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Summary: Some say Wolverine is Immortal. I agree. What would happen if in the future he got stuck out in the Delta Quadrant? AU since I don't know everything about

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Chapter One

The Transfer

Logan was struggling with the 39 year old rebuilt engine. Ever since the incident in the plasma field with the coherent tetrion beam and the array there has been massive damage that had totally wiped out the shields and created a lot of work for the mutant. There were also losses to the crew which left them shorthanded. Logan had not known the others that had worked in engineering very well so was not as affected as some of the others. The Maquis ship had definitely seen better days. More likely better years. As he was readjusting some of the more delicate instruments he received another large shock. Logan started to cuss fluently. He'd already been shocked three times today within the last four hours and once he received a strong enough shock to temporarily stop his heart. Luckily nobody had been around for that little episode. During the attack itself he was burned severely. But, burns always healed quick enough that he could continue working with the engine during their race to the badlands. Then when they went through the array... They had a few minutes before people had begun to be beamed onto the Array. They had found an old farm from the south. Their speech reminded Logan sadly of Rogue. Oh, how he missed her and all the other mutants that he had known. He returned his thoughts back to what had happened at the Array. After a couple hours at the farm the crew were transported again to another area.

Logan wondered what was going on. He was awake for the entire process which was quite painful but nothing he couldn't handle. But since his arms and hands were tied back he had no way to escape. By the second day he was going stir crazy. By the third day he was in a rage. The Caretaker had come to him, curious, I suppose, that a life form was able to stay awake during the process. He looked him over.

"Perfect but unusable… too much adamantium" he mumbled. "Maybe the others…. Yes! The others…"

The curious phrase calmed the wolverine. Moments later he heard a yell.

"I'm not ready for you yet" A door he had noticed when he first woke up swooshed open and Starfleet crew came in. Logan growled but before they could do anything they were transported and placed in the same position as the others. Three days later they were transferred back onto their ship.

They hurriedly took account of everyone and found that B'Elanna was missing. A few minutes after Captain Janeway had hailed their ship they realized a member of each crew had been taken. Thinking back he again regretted the fact that B'Elanna had been taken by the Caretaker and without her pushing the others Logan had been left with most of the work. Logan had been so busy with repairs he hadn't even kept up on what the Maquis and the crew of the Star Ship Voyager were doing to save the two missing crew members. Instead he had continually worked on the engine.

Logan had not changed much in the years since his time with the X-men. At least not physically. He still had the same hair as before but now his scruffy jaw was shaved clean. This was only because of Starfleet regulations. He also had to continually wear a jamming device hidden under his sleeve that covered up the adamantium and claws whenever he was transported.

Mentally he had changed a lot. He had only been able to overcome the loss of all of the mutants just a few years ago. When the Scarlet Witch had said "No more mutants" it had become true. Almost all of mutants had lost their abilities. The ones left died out. All except for him. Wolverine had become lost within his own world. Because of his healing factor he had not aged and he had retreated into the Canadian wilderness for years. Recently he had overcome his feelings of loss and depression. He had become a little more controlled in his actions as well but he still kept very much to himself.

He had journeyed back into society and discovered the change in technology amazing. He had taken a year just to get caught up on the mechanics of the futuristic motors, ships and other mechanical transportation. It'd taken another ten years to readjust and understand the mechanics of warp drives.

During his time of assimilation he had created a new identity as Logan Chordata. An orphan from the outer provinces of the alpha quadrant. He didn't want to create an entirely new identity but he desperately wanted to go into space. The only option was the Maquis. In many ways they reminded him of the X-men. They were fighting a losing battle but were nobly fighting the good fight. But, most of the crew stayed away from him because of his acerbic nature. The same could be said for B'Elanna Torres. Most of the crew on the Maquis ship was wary of her fiery Klingon nature.

"Computer, what is the status of the shields?"

"The Shields are at 80%"

Grumbling Logan crawled into one of the Jeffries tubes and followed the cables that were used to power the defensive programs. About halfway in he noticed a pipe had fallen onto it and dented it, causing a loss of power to some of the shield generators.

Looking around to see if there were any visual sensors and seeing there were none. He unsheathed one of his adamantium claws with a shnikt.

"Computer cut off power to this section of the Jeffries tubes."

"Affirmative. Power is disabled."

He carefully cut through the weaker metal and damaged wires and then reattached them. He may live through another shock or too but it still wasn't pleasant.

"Chordata" Chakotays voice came over the intercom "I need the engines back up to full power. We need to head out to a nearby planet to retrieve B'Elanna"

"Give me two seconds captain… The engines are completed…Got it…Shields are back up as well… Logan out" he growled.

"Good… Captain out."

Logan crawled out of the tube and headed towards the consol and began running diagnostics of the warp core systems. When it was done he headed towards his quarters and changed into some clothes that weren't burnt. Then he headed up towards the bridge to replace B'Elanna's place on the engineering console. Captain Chakotay was busy trading information with the Starship Captain Janeway.

The engines were online and the ship began traveling towards a planet that was receiving energy pulses from the Array. On the way there the Starfleet crew had picked up a guide. Supposedly there was a race called the Ocampa that probably had B'Elanna and the Starfleet Ensign. They were going to head towards a village to hopefully get word about their missing crew.

When they arrived at the planet there was a meeting to decide who was going to the surface. It was decided that six members would go. Three from Starfleet, Neelix as a guide, and two from the Maquis. The Captain Janeway, Tuvok the Starfleet security officer, and Tom Paris who was worried about Kim were chosen to go for starfleet and Logan was chosen to go along to protect Captain Chakotay.

Logan grumbled under his breath. He would rather stay on board the ship and ready it for departure then go to rescue B'Elanna. She was a brilliant engineer but they never got along. She was as fiery and quick to fight and between the two of them they caused as much damage to the ship as the Cardassians had. He knew also though that he was the best choice to go. He couldn't die. Not that they knew that.

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