Summary: Sequel to 'More Than I Appear'. Castiel comes to terms with Jennifer's shocking news and has to step up to the mark. Please, please review!

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Pairings: Castiel/OC, Gabriel/OC


Chapter Nine – Christmas Bliss

Castiel's blue eyes blinked open and he was met with dark brown ones, full of love, warmth and care. The angel smiled and kissed his human partner on the lips before looking down and seeing a little body in between them. He kissed his baby's head and sat up a little to get a good look at his beautiful lover.

"Merry Christmas, Castiel."

"Merry Christmas, Jennifer."

The couple shared a passionate, loving kiss and looked at their baby.

"Merry Christmas, Gracie," Jennifer whispered, "We love you."

"Merry Christmas, my angel." Castiel added, "I wonder if Santa's been to see you, huh?"

The baby gurgled and kicked her little legs before being swooped up in Jennifer's arms. She looked up at her mother adoringly and started playing with the young woman's hair.

"Is everyone else awake?" Castiel asked, Jennifer nodding and climbing out of bed, shivering with the cold, "Here, you get dressed. I'll take Grace."

Jennifer slipped on a long sleeved purple dress before taking the baby back from Castiel, letting him get dressed while she changed and dressed the baby.

Grace had received a variety of Christmas presents, toys, books, clothes, baby supplies, even a special necklace from God. The family sat around Bobby's dining table enjoying Christmas dinner, Grace sat happily on her mother's knee as the young woman fed her more solid baby food. They were weaning her now since her first tooth was coming through, the poor child had been suffering with that.

"Gracie Kay!" Gabriel called from the other side of the table, the little girl looking up as she swallowed a mouthful of food, "Who's a beautiful girl?"

Grace looked at her uncle and smiled, her little cheeks flushing as she let out a chuckle. Gabriel was fabulous with her. Definitely gonna be her fun uncle. Dean would be the protective one, Sam would be the safety conscious one and Brooke would be the cool aunt who spoiled the kid rotten.

"Do you wanna take her for a while, Gabriel?" Jennifer asked, earning a large smile from the Archangel who moved around and took the child from Jennifer, closing his eyes as the little one curled up in his arms.

"She's so beautiful." He whispered, "She's a real cutie pie, huh?"

The baby laughed and Gabriel took her over to where he and Brooke sat. Grace looked over at God who sat by Sam, and then at Sam and back to God and then at Brooke before settling back to look at her cheeky Uncle Gabriel. She gurgled something happily in baby-speak before nestling into the warmth of his embrace.

This was a sight for sore eyes. Castiel and Jennifer were asleep on the sofa, Jennifer between Castiel's legs and then on Jennifer's chest rested a sleeping Grace, who was curled up in her mother's arms. They'd prepared the dinner and cleaned up after, both exhausted from also looking after the baby. Grace woke up and her little lip trembled. Just as she was about to start crying, Brooke swept her into her arms and hugged her tight. Jennifer felt the missing warmth of her baby and panicked, sitting up suddenly, waking Castiel too. When Jennifer saw Brooke holding Grace she sighed and rubbed her eyes, climbing off of the couch.

"Is she okay?" Jennifer asked, feeling Castiel sit up next to her.

"Yeah," Brooke replied, "She was just gonna start crying so I got to her before she woke you."

"Thank you." Jennifer said with a weak smile, "Damn…never thought I'd fall asleep."

Castiel had noticed she'd not been herself recently. At first he thought it was just exhaustion from caring for Grace but there was something deeper to this, like she was coming down with something. The angel's suspicions were confirmed a mere fortnight later, just after the New Year.

"Jen," Castiel began, pouring another glass of water for his lover, "You need a drink."

He sat on the bed and placed the glass on the nightstand, getting comfortable before lifting Jennifer into his arms and resting her in his lap, cradling her in his arms before taking the glass and feeding her the water.

Grace was staying at Brooke and Gabriel's house, because there was no way Castiel and Jennifer were going to allow her to remain in an area where so many germs and antibodies were flying around. Jennifer's flushed face screwed up a little in pain and she shivered still, holding onto Castiel as sweat plastered her hair to her face.

"C-Cassie…" She whispered, "I'm f-freezing!"

"You're not, Jen…I promise you, Honey. You're sick." Castiel told her, "And you're body's over twice the temperature it should be…speaking of which…"

Taking the thermometer from the nightstand after putting the glass down, Castiel popped it in the girl's mouth and waited for it to take a reading.


Cooler than last time, much to Castiel's relief, which must mean the fever is passing.

"D-don't let Alastair h-hurt me…" she whispered suddenly, "H-he burns people…h-hurts p-people."

"I won't let him hurt you, Jen." Castiel said softly, unfurling his wings and wrapping them around her as he dabbed her forehead with a cold, damp washcloth, "It's just you and me…just you and me, no-one else."

Jennifer couldn't see his wings but she knew in her heart they were there.

"W-what about G-Gracie?" She asked, panicking and trying to sit.

"She's with Gabriel and Brooke…it's alright." Castiel soothed, gently comforting her with the tips of his wings.

"W-will you s-stay with me?"

"Forever and always."