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Chapter Twenty-Nine : Can't Help Falling in Love with You.

"I hope you will forgive me for not visiting you in such a long time." a bouquet of two dozen roses were placed on the stone grave. "Time does goes faster than you want it to right, Mana?"

Atemu sat cross-legged in front of his ex-wife's grave with a tight smile. "The reason I came here is to apologize. I know that you are probably angry with me for my behavior over the previous years after your passing."

The CEO smiled when the wind ruffled his hair. "You never were the type to stay angry were you?" a chuckle burst forth. "You got even with pranks instead."

Atemu listened to the trees ruffling against the wind before speaking again. "I…I met someone, Mana." he coughed nervously. "his name is, Yugi, Yugi Motou. I know you would have liked him. He's kind-hearted, generous, and quite the spitfire when the situation calls for it."

"We have been together for five years now, with him being in Egypt for two of them -he's an archeologist by the way- we had our up and downs, but we made it so far and I'm hoping that he'll stick around for the long run."

Atemu dug into the pocket of his slacks to retrieve a velvet box. "He's coming home soon and I want to ask him to marry me, but he's the most stubborn thing in the world." he tossed the box in the air and caught it. "I guess he's afraid I'll turn him into a housewife or something? Or maybe he's just not ready?"

The wind ruffled his hair a bit harder and Atemu smirked. "Not ready? Sounds better than the house keeper excuse."

Atemu opened the box to reveal a platinum ring with a single ruby embedded in it. It was neither too simple or too elegant and he hoped that Yugi would like it.

"It's very beautiful, Atemu. I'm sure that Yugi will love it."

Atemu glanced over his shoulder to see his mother standing behind him wearing a sad smile, her own crimson eyes filled with sympathy.

"Mother." Atemu acknowledged curtly. "I didn't know you were going to be in Japan."

Rehema shrugged her shoulders. "I figured that you didn't want to know." she glanced at her former daughter-in-law's grave. "Not after what I had done."

Atemu turned back to Mana's grave with a thoughtful expression. To Atemu, that day five years ago had been crystal clear.

He had rushed downstairs and confronted his mother about what she had said to Yugi. Rehema, in her defense, had stated that she only wanted what was best for him and she didn't think Yugi was it. She had gone on to say that she thought this was truly nothing but a passing fancy, like all of his previous relationships.

Atemu, if it was possible, had became even more furious than he had already been. Their argument grew so loud that it had alerted the neighbors and drew Yugi back downstairs to break it up.

The businessman coldly stated that he had wanted his mother gone come morning. Rehema had done what he requested and had departed before the sun even rose.

Atemu had received a phone call from his father a few days later. The older man had confessed that his wife had indeed crossed the line in giving Yugi back a copy of the deed to his grandfather's shop so that he could leave Atemu alone.

His father had apologized to him and Yugi for his wife's behavior. Yugi had readily accepted it, but Atemu had wanted nothing to do with his mother for the time being.

No one knew that time was going to last five years.

"What are you doing here?" Atemu nodded his head at Mana's grave. "I didn't think you would visit."

"Of course I would," Rehema looked mildly offended. "She was, and will always be, my daughter-in-law."

"I'm sure she is happy to hear that," Atemu smiled at his mother and closed the velvet box with a snap. "I was just talking to her about Yugi."

"She wants you to be happy." Rehema stated softly. "So do I. Atemu, I came here to apologize for what I've done and I sincerely hope that you will except it. I-I want my son back."

Atemu rose from the ground. "And I want my mother back." he embraced the woman tightly. "My sweet, lovable, yet, overbearing mother. Five years is long enough, don't you think?"

Rehema returned the gesture with tears shining in her eyes. "Yes, five years is long enough."

They pulled away with smiles on their lips and turned back to Mana's grave.

"Well!" Rehema breathed, brushing the tears away from her eyes. "I better get going-"

"You're not staying?" Atemu asked, frowning when her mother shook her head. He knew his mother only visited Japan because of business deals and to visit him when the opportunity arose.

"No, I'm afraid not darling." Rehema gave him a sad smile. "I have to hurry home to meet some clients." she reached up and pinched his cheek. "But, I can definitely promise I will be there to help you plan your wedding."

