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When Hidan walked past Tobi's room, he was surprised to hear Tobi inside crying. Hidan opened the door to the once-shared bedroom, looking around to find Tobi laying in Deidara's old bed, sobbing into the pillow. Hidan made his way over to Tobi, and he poked the young man in the shoulder once he was close enough.

"Tobi-kun?" Hidan asked softly.

Tobi didn't bother pulling his face away from the pillow. "S-senpai?"

Hidan shook his head silently. "Tobi-kun, stop this. Deidara's dead! He's never coming back!"

These words had brought fresh tears to Tobi's eyes, and Hidan mentally slapped himself. He reluctantly pulled Tobi into his arms, shushing the boy gently. Tobi buried his face in Hidan's bare chest, sobbing.

"I miss S-senpai!" Tobi wailed. "I want Senpai back!"

Hidan tightened his grip on the trembling boy, suddenly feeling the need to console and protect him, which was strange considering that Hidan never really cared about how anyone felt.

"You'll be okay, Tobi-kun." Hidan gently whispered into Tobi's ear.

Tobi shivered in Hidan's arms. He missed his "Deidara-senpai" so much, even though Deidara hated Tobi and was very abusive to Tobi in every way. Hidan began chanting a Jashinist hymn gently to Tobi, calming him down. Tobi relaxed and fell asleep in Hidan's arms, and Hidan picked the young man up gently, carrying him to his and Kakuzu's room.

Tobi woke up an hour later on Hidan's bed, Hidan's arms wrapped around the boy as he slept. Kakuzu was nowhere in sight.

"Hidan-senpai," Tobi whispered, trying to free himself from Hidan's grip.

"Mmm, Tobi-kun…" Hidan moaned in his sleep.

"Hidan-senpai!" Tobi said louder, upset by the tone of Hidan's voice. It made him remember the way his senpai used to moan as he thrust in and out of Tobi at night when Deidara was still alive.

Hidan opened his eyes at Tobi's trembling voice. He glanced at Tobi, licking his lips as he remembered the dream he had just been having.

"Oh, Tobi-kun." Hidan groaned, pressing his hard-on against Tobi's stomach.

Tobi shivered. "Hidan-senpai..."

Hidan licked Tobi's neck, ignoring the boy's soft whimpers. He moved his hand over to Tobi's mask, slowly lifting it up. Tobi began to pant, trying to push Hidan's hand away.

"Tobi-kun, don't be like that!" Hidan chuckled. "Didn't Dei-chan see you without your mask on when he fucked you at night?"

Tobi kept it to himself how Deidara was never interested in kissing Tobi, or in foreplay, and just downright didn't seem to care if he was hurting Tobi or if Tobi was enjoying it or needed his release as well. No; all Deidara cared about was his own pleasure, but Tobi never voiced his complaints because he loved his Deidara-senpai so much.

Hidan moaned again, moving his hand down from Tobi's mask to the boy's crotch, groping it. Tobi cried out in pleasure.

Already Hidan-sempai seems to want me to be pleasured as well Tobi thought. Maybe I can do this with Hidan-senpai a little more and see if I'm right?


"How was that, Tobi-kun?" Hidan whispered, kissing the young man's neck, marking him as his own.

"I… loved it." Tobi whispered, cuddling up to Hidan and resting his head on the man's neck. "I've never felt so great."

"If you ever want to do it again, you know where to find me."

Tobi nodded. "I want to sleep now. Can we do it again tomorrow once I feel better?"

Hidan grinned. "Only if I can see your face because you're such a good boy."

Slowly, Tobi nodded, lifting his mask up. Hidan grinned even wider. This boy was beautiful. He wrapped his arms around Tobi. Now that he has seen his face, he might be able to gain Tobi's trust and be able to help him through all the trauma Deidara had left him with. Hidan smirked. This boy was his! No one would ever take him away from Hidan because he loved him too much to ever let him go.