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He couldn't move. He felt hazy, as is he were just part of the wind. But he knew. While his body felt completely numb, his mind comprehended everything. He was going to die, or something similar. But in that moment it did not matter.

He had done the forbidden again.

He had done it for Al.

It was a horrible storm. Not even a storm, more like a strong snowfall, but it was horrible to say the least. Inside the Order, things weren't so different. People were rushing off to different places, doing a number of things. Subconsciously or otherwise, they knew they had to work hard and fast. There was a sense of foreboding in the air and it was terrifying.

They all knew what had just happened.

The Order's exorcists had been gone for a while. Not many knew for what reason but considering most of the exorcists on the same mission, it was worrisome.

Toma searched outside, looking for whatever had activated the energy readings on the Order's radar. It was...unnerving going outside. Considering there was snow that reached his knees and had no plans on stopping, his view of the outside was clouded. There was nothing, but that's not what the radar said.

He kept the dark golem by his side and traveled a little farther than the obnoxious door that separated the Order from the rest of the war.

Now regretting his loss in the bet with the other Finders, he grudgingly looked harder in an attempt hurry up and leave the snowy weather.

That was when the little device in his hand began to beep. Not the beeping with at least two seconds in between but the continuous beeping that warned him something was wrong.

He looked around, tense. It could be a Noah, but he knew that it would have shown up faster and that by the time he would have realized that, he would have been dead. But that didn't stop the Akuma.

By now, he had his hands on his telephone receiver, ready to call the others but he hadn't yet. He had to make sure. Surely, an emergency call from a Finder outside, informing them of anything strange, would send send the tense atmosphere into chaos.

He kept his eyes open, his ears alert and his body ready to move out of the way. The golem flew into the air and stayed in a place that would give it a perfect view of whatever was happening, unless it came from the sky.

Toma gave a little prayer and hoped to God that whatever was going to happen would not hurt the Order. Although he knew his loyalty to the Order was blind, his loyalty to God, his Savior, was not. At least if he died protecting what he loved the most, he wouldn't go to hell. That kind of thinking was going to get him killed one day.

His eyes suddenly widened as a large burst of light suddenly appeared out of nowhere. All he could make out was what looked like an open eye at its base.

He reached for his telephone, which he had dropped on the snow in his temporary blindness, and almost clicked the receiver before the light disappeared as fast as it came.

The wind howled as he stared into the empty space where the sudden light had appeared.

Apprehensive, he slowly walked near the place and was surprised when he saw a black shape on the snow. Hurrying, he walked over to it and saw a shining piece of metal. Narrowing his eyes trying to get a better view in the snow he came to a conclusion.

It was a body.

He reached out for him and retreated his hand faster than he blinked. Whatever that metal thing was, it was cold from what he could tell, only being in the snow for a few moments.

A little more careful this time, he rolled over the body to see it's face.

He was incredibly surprised when he saw that a face like that could not have belonged to an adult. The body was of a child's. He could see a braid of golden hair and a black pants. What caught his attention was the shining metal arm that he had attached to his side. He wasn't even wearing a shirt. In this weather?

Slowly, he pressed two fingers against the boy's neck. After feeling a slow continuous pulse, too slow actually, he realized that the kid was alive.

Another dilemma came: Could he take him back to the Order? He was a stranger and literally came from a burst of light. What was he supposed to do? He couldn't let the boy die. That was obvious, but what was he supposed to do?


"Sir, there is a problem."

Komui raised his eyebrows as he diligently took a sip from his coffee. Another?

"How bad?"

He heard the Finder hesitate before answering:

"Not that bad. But the circumstances, they are...strange."

Komui put his cup down, eyes narrowed.

"What do you mean strange?" This was getting incredibly suspicious.

Toma recounted event with vague descriptions. High energy readings, blast of light and the sudden appearance of a body.

"Is the kid alive?"

"He has a pulse but he's freezing."

Rubbing his temples, he began thinking deeply. The story, on all accounts, was strange. There weren't many strange things like that in the Order. As far as he think, nothing of that sort had happened in his years of working inside of it. He had to think fast, or the kid could die before he could make a reasonable solution. Was it a big risk to take in a stranger that had appeared in strange circumstances? He knew that the way things were at the moment as risk like that shouldn't be made. But to risk a boy's life on a thing like suspicion was something he was not would not do. Could not do. Enough sacrifices had been made for the war, he wasn't going to add another one.