Atemu raised an eyebrow at the confidence in his mother's voice. "How do you know that he's going to sayyes?"

To his surprise, Rehema winked at him mischievously before caressing Mana's headstone and walking back down the quiet path out of the cemetery.

"Call it a mother's intuition. I'll see you soon, Atemu."

Atemu's lips twitched as he watched his mother walk away with her head held high. "See you soon, mother."

He turned back to the grave and dropped down to press a kiss against the stone. Closing his eyes, Atemu silently said his goodbyes to one of the most important women in his life.

Thank you for watching over me, Mana.

"Ayame." Seto cooed, kissing both of his daughters cheeks. "How's my princess doing today?"

Ayame responded by letting out a squealing giggle. Seto lifted her up from her play pen and placed her against his strong chest.

"Uncle Yugi is going to be very happy to see you, princess." Seto lifted her air and smiled into her green eyes. "You've gotten so big since he's last seen you."

"I do hope you stop calling her princess by the time she actually understand what the word is." Jou commented from the couch. "I have no intention of spoiling her."

"Neither do I." Seto set the child back against his chest. "She'll have you wrapped around her finger when she gets older."

"Oh?" the blonde raised an eyebrow. "Like she has you now?"

"Exactly." Jou chuckled when he didn't hear a ounce of shame in the older man's voice. "We better enjoy the time when she's cute and oblivious."

"She'll always be cute." Jou held out his arms and accepted the squirming bundle. "Until she starts bringing boys home."

"Not if I have anything to do with it." Seto stated bluntly. "No one is ever going to be good enough for her."

"Of course not." Jou agreed with a snicker as he stared down at his adopted daughter. "No one is good enough for Kaiba Ayame."

"Do you have everything for Yugi's welcome home party, Seto?" Jou pried Ayame's smaller hands away from his hair when she tried to make a grab for the long locks.

"Yeah, caterers have everything ready for tomorrow. Atemu told me to tell you thanks again for setting up the party."

"Oh," Jou shrugged with a smile on his lips. "It was no problem, and I beat him to the punch anyways. How did he sound on the phone?"

"Excited and Anxious." Seto stated calmly. "It's been two years since the both of them were actually face to face."

"That's understandable."

"Think he's going to ask?" Seto didn't need to elaborate on what he meant. It had been somewhat of a touchy subject since Yugi departed to Egypt.

Atemu had been working up the nerve to ask Yugi, but the smaller, younger man had other plans for the time being which left the businessman slightly hurt, but Atemu understood that Yugi had dreams he wanted to fulfill and kept silent about his own feelings.

"In private, yes." Jou stood with his daughter in his arms and gently placed her back in the play pen. "worries me what response Yugi is going to give."

"Have you thought about Yugi not being the marrying type?"

Jou raised a eyebrow to that. "The thought crossed my mind, but you're more of the not marrying type than anyone, Seto."

"The ring on my finger proves otherwise."

"People are capable of changing, you know? I was really reluctant to even give marriage a thought. I would assume Yugi feels the same way."

"We never talked about why you were so hesitant, Jou." Seto took a seat next to the blond. "Would you mind telling me now?"

Jou snorted and gave the other man a amused look. "Look at you, Seto Kaiba. One of the best duelist in Japan and the CEO of one of the most successful companies in the world besides Ishigami Corp. What's not imitating about that?"

A moment of silence followed Jou's words before a small chuckle escaped Seto's throat. The CEO wrapped his arm around the slightly shorter man's shoulders.

"Why didn't you tell me that you felt that way? I would have gotten you to say yes to my proposal sooner."

"What man wants to admit that he's intimated? And by his own lover no doubt."

Ayame's piercing cry abruptly brought their conversation to an end. Jou rose from the couch and made his way over to the playpen. Reaching in, he retrieved his daughter and felt to see if the diaper needed changing, seeing that it was dry, he kissed her on the cheek.

"Someone's hungry." Jou teased over the wails of his daughter. As he made his way to the kitchen, he saw Seto rise from the couch and follow.

