."

The older man laughed softly, and it did not make Misaki's heart race. Not at all. "Well, you do have a pretty co-umph!"

Misaki slapped his hand against Usagi's mouth to stop what could be a very inappropriate word to be tossed around in public. "Seriously?!"

Usagi's eyes narrowed slightly, then held on to Misaki's wrist. Misaki frowned then his green eyes widened more when he felt Usagi's tongue lick his palm.

The older man smirked when Misaki let out a small moan, eyes getting half-lidded.

Usagi pulled Misaki's hand away, licking his palm, then giving extra attention to the simple gold ring adorning his finger. Misaki bit his lip, eyes never leaving that wicked, wicked tongue that never failed to bring him to heaven and back.

Usagi smirked as he watched his now-speechless husband. "Shall we go back to the hotel?"

Misaki swallowed hard as he lifted his eyes to the older man's. "I think that would be good."

Usagi leaned forward and placed a soft, soft kiss against Misaki's lips. "You have no idea how happy you make me, Misaki. I wish I could give the world to you."

The younger man gripped Usagi's shirt as he returned the sweet kiss. "I don't need the world, baka. All I need is you."

The walk back to the hotel was filled with comfortable silence. Misaki's hand was engulfed by Usagi's larger and colder hand as they passed through the park. When a slight breeze blew past, Usagi pulled Misaki closer, unable to get his hands off him.

The elevator ride up to their floor was filled with soft glances and soft looks, and the way Usagi locked his eyes with his husband made Misaki blushed, feeling like a virgin on his wedding night.

As soon as their hotel door closed, Usagi pulled Misaki against him, wasting no time capturing his lips in a very thorough kiss, taking his time, making the younger man crazy with want.

Misaki raised his arms and wrapped them around Usagi's neck as he was kissed within an inch of his life. If this is the way he would die, you know, from lack of oxygen, he guessed that was perfectly fine.

At last, Usagi let go of his mouth. But before Misaki took in a lungful of air, the older man latched his lips against Misaki's neck, sucking the tender flesh as his broad hands cupped Misaki's ass, pulling him in closer.

"Oh god. Usagi-san. Your mouth…" Misaki moaned. God, he felt like coming and they still have their clothes on.

Usagi hummed as he captured Misaki's mouth again, this time removing their coats and tossing them on the floor. He then walked backwards until the back of his knees hit the couch. He then sat down, taking Misaki down with him so that the younger man straddled his lap.

Misaki gasped as their clothed erections touched, moving his hips slowly as he ground down against Usagi. The older man moaned as he gripped Misaki's ass tighter, grinding his own hips in rhythm with the younger man.

Misaki pulled away slowly while nipping Usagi's bottom lip, earning him a low growl that went straight to his cock. He tugged at the shirt that prevented him to see that perfect body. "Take these off."

Usagi's eyes flared with lust at the commanding tone. He nipped Misaki's jaw as he slowly took off the buttons one by one.

The younger man growled, tearing the remaining buttons as he captured Usagi's mouth again.

Usagi laughed softly against those lips. "You're being impatient. I like it."

Misaki grunted as he grind against Usagi again, enjoying the feeling of the other man's bare skin. "You were taking too long."

Usagi smiled, pulling Misaki's shirt and tossing it wherever. "I love it." He then pulled away slightly as he stared at Misaki's torso. Misaki started going to the gym after they got married (despite Usagi's protest that he was already perfect) and he can see the fruits of his labor. His husband has gotten much hotter as he started filling in. His chest is now more toned and his arms are a work of art.

Usagi slid his thumbs against Misaki's nipples followed by his tongue, earning him a soft cry as the younger man grind down his hips.

"Usagi-san…" Misaki whimpered as he buried his fingers through the older man's soft hair.

"I can't believe how lucky I am." Usagi whispered against Misaki's jaw as he trailed his hand from Misaki's back, touching the waistband of his jeans.

"Sap." Misaki murmured back as he buried his fingers through Usagi's soft hair.

"You're a sap." Usagi bit Misaki's neck in retaliation as he unbuttoned the younger man's jeans.

Misaki huffed a soft laugh as Usagi's nibbles went down to his ribs. Really. 22 years old and still ticklish. How about that.

Usagi heard the soft, but otherwise muffled laugh. He lifted his head and found Misaki staring innocently back at him. "I seem to have found a soft spot. Right…about…here" He then proceeded to place kisses against Misaki's ribs and stomach, the younger man yelping and trying to push Usagi away, albeit half-heartedly.

