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Lavi ran as fast as he could through the shaking hallways and the panicking men. He wouldn've been there faster, he knew, if his leg hadn't been fractured when he had jumped away from the collapsing lab. The akuma were relentless in their assault.

Throwing a couple of men dirty looks when they didn't move fast enough, he ran through the corridors until he found the room he was looking for. The thick walls of the hospital wings were a good place to take the kid after taking that much damage.

That kid didn't look okay. From the time he found him to the time he left him on his own -Damn it Lavi! Why are you so stupid- he had gone from okay to critically injured. He should have brought him along but he knew he would not be able to support him on his leg and would have only made them both sitting chicken in the middle of the attack.

Dragging himself to the entrance of the infirmary, he heard hushed voices and people struggling.

"I'm sorry Lenalee but this is the only way to-"

"I don't care. I need to help them. I need to-"

"Please, don't make this harder than it has to be. The others will get help. We are sending all available help down to the lab-"

"They'll just die. They're not trained for this. I am! I need to go-"

Lenalee made a small grunting sound as she was dropped, and before she could run, the thick doors of Krory's room were effectively shut, with two men on either side of the door.

Lavi could see Komui from the corner of the corridor but he dared not go and try to defend Lenalee because he knew the dangers of going into battle without being properly equipped.

Komui turned to one of the men beside him.

"I need you to find Lavi and Kanda. Do not let them engage in battle. They aren't prepared."

The man nodded before leaving the corridor in a hurried manner.

Lenalee's screams were still going on but Lavi had no time to feel pity for her. He wasn't allowed to go into battle, but if he told someone to get Edward from his spot, it would take them time -time they could no afford- to find him and take him to safety. He would need to bring the boy here without arousing suspicion.

He grunted as he quietly made his way around the hallways, trying to hide from the sights of any assigned men that knew about their orders. He could not afford to be taken out of the battle, not yet. He did not even know where Panda was, or if he was even alive, but he did not take the time to think. He needed to act. He needed to forget about his worries, about the foreboding feeling about the kid and the powers he had shown -powers he had shown when his Innocence was sealed-

He needed to stop.

Lavi stopped when he finally reached the hole Edward had conviniently placed in the thick iron wall to the entrance of the battle. He could see the battle from there.

Akuma were everywhere, but they no longer had the edge they had in the beginning of the battle. Although the Exorcists were tired, he could see akuma being steadily annihilated. Allen was there, battle cries and everything, and he could see his mentor throwing attacks, looking weary but alive.

Lavi tore his gaze from the battle and looked at the wreckage in front of his, looking for a blood -akuma blood, how had the kid survived that?- soaked kid with metal limbs. He looked at the cravence in the wall, where the kid had summoned -summoned? Made? What did he even do?- a wall to protect him from the ongoing battle but although he could see the bloody coat the kid had no, the boy was nowehere in sight.

He panicked, his heart skipping a few beats, before he looked further and further into the distance, trying to find a sign of where the kid could be. It would be a miracle if the kid was even alive, without seeing the complete damage the akuma dealt him before he manage to destroy the. The kid was nearly dead with exhaustion the last time he had seen him. It wasn't as if the kid would be able to walk away after something life that, he was barley concious.

His internal ramblings continued until he saw a drop, a single red drop of blood on the ground, amid all the black essence from the dead akuma around him.

And the dot led to another drop, which led to another, which led to more blood, this time in a more thicker shape, as if the kid had been dragged...

Lavi did not waste any time. Dragging his hurt leg along, he followed the ongoing trail of blood, internally flinching when he heard his comrades cry out in pain from another and another attack.

The trail was not a clean trail, blood spilling along every couple of feet or so, so it meant that the kid had fought, and had been alive, if it meant anything now.

Finally, he heard a voice talking in a hushed whisper.

"My father will be very pleased. I have attained his precious and even found-"

There a cough and the sound of something falling on the ground. Something metal.

"Go to hell." He heard the kid -he was alive- say, and he practically see the damned smirk on his face. But then he heard a pained groan and knew he had to act, and act fast because he didn't any human being could survive losing so much blood.

"You still struggle? A slow and painful death is much more preferable to you?"

Lavi stopped, hiding behind the collapsed roof of one of the fallen staircases. He could now see the kid's exhausted face, his shining eyes stuggling to stay open, his heavy limbs dropped on either side. Now he could clearly see Lulubell dragging the boy from the ripped and tattered white shirt. She was leading him away from the battle -at least- and was alone. If he could only distract her long enough to get Edward away from her...

He didn't even have a weapon, anything to hurt her with or at least defend himself with but he had to try. Try somethin-


He heard the electricity-like power running from the ground before the ground beneath Edward shifted and formed spikes, piercing his captor.