"You still want to talk about this?" the blond questioned curiously, he passed the baby girl over to the brunet and set about making the bottle.

"No," Seto replied. "Not really. I do want to talk about Yugi and Atemu."

"I thought we already did?" testing the bottle on his wrist, Jou reached over to gently feed his daughter. "It's up to Yugi whether or not he-"

"Not about the marriage." Seto interrupted smoothly. "About their relationship in general. I don't want either of them to get hurt."

"Neither do I." Jou pulled the bottle away and proceeded to gently pat Ayame's back. "I won't be surprised if Yugi goes solo after he finishes his apprenticeship under Professor Hawkins. The only thing we can do is watch and wait."

Honda rolled his eyes as he watched a group of high school girls leave his shop giggling. He knew that they weren't interesting in motorcycles in the least. Turning his head, he glared at their object of affections.

Otogi walked around with clipboard in hand, patiently marking off what parts they needed or had too much of. The raven-haired man seemed completely oblivious to the group of girls who just left or his husbands glare.

Honda could honestly say that he was truly happy with the game designer and co-owner of his motorcycle shop. He now understood when people said that marriage was bliss.

Shortly after tying the knot, Honda had looked around town and found a decent sized place to set up shop. Otogi had bought it the very next day despite his protests that he could buy it himself. Not only that, the older man had also paid for it to get fixed up and bought all of the necessary equipment.

Honda was surprised that his husband wasn't broke.

"Daydreaming again, Honda?"

"No," the brunet huffed. "I take it that you were though, did you see those high school girls ogling you?"

"Yes." the raven haired man replied with a smirk, causing Honda to scowl. "But, I don't need to pay attention to a couple of giggling, naïve girls when I have a handsome husband to stare at all day."

Instead of melting like probably would have years ago, Honda rolled his eyes in fond exasperation at Otogi's compliments.

"I better be the only man you stare at Otogi." Honda's tone was of warning and amusement. "Oh and by the way, are you coming to Yugi's welcome home party?"

A hesitant look flickered across Otogi's emerald green eyes. "Are you sure that I'm welcome? Jounouchi-san and Kaiba-san aren't to fond of me."

Honda waved his insecurities away. "It's fine, and they tolerate you, Otogi, and that tolerance will turn into like."

"Sooner or later." Otogi finished with a grin. "I'll go as long as the duo don't decide that it's time for another beating."

Before he could stop it, a chuckle escaped Honda's mouth earning him a glare from the object of his amusement. Honda reached over and pressed a kiss against the older man's mouth.

"Everything is going to be fine. I promise."

It was sunset when Yugi, Ryou, and Bakura landed at Domino International Airport. The journey from Egypt to Japan was one Yugi would put on his top ten list of thing he hates to do.

"Thank you so much for the ride, Ryou." Yugi grabbed his bags and exited the private jet. Ryou and Bakura doing the same while trailing behind him.

"No problem at all, Yugi."

They climbed down the stairs of the jet to make their way to the limo waiting for them only a few feet away.

"Have you talked to him yet?" Bakura asked, helping the driver with their bags. "You haven't even spoken his name on the way here."

"Bakura," Ryou warned from the open limo door. "It's Yugi's business not ours-"

"The hell it isn't." the older man cut in impatiently, he turned to Yugi with a frown. "What are you nervous or something?"

"If I am?" Yugi challenged. "How would you feel if you hadn't seen Ryou in two years?"

"I would never know how's that going to feel because I'll be damned if I leave him behind for that long."

Yugi shrugged indifferently. "If you must know, then yes, I am nervous about seeing him. Are you satisfied now?"

"Very, actually."

Ryou rolled his eyes and gave Yugi a apologetic look. "Enough, Bakura! Please get in so we can get Yugi to Atemu."

"Alright already," Bakura grumbled, nodding his head to the driver, he climbed into the limo and made room for his husband and Yugi.

Yugi sank into the leather seats with a sigh. He hadn't been lying when he said he was nervous about seeing Atemu, he had called before he boarded the jet with Ryou and Bakura. Yugi couldn't help but shiver when he heard his lovers deep, husky voice telling him that he couldn't wait to see him.