Misaki continued to struggle against those warm, wet lips, laughing breathlessly. Then Usagi stopped and suddenly Misaki found himself beneath his husband, a heavy, but otherwise comforting weight. He hiccupped with remnants of laughter, tears of mirth dotting his eyes.

Usagi smiled at the vision before him: Misaki flushed with exertion, eyes bright with laughter, lips parted in a smile that only he is privileged to witness. Usagi leaned down and placed a soft kiss against Misaki's forehead, love overflowing, not for the first time. He felt Misaki's arms crept around his back as those arms hugged him tight.

"I love you." Usagi whispered against Misaki's forehead.

The younger man tilted his head up so that their lips could touch. His hands then slid down to Usagi's ass as his legs spread wider, allowing the older man space.

"Show me." Misaki whispered as he grasped Usagi's hair and crashed their lips together in an almost desperate kiss.

Usagi moaned as his young husband almost devoured him with his mouth. He wasted no more time removing Misaki's jeans, the younger man lifting his hips as the jeans dropped to the floor.

Usagi lifted his mouth from Misaki's bruised and swollen ones, ignoring his disappointed whimper. Just as he was about to slide down that tempting body, Misaki sat up, held one hand against Usagi's chest. Usagi looked confused as Misaki pushed him back slowly, face almost bursting with his blush.

"Misaki?" Usagi whispered as he obediently sat down at the opposite side of the couch, legs spread as Misaki slowly crawled between them.

"I uhm, you've done this to me a million times already." Misaki swallowed, avoiding Usagi's eyes as he touch Usagi's jean-clad thigh. "I just want to, you know. Make you…" He closed his eyes as he took a deep breath. "Make you feel good like you always did for me."

Usagi thought that his heart would burst out of his chest. Misaki wants to…do that…for him?

Usagi shook his head at his young husband. So innocent, yet so eager to please. Really. In all the mistakes that he has done in life, he must have done something good to deserve this piece of heaven. He then brushed his fingers against Misaki's red cheeks, urging the younger man to look at him. Misaki lifted his eyes, and Usagi hated the uncertainty and hesitation he saw there.

"You don't need to do that. I want to make you feel good. I feel good if you do. You don't need to do this." Usagi whispered as he kissed Misaki's nose.

Misaki swallowed, gripping Usagi's wrist, the solid feel of bone and muscles calming him a little. "I know. But I want to." He took a deep breath and look at Usagi straight in the eye. "Do you not want me to?"

Usagi huffed a laugh. "Oh, baby. You have no idea how much I want you to. I just don't want you to feel pressured. We have the rest of our lives to experiment. I'm not in a hurry."

Misaki smirked. Baby. He kinda liked that. He then slid forward, placing a kiss against Usagi's jaw. "Well, what if I want to experiment, like right now?"

Usagi closed his eyes as Misaki kissed his jaw. "You –" he was cut off as those lips sucked a point in his neck. He cleared his throar. "Misaki- " then those lips travelled to his ear, hot breath tickling him.

Misaki crept forward more until he was once again straddling the older man. "You know, Usagi-san. You talk too much." He then grasped Usagi's hair then licked his bottom lip slowly.

Usagi can't help but moan loudly. His innocent, little husband. Seducing him. Heaven must felt like this.

Misaki nibbled Usagi's bottom lip as he slowly removed the older man's belt buckle. Usagi's hard breathing and fast heartbeat was a reassurance that he was doing something right.

Misaki kissed Usagi's chin, waiting until the older man opened his eyes. That look right there. Makes him melt everytime. Lust, desire, passion…love. A very potent combination that never failed to make his knees weak.

Misaki smirked as he slowly took Usagi's hand. He placed a kiss on the cold palm, kissing the fingers one by one. Then, with eyes locked on his husband, he slowly licked the ring finger, slowly sucking the tip. Usagi groaned at the sight, shifting slightly on the couch to relieve his aching cock. His little husband was a tease. But Misaki was not yet done. With green eyes still locked with lilac, he slowly swallowed the finger down to the last knuckle.

"Fuck, Misaki." Usagi whimpered as the sight of his finger disappearing, being swallowed by that hot mouth was a big hit to his control. He could easily imagine that was his cock his young husband was sucking.

Misaki moaned and Usagi felt the vibration all the way down to his hard-on. Then Misaki drew back, Usagi whimpering unconsciously at the withdrawal. But with a smirk, Misaki took two of his fingers and sucked them too.

"Shit, Misaki. So fucking hot." Usagi whimpered as he watched two of his fingers being swallowed. At the rate they're going, he might come on his pants. He hasn't done that, in like 20 years at least.

Usagi could see that Misaki was also aroused by all of this. His own cock was almost purple, he could see droplets of precum collecting at the tip. He licked his lips, hungry for a taste.

