Shiki's pov.

I shunned my ears to the pointless screaming of the fan-girls, intently searching the crowd for Rowan, needing to see her again. It had been to long. I was becoming addicted to her, and even though I knew that was bad, I couldn't stop myself even if I wanted to.

There she was.

Beautiful and dominating. I marveled at her, taking in every bit of her.

She looked up, meeting my eyes. They were green, and alive. Her eyes were full of life, and it made up for the rest of her, which wasn't. But, she had the impression of an Ice Queen. Towering and strong, beautiful, but cold.

And I loved her for it. I loved her for who she was.

"Shiki." She mouthed, her eyes still locked with mine.

I nodded at her, not knowing what else to do, and kept walking. I'd see her later, when she does her patrols.

I didn't want Kaname too know that I'd become too involved with her.

Oh, stuff Kaname. I ran back to her, and planted a long kiss on her lips, feeling her, tasting her.


I snapped out of my daydream, and found myself still walking to class, and Rowan still standing there, doing her job.

Why was it so hard to express feelings? Maybe, because I hadn't done it in a very long time, that's why.

Rowan's pov.

I sat in a tree, my mp3 blaring in my ears, as I rocked my head along with it.

That's when I saw her. The new kid.

She had light purple hair, and a very childish attitude to her, as Yuki was showing her around.

I froze, not even registering the music that was poundng through my ear phones.

There was something about her... My instincts warnded me, but I couldn't get a hand around it.

They left, heading in a different direction, and I relaxed.

As i leaned back and closed my eyes, I felt a vibration on the tree. My eyes fluttered open and I was face to face with Takuma Ichijo.

I stayed emotionless, and not like he'd just scared the shit out of me.

He smiled at me. It was a heart warming smile, with a touch of sexy. I almost returned it. Almost.

"Did I scare you?" He chuckled. He was pretty close, close enough that I could feel the tingle of his breath.

I paused my Mp3, and raised an eye brow at him.

"Nothing really frightens me any more." I answered, which was a complete and bloody lie. There were things that sometimes scared me. When I was alone, and the dreams came back. The screams of those I've killed.

"Oh, really?" He inched a little closer to me. "Aren't you freezing?"

The wind howled around us, blowing leaves everywhere.

I shrugged, turning away from him.

"Here, take my jacket." He shrugged it off, and held it up to me.

"I don't need it." I pushed it back to him, cautious of his kindness.

"Well, at least take it so you don't hurt my feelings." God, this guy wouldn't give up. I took it, and pulled it on. It actually had warmth in it. I thought that vampires were cold. Well, this guy was a contradiction to a steriotypical vampires attitude in more then one way.

"Aren't you cold?" I asked him, as he only had his white uniform shirt on.

"Nah, I'm a vampire, remember?" He joked.

I smirked.

The jacket smelled nice, but the scent was too intricate to describe.

I didn't really know what to do, sitting in a tree with some guy I barely knew.

I moved my leg, trying to get some feeling back into it, and I saw Ichijo look at it a little longer then nessecary.

Did I have something on it? I glanced at it, and it looked fine. Weird.

My watch beeped, telling me that it was 2am.

"My watch's over." I said as I leaped off the tree. Ichijo landed next to me.

Taking off the jacket, I handed it back to him.

"You keep it. You can give it back to me later." He still had that happy smile on, and I guessed that was part of his personality.

"Thanks." I'd decided that Ichijo was a nice person, and offered kindness because it was nice, not because it profited him.

"Well, bye." I walked away, glancing over my shoulder once to see if he had left too, but he was still standing there, watching me go.

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