He had turned down Atemu's offer to come pick him up since Ryou had offered earlier that day. He didn't want to be rude and turn his friend down.

The archeologist hadn't missed the disappointment in his lovers voice when he turned him down. He would definitely have to make it up to Atemu when he saw him again.

Yugi glanced out the limo window to see the glittering stars of Domino City, they weren't as bright here as they were in Egypt, but he remembered how he would stare at them through the window of his and Atemu's bedroom.

"How does it feel to be home, Yugi?"

Yugi turned from the window to see Ryou staring at him curiously. "Nostalgic. It's so quiet here compared to Egypt, but it's good to be home."

"You two aren't going have sex as you soon as you see each other are you?" Bakura asked, face set into a disgusted scowl.

"Fortunately for you, Bakura. Atemu and I aren't exhibitionist."

"Thank God."

The rest of the ride was made in silence with Ryou glaring coldly at Bakura, and Yugi sending the older man a smug smirk.

When they arrived at Atemu's home, Yugi felt butterflies in his stomach at the sight of the lit up home. Taking a deep breath, Yugi pushed the door to the limo open and got out with Ryou and Bakura following. He thanked the driver when the man handed him his bags, before walking up the quiet pathway.

Yugi dug into his pocket and pulled out a single silver key that Atemu had given him so long ago. He inserted the key and unlocked the door.

He entered the house and dropped his bags near the entrance. Looking around, Yugi frowned when he didn't spot Atemu anywhere.

Bakura brushed past him and walked to the living room, talking to him over his shoulder as he entered the room. "I'm going to crash-"

"Surprise! Welcome home, Yugi!"

Yugi and Ryou stared at each other for a second before running into the living room to see Bakura glaring at every single occupant in the living room.

Bakura crossed his arms. "Do I look like Yugi you idiots!"

"Could have fooled us!" came Honda's teasing reply.

Bakura took a step in the brunet's direction. "Son of a-"

"Hey! Hey! Not in front of the kid!" came Jou's angry voice.

Yugi chuckled and fully stepped into the room. "This is definitely a surprise!"

"My little buddy!" Jou came forward and wrapped his arms around him tightly. "Welcome home, Yugi!"

When they pulled apart, Yugi was pulled into another set of strong arms. A soft coo drew his attention downwards and into a pair of curious green eyes.

"Is this…?" Yugi breathed, he looked up into Seto's eyes for approval, the answer was given when the squirming bundle was gently pressed into his arms.

Yugi stepped out of Seto's embraced to get a proper hold of Ayame. He kissed both of niece's cheeks when the baby girl let out a series of excited giggles.

"Aren't you adorable!" the baby was lifted into the air. "It so nice too finally meet you in person, Ayame!"

After playing with the baby girl for more moments, Yugi gently passed her back to Seto. "She's very beautiful, Seto."

"Thank you, Yugi."

The welcome back party was in full swing after Yugi greeted Honda and a hesitant Otogi. Yugi embraced the both of them and thanked the two men for attending.

It was then when he felt eyes on him. With everyone accounted for, Yugi knew that it could only be one person. Turning around, Yugi spotted Atemu standing in the entrance of the living room.

Atemu nodded his head in the direction of the stairway before quietly ascending to the second floor. Yugi took a quick look around to find everyone preoccupied with Ayame. He smiled at his group of friends before quietly leaving them behind

Yugi climbed the stairs and headed straight for his and Atemu's bedroom. He opened the door and clicked on the light.

"Atemu?" he called out, glancing around. "Are you in-" he jumped when he felt a pair of familiar arms wrap around his waists.

"Wow," Atemu commented from behind. Yugi felt his face heat up when hands massaged his hips. "You've certainly filled out."

"Stop that," he gently slapped the hands away, turning around; Yugi placed a chaste kiss against his lovers full lips.

"I missed you, Atemu." he pressed another kiss to full lips before pulling away completely. "How are you?"

"I'm doing better," Atemu purred darkly, sliding his hands down to the firm bottom; smirking when the action him a surprised yelp.


"Your pervert."

Yugi wrapped his arms around the older man's neck, the playful banter and air around them suddenly gone with that single action.