But then Misaki pulled out his fingers, and before Usagi could protest, the younger man launched himself on Usagi's lap, devouring his mouth again like a hungry man being offered a feast. Usagi kissed back just as hungrily as he wrapped his arms around Misaki.

Without taking his mouth off Usagi's, Misaki took Usagi's hand, with the fingers he was sucking and slowly, slowly, placed it behind him, silently imploring. It took awhile for Usagi to realize what Misaki was asking and when he figured it out, he tore his mouth from Misaki to look at him disbelievingly.

Misaki bit his own lip and blushed, grinding down Usagi's jean clad erection.

Usagi smirked, then slowly slid his fingers against the hidden cleft, earning him a gasp.

Misaki rocked his hips against the movement of Usagi's fingers. It still felt weird, kind of uncomfortable but he knew that it's going to get better. Way, way better.

Usagi has two fingers buried inside him now and he can't help but moan and ride those fingers. It felt so good. He knew that a few strokes of that fingers and he will come. He seriously will. But he wants to do that with his husband inside him.

"Usagi-san, now. Please." Misaki begged as he rocked his hips against those fingers.

Usagi stilled his hand, earning him a whimper. "Are you sure? There's lube in the bedroom. It will only take us, like a second."

Misaki was shaking his head as he helped Usagi removed his jeans. "No. Now. Can't wait. Please."

"Fuck." Usagi whispered as Misaki grasped his hard cock, spreading precum from the tip, and before Usagi could protest, Misaki lowered himself hard and fast.

"Misaki!" Usagi stilled the younger man, grasping his hips tight to prevent him from moving. True, they have done this like a million times, Misaki might already be used to it but they always have lube handy. Plenty of it if Usagi had his way.

Misaki was panting as he placed his forehead against Usagi's. "Wow."

Usagi brushed Misaki's hair away from his forehead. "Are you okay? Are you hurt? Want me to pull out?"

Misaki shook his head. "I'm good. Just…give me a second."

Usagi placed kisses on Misaki's jaw, cheeks and neck as his hands stroked his hips, massaging his lower back. "Take all the time you need."

After a few minutes that felt like hours, Misaki began to move and Usagi was lost. Lost in the warmth of the body before him. He was lost in the wet, hot grip as they moved together. Lost on the heat of his husband's eyes. Lost in the perfection that was in his arms.

Misaki's movements started to get jerky and Usagi regained some of his presence of mind to take Misaki's cock in his hand and jerk it in time with their thrusts.

Misaki's eyes widened more, cheeks flushed, mouth open as he finally found completion. His fingers gripped Usagi's shoulder hard, no doubt leaving a mark that won't leave for days, not that he was complaining. Usagi continued to move, albeit slowly, riding out Misaki's intense orgasm. Misaki then lifted his head, tired and slumberous eyes sliding back to him. Then his innocent little husband smirked and swiped his finger against the mess on his stomach, then with Usagi's wide eyes on him, he slowly sucked his finger, moaning aloud with eyes rolling back at the top of his head.

And Usagi was gone.

He gripped Misaki's hip hard as he stuttered out a few more jerky thrusts, then buried his scream against Misaki's neck.

They sat on the couch, still connected, still breathing hard. Misaki was stroking Usagi's back soothingly as he still felt the aftershocks of the most intense orgasm that he ever experienced.

After a few more soothing touches, Misaki slowly let Usagi's softening cock slid out, wincing a little. Usagi caught the wince. He then stood up and carried Misaki bridal-style to the bathroom and proceeded to fill the tub with hot water. He then drew Misaki inside the tub, shedding his soiled shirt in the process.

They silently stare at each other as Usagi took a sponge and wipe Misaki's shoulders, throat, chest, anywhere he can reach.

Usagi slid closer, touching Misaki's cheeks almost reverently. "I love you. So much."

Misaki smiled tiredly, wrapping his legs around Usagi's waist beneath the water. "Love you, too."

Usagi wrapped his arms around his young husband and after a few minutes, he felt Misaki relaxed his hold on him. He's already asleep.

He slowly stood up and carried Misaki to their bedroom, wiping him down and laying him gently on the bed. He crawled behind his husband, kissing his hair and hugging him, the younger man snorting adorably in his sleep while he snuggled closer.

Usagi smiled. He needs to rest. He knew that Misaki will be sore tomorrow and wouldn't that be a good chance to pamper him?

The city of Paris never sleeps, but inside the hotel room, in their little cocoon of warmth, Misaki smiled slowly as he dreamt of a little girl running through a field of sunflowers, smiling at him with so much joy that he could almost feel it.


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