"Bring him in."

He heard a sigh of relief coming from Toma, before the line went dead.

He groaned as he awoke from unconsciousness. His whole body hurt. It felt like he had just been beat up by his teacher. Then there was the pounding headache that refused to leave.

His eyes suddenly opened wide.


Suddenly, he remembered. Dante, Alphonse. Envy. The Bastard. Envy. Rose. His brother had sacrificed himself for his sake, and he had done the same. Tears prickled the ends of his eyes as he remembered everything with amazing accuracy.

He looked at his automail. It looked like a melted mess. It's base was the only resemblance it had to the automail that Winry had given him not too long ago.

Winry. That thought made him realize another thing. He was on the other side of the Gate. He was on the other side of the Gate. He was on the other side of the GATE. HE WAS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DAMNED GATE. HE WAS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DAMNED GATE WITH NO WAY BACK HOME.

He stayed frozen momentarily, allowing his brain to process this piece of information.

The last time he was on the other side of the gate, he couldn't use his alchemy. Was he on that side? There could only be one side of the Gate. But he got back the other time, but he had to died beforehand. So did he have to die in order to return? He had given up his mind, body and soul for Al's, so would him dying on this side take the others back instead?

"I see you're awake," a soft voice said.

An elder woman with a nurse outfit looked at him with soft eyes from above. He took a moment to realize he was in a hospital of some sort. He looked down at himself and found himself wearing a hospital gown and lying on one of the uncomfortable hospital beds.

The older woman sat down on the other end of the bed.

"What I would like to know is how a young person like you ended up almost dying of hypothermia outside?" The woman ask, a little strict.

Edward sat up really slowly, his mind obviously on overload.

"I...don't know." He answered quietly.

The woman nodded patiently.

"How about we start with something you do know? Like your name perhaps?"

"Edward Elric."

She smiled. "Good, now we're getting somewhere. Where are you from?"

He stopped. Where could he say he was from? The other side of the gate? She'd think he's nuts. Where was the place that his father had told him that he was at?

"London," He lied. He looked down, suddenly ashamed of himself. This woman was being so kind to him and he fed her lies. Al wouldn't have done that. He was used to lying but he couldn't help but feel bad for his actions.

"London? I see. Do you have any family in London? A home?"


"No? No father or mother, a brother or a sister?"

He nodded, not meeting her eye. He felt something inside his heart break. He no longer had a home or family do depend on. Usually he'd be with Alphonse but he wasn't there. He wasn't even sure if Al was alive. And a home? All that was beyond him now.

"Uhh...How long have I been here for?" He asked suddenly.

"About a day and a half." She answered. She started looking strangely at him, narrowing her eyes an inch.

"Your eye color? Is it hereditary in your family?" He looked at her bewildered. Where was he when the conversation was suddenly about his eye color?

He shrugged. "I guess. My...father had them too," He said because 'my bastard of a father' might raise suspicion.

"Hmm. How old are you?"


"So young." The women mused.

There was silence between them, each to their own thoughts. Edward looked around, trying to calm down his overzealous mind and think rationally. Where would he go from here? Was Hohenheim around? Should he go to him first?

A loud and slow growl interrupted his train of thought.

Ed grinned, embarrassed.

"Hungry? I'll go get something for you." The nurse said, leaving him alone in the room.

The alchemist took a another moment to look at his automail. It's shape was so bad, making him feel incredibly guilty. The only thing he had with him from home and it wasn't even in good shape. Winry would kill him so.

It looked red from rust. The arm guard that was supposed to be shielding the rest of the arm looked as if it had melted into the base. He tried to move his fingers and to his surprise, they

He stared at it. He knew what he was thinking. He could help but think it. It would worth a shot right?

Ignoring the growing doubt in his mind, and his own knowledge of his future failed attempt, he clapped his hands and placed his hand on the rusted arm.

As soon as felt his flesh touched his automail, he closed his eyes shut, waiting. But the moment he felt his automail transform into a different shape, he knew it.

He could use alchemy.

Another Author's Note: As you can see, Ed can use alchemy. My answer to this is: Ed is not in the other side of the Gate which appears on the show but another side, an alternative side. Well, I don't give two damns about 'But, that's not canon!' so shove it :D.

This was just a though. I don't know whether I should continue this when I have to finish my other ones. BUT, let it be known that although this is for your reading pleasure, it is above else, my writing pleasure.