Back by popular demand.

A month of being with you.

Freddie Benson angled the camera so that his girlfriend and her best friend were both in the shot. Carly had the biggest earrings Freddie had ever seen on and Sam was accessorized with a bright baby blue hat.

"Welcome to iCarly!" They both shouted, spinning in circles and grinning at Freddie. Sam held onto her hat as she nearly toppled to the floor, and Carly's peacock feathers were whirling. When they finally stopped, Carly started the webcast.

"We're doing something different on iCarly tonight," She said, smiling happily whilst Sam looked a little freaked out.

"Something weird," She added, giving a Sam-esque roll of her eyes. Carly ignored her and continued with her speech.

"So since you guys found out that I'm dating Gibby—"

"—and I'm dating Fredlumps—"

"You've been really supportive of us."

"And really creepy. Like, obsessive stalker creepy." Freddie retained a snicker. She was right—they'd received the weirdest messages in the entire history of iCarly. His mother was seriously considering upgrading their security. Yeah, like that was possible.

"Anyways," Carly continued. "About a week ago, one of you posted a comment on the website suggesting that everybody sit down and say our reactions to the relationships."

"You guys have problems," Sam muttered and Carly elbowed her.

"And that was a…very popular idea. So, after a week of…slight mayhem—"

"Don't under exaggerate, Carls—"

"We finally did it. Freddie?"

"Playback," Freddie murmured, backing to his computer and hitting the spacebar.

"So Carly, how do you feel about Gibby?" Sam asked in a bored tone on the other side of the camera. Carly's face turned up in a smile.

"He's the best," She said proudly. "He always makes me smile, even when I'm really down on life."

"Way to be cliché," Sam muttered. Carly sat awkwardly for a second until Sam cleared her throat and launched into her next question.

"How do you feel about Sam and Freddie's relationship?" She asked in a forced voice. Carly hesitated, shifting slightly in her chair.

"I guess it's the last thing I ever expected," She murmured. "But if it makes them happy, then it makes them happy."

"So Freddie," Carly said happily from behind the camera. "What do you think of Carly and Gibby's relationship?"

"It's cool, I guess. I mean, a little…surprising, but I don't have a problem with it." He crossed his arms over his chest and smirked at the camera, daring her to ask the next question with his eyes.

"How do you feel about Sam?"

"I like her."

"Is that it?"

"Well, I mean, it's been awesome being together. But it's still Sam. She still hits me. She still picks on me. The only difference is that she lets me hold her hand and hug her goodbye. But then again, it would be weird if anything other than that did change. Can you imagine her not causing me emotional and physical pain?"

"Sam," Freddie said. "How do you feel about Carly and Gibby's relationship?"

"Gross," Sam replied lamely.

"Care to elaborate?"

"Really gross."

"Okay then. How do you feel about Freddie?"

Sam gave a sigh, staring into the camera.

"You're joking, right?"

"Sam—" Freddie started in that condescending tone. Sam sighed again and leaned forward a bit in her chair.

"He's holding me captive. Anyone who's watching this, please come and rescue me. I haven't eaten in weeks—"


"Oh, come on, Freddie! It's my personal chiz, why should they know how I feel?"

"They wanted to know! They're the fans, and as webshow hosts we have the duty to—"

"I'll give them duty," She said a bit angrily, standing up and making her way to the camera.

"Come on, Sam, stop it, don't turn the camera—"

"So Gibby," Freddie asked. "How do you feel about Carly?"

"Um, good?" He answered, raising an eyebrow.

"Right. And how do you feel about Sam and Freddie's relationship?"


"Thanks for the support."

"Anytime, dude."

"Sort of weird that Gibby and Carly are together," Spencer said, lounging in the same purple chair as the rest of the group had. "But as long as she's not dating anybody else, I'm cool with it."

"Thanks Spence," Carly muttered, away from view. "And how about Sam and Freddie?"

"Really freaky. I mean, did anybody see that coming? But… I guess… love hate relationships are all the rage nowadays. You crazy kids."

"You're practically a kid too, you know. Or you act like it." Spencer looked falsely hurt, clutching a hand to his chest.

"Carly! I am very mature."

In the background, Freddie started to laugh.

"Now Guppy," Spencer was saying in a very slow voice while the little boy sat on the chair, looking hopelessly confused. "How do you feel about your big brother dating Carly?"

Guppy sat still for another second before a huge smile crossed his face.

"Happy birfday!"

Pam Puckett failed to show for this interview.

"As Gibby's mother, how do you feel about his relationship with Carly?"

"Carly is a nice girl," Gibby's mom replied. "I think Carly will be good for Gibby."

"And how about Sam and Freddie?"

"Um… who exactly are they?"

"Never mind," Sam said happily.

"Who cares about Gibby and Carly? It's my son's relationship with that…delinquent I'm worried about!"

"Mom—" Freddie started, sounding irritated.

"And what about these creepy people on your iCarly website, huh? Saying that they…well, let's just say a lot of people like you, young man. And inappropriately too! If I were that Sam girl, I'd be worried about my boyfriend—"

"Trust me, Mom. Sam can handle it."

"You need to get these fans in order! They're completely nuts!"

"You're completely nuts!"

"Freddie Benson! Take that back right now!"

"Oh, come on Mom, it was a joke…"

In the background, Sam and Carly were laughing ridiculously loud.

An hour after the webcast, Carly Shay and Gibby Gibson sat on her couch, snuggled under the same blanket, fast asleep while a boring movie played on the television. Spencer Shay came bouncing out of his room, on the hunt for a midnight snack, and paused at the scene. Very quietly, he padded across the room, turned off the television, and kissed his little sister's forehead.

Out in the hallway, Sam Puckett's arms were laced around Freddie Benson's neck, and their lips were crushed against each others. When she finally pulled away, he rested his forehead against hers.

"Hey, Puckett?"

"Yeah, Fredweird?"

"I think I love you."

"Ya know, I was just thinking the same thing."

The End