Lulubell shriek before jumping a safe distance away from the boy, her release resulting in his head slamming into the ground, but alive.

"Insolent child, you will pay for that." He heard her say, her slim form walking back toward the boy, intent obvious when her whip-like hands ready for attacking.

Another clap resounded through the empty broken room. This time, the walls shifted around , before separating from their place and forming an even thicker wall between the boy and the Noah.

It was now or never.

The kid, sitting up from his fallen state, had his hands on the ground, his eyes slowly focusing on Lavi before rolling back. His small body collapsed on the ground, and, for a moment, Lavi feared the worst.

He could vaguely hear Lulubell struggling to destroy the wall separating the two, and Lavi knew it was a matter of minuted before she would succeed.

He needed to take the kid back now.

Gently taking the kid's human arm and throwing it over his shoulders, Lavi stood up, hissing slightly at his leg's momentary stiffness. Edward's body was light enough, like Allen, but his injuries worried him but he did not let them stop him from getting the kid to safety.

Trying to move as fast as possible, he led Edward away from the battle, and did his best to move around the damage of the akuma attacks, staying hidden from them.

He did not know how fast he moved, but he could not hear Lulubell coming from behind him, and his eye shifted to the ongoing attack, wishing he had his Innocence with him, or at least the reassurance of Kanda at his side.

He dared not to stop, fearing that the Noah was only moments behind him and kept his tired body moving, through the damaged surroundings and the pain.

He vaguely noticed someone calling out to him, his vision blurring, and his limbs shaking. He needed to take the kid out of there, he had to.

"Lavi! Dear god. Let me take him. You! Help Lavi." He could hear Komui bark out orders, and someone take the kid off him. At that moment, he had never loved Komui more. The weight off his shoulders was like a blessing from God himself but the moment he let go, he felt his leg fall under his weight.

A man whose name he did not know, took his arm with a strong grip and helped him get to his feet. He thanked the man, grateful at the help and walked to wherever he was being walked to.

Probably the same room Lenalee had been taken to.

But the kid, he had to know about the kid.

"Komu-mui, is he okay?"

He opened his eye and saw Komui, looking a little rough around the edges -but alive- supporting the kid, who was still unconscious, his golden-like hair falling from his loosened up braid, his temples marred with blood, along with his clothes and arms. With the cloak gone and the white shirt ripped to shreds, he could see the metal limbs from the base of his shoulders, those horrible deep scars decorating the broad back.

"He's...alive," the hesitation in Komui's voice was troubling but the kid was alive and that's all that mattered.


"Is gone. She ran off a while ago. I fear she is battling with the rest. You two are quite lucky to even be alive but I am not complaining. We managed to control the battle, and the egg is protected. Whoever was able to breach the Lab wall change the tide of the battle. If not, we do not know what would have happened."

"It was the kid-the kid did it. I don't know how but he changed whatever he touched into whatever he wanted. How? I thought you said his Innocence was sealed."

The surprise was evident in Komui's voice. "His Innocence is sealed. H-He changed what he touched. He's the one thtat formed the hole on the wall? Incredible. By touching it?"

Lavi nodded, feeling his strength returning, little by little. He felt mildly better knowing he wasn't the only one who found that incredible.

"That could also explain the layer of material that protected the fallen scientists from the Skulls. They found the Skull crushed."

Lavi nodded. "It was all the kid. I saw him do it. Just clapped his hands and poof! An enormous hand made of metal crushed the thing. I don't know how he did it- I've never seen Innocence act like that before."

Komui kept walking ahead of him and the guard, Edward in hand, looking at the kid like he was going to attack them out of the sudden. But he did not miss the glint in Komui's eyes, like he knew something, something he wasn't willing to share. Lavi sighed. Komui had told him and Bookman about Edward, because of their title, but only just. He wasn't willing to share the secrets of the boy with just anyone. Leverrier was a must but if he had a choice, Lavi knew Komui wouldn't have told anyone. The kid's spontaneous appearance, his suspicious attitude, his metal limbs and Hevlaska's choice in him were baffling and no plausible explanation.

However, if Leverrier would ever find out the extent of the boy's powers, with his sealed Innocence, the consequences for the boy would be devastating.

For a moment, Lavi felt a spark of pity in his heart.

He felt Komui stop for a moment, had on his ear, listenting to the new information he was being given from the progress of defeating the akuma.

Komui turned around, his awe-struck face clearly evident, mouth open and eyes wide.

Lavi stopped for a moment, trying to figure out what would make Komui so terrified, before he fell onto the ground as a large pressure shook the entire headquarters.

"What's that?"

Komui eyes were lined with shock.

"A dragon."

An overwhelming silence filled the room as imminent destruction lay ahead.

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