"I really missed you."

Yugi squeezed tighter in response. "I know, I missed you too."

Yugi sighed in content when Atemu wrapped his arms around his waist again. "Are you staying? Or are you leaving again?"

"I-I don't know." Yugi pulled away to stare into the older man's crimson eyes. "I like being in Egypt, and I like being here too."

Atemu sighed heavily at the response, the box in his pocket suddenly felt a lot heavier. "Is it alright for me to be selfish and say that I want you to stay here with me?"

"No, but then again, you were always selfish, Atemu."

"Don't I have a right to be when it comes to you?"

"Of course you do." Yugi pulled away to take a glance at the bedroom around them. "I miss that big, soft bed."

"It misses you too." Atemu chuckled heartily. "What do you say we get reacquainted with it?"

Yugi gave his lover a overdramatic sigh at the request. "I would, but we have a house full of guest downstairs who went through so much trouble to get that party together for me."

Atemu let out a bark of laughter. "Trouble? That entire room has the word caterer written all over it."

Yugi bit his lips to stifle his own laughter. "It's the thought that counts, Atemu! Now come on. I want to go downstairs and celebrate."

Atemu watched with a heavy heart as Yugi left his embraced to go back downstairs. He reached into his jeans pocket and grabbed the velvet box.

He supposed he would have to be patient for little while longer.

The party ended shortly after midnight with Seto, Jou and Ayame leaving saying it was way past the little girls bedtime.

Yugi kissed his niece good night and promised her parents that he would visit over the next few days. Honda and Otogi were the next to leave. He couldn't help but smile at the couple who were now so blissfully happy despite all of their up and downs.

Ryou and Bakura were the last to leave, Atemu quickly offered them one of the extra bedrooms, but the couple quickly turned him down saying -with identical grins- that the both of them needed time alone together.

Throughout saying goodbye to his friends. Yugi couldn't help but notice the disappointed gleam in each of their eyes as they left for home.

"You've been so withdrawn tonight, Atemu." Yugi picked up the remaining trash and threw into the garbage bag. "What's on your mind?"

"Things." the businessman responded vaguely.

"Things?" Yugi pressed, tying the bag with a secure knot. "What kind of things?"


Yugi instantly stopped what he was doing to stare at the man who was leaning against the window. Atemu met his gaze through the reflection of the window.


"Has the thought ever crossed your mind, Yugi?"

"S-Sometimes it does." Yugi swallowed heavily, and picked up the trash at a faster pace. "I can see that you have been thinking about it."

"Everyday." Atemu continued to stare at him through the reflection of the windows. "Do you want to get married?"

"Do you?" Yugi fluffed the pillows with more attention than was necessary. "You have been hinting at it before I left for Egypt."

"Yes. I do want to get married. Can I ask you? Properly?"

"Now?" Yugi whirled around to see Atemu standing slightly closer to him with a open velvet box in his hand. "Where- when did you get that?"

"About a year ago. Can I ask you?"

"Wait. This is all wrong, Atemu." when the older man's lips twitched, Yugi hurried to explained himself. "This is supposed to be romantic! Like in the movies-"

"Oh." understanding dawned on the businessman's face, and slowly slid down on one knee. "Like this?"

"That is so not funny." Yugi deadpanned, seeing the glimmer of amusement in the older man's crimson eyes. "Where's the blimp in the sky? The biplane writing the message?"

Atemu's shoulders shook with laughter at his words. "I do not know if this is materialism finally showing up or you have a really good hidden romantic side to you, Yugi Motou."

"I want a quiet wedding." Yugi began, he smirked when he saw Atemu's eyes widen a fraction. "And-"

"We have to have a big wedding." Atemu complained, taking the ring out of the box and sliding it on the smaller man's finger. "Remember the bet-"

"Which I won, by the way-"

"Where I said that we would have all of the news crews and celebrities we could fit in? I want the entire world to know of Atemu and Yugi Ishigami."

"Who said I was going to take your last name?"

"Of course you are." Atemu's tone was amusement and it grated on Yugi's nerves. "Yugi Ishigami sounds nice, don't you think?"

"Atemu Motou sounds good too, don't you think?"







The newly engaged couples light, yet, amusing banter lasted until sun rose over the horizon.

- Two years later-

A loud splash followed by a roaring laughter followed Atemu Ishigami's embarrassing descent into his backyard pool.

The CEO quickly swam back up and broke the surface with a gasp. His crimson eyes narrowed as they watched a golden retriever swim by as if had done nothing.

"I'm sorry, Uncle Atemu." Daisuke, Bakura's and Ryou's five year old son, spoke softly. "Aoi just really likes you."

"I can tell." Atemu deadpanned, he smiled to show his nephew that he wasn't angry. He pulled himself out of the pools and took off his wet, white long-sleeve shirt.

Daisuke whistled loudly. "Come out of the water, Aoi!" he turned to his uncle. "Can you help, Uncle Atemu?"

"Sure." he reached down into the water and helped the dog out when she was close enough. He gave a silent thanks to the gods for not allowing Aoi to pull him back into the pool.

"Thank you, Uncle Atemu!" Daisuke turned to his golden retriever. "Come on girl! Let's go play!"

Atemu watched the boy and dog run off with a groan, he jumped when he felt slender hands on his shoulders.

"Are you alright?" amusement was in Yugi's tone and Atemu didn't blame him for it. He would have laughed at Aoi's latest victim -if it wasn't always him-

"I'm fine. It's not the first time it happened."

After that fateful night two years ago when Yugi had accepted Atemu's proposal, time to seem to go too quickly for either men's taste.

They announced their engagement to their friends the very next day. Jou, along with Ryou had began to plan the wedding -courtesy of Atemu and Seto credit cards of course-

Rehema had also been welcomed with open arms by Yugi to help with the planning and much to Atemu's joy, the both of them got along like a long lost mother and son.

After months of planning, the wedding had taken place in Tokyo at one of the Ishigami's family homes, and just like Atemu wanted; news crews, celebrities, and business associates had been in attendance. It was one of the most watched weddings of the year, much to Yugi's delight and embarrassment.

When the first dance had been finished, Yugi and Atemu snuck off and abandoned their guests to take off for their honeymoon in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Both men spent two blissful weeks there before coming home and continuing their lives as a married couple.

Yugi decided to no longer peruse his career as an archeologist and take over his grandfather's game shop. He could no longer bear to be away from Atemu for any longer.

Professor Hawkins had understood, but admitted that he would mourn the loss of someone would could have become as great as Solomon Motou, and someone would take his place as an authority in archeology.

Atemu continued working as Ishigami Corps CEO and had no plans to retire anytime soon. If anything, their company had practically become a sister company to Kaiba Corp and made gaming almost forty percent of the revenue.

Bakura and Ryou still resided in Egypt and had adopted a then two year old Daisuke from Japan. They came to visit often to give their son a taste of both cultures.

As for Jounouchi and Seto, both men were wrapped around Ayame's finger. The little girl was growing like a weed and Atemu steadily found himself under the charming little girls spell. The businessman had taken to calling her Firefly.

Otogi and Honda had once again disappeared from Japan to expand their motorcycle shop in America, both of them were met with open arms by the foreign companies. They were considering adopting their own child in the near future.

"What are you thinking about?" Atemu asked quietly.

"Anything and Everything." Yugi replied with a vague smile. Atemu shrugged and kissed him on the cheek.

"I'm going to go change, and kick Bakura's ass for laughing at me."

Yugi watched his husband go with a smile before turning back to the gleaming pool. He would admit that at the beginning of this he felt caged and helpless like a bird.

His grandfather, his only remaining blood relative, passed away. A man with a arrogant attitude shows up like a in a knight in shining, corrupted armor offers a way out. It all sounded like one, big modern fairytale.

Slowly, but surely, that nightmare had turned into a dream and that dream turned into a fairytale.

Atemu, his knight in black, shining armor had saved him, despite his methods. He gave him back the opportunities that he had thrown away and forced him to take back his goals.

Atemu Ishigami, his knight in shining armor, his husband, had opened his cage and set him free.

Yugi Ishigami wouldn't change the path he had chosen for all the riches in the world.

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