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Souls Between The Wall


He looked around the Dreamscape, where everything bended without order, without reason. That was the way with this world; nothing remained as it was, except for its inhabitants, those who were unlucky enough, anyway. But he had taken his time to reconsider, to outdo all actions done before, and to make sure that once again, he would return to the world he had lived, and stay there for the rest of time. Immortality was what He, the Shift, nearly gained, but for more years than hoped, he was never capable of its grasps. He had to choose another. Another who could help him out of this world. Another who could help him become forever.

The Shift, once a human, still resembled a human. He stroked his gray hair and gray mustache, seeking the souls inside this miserable dominion. He was blessed with a gift from the untold evils of old, to execute a cause for shrouded misery. He was always being killed by such meaningless errors as accidents and murders, but as long as he never failed in his given quest, the reward would always be close to him, and from there, no error will end him.


There was to be his Another…

And this Another was better.

Never mind that so many Anothers had come to make him living again.

This Another was not aware of what had been beheld before.

All the better to tell him all.

All before history in the Earth was changed, changed by a group of mortals who just couldn't take him or his brethren anymore.

But the Shift remembered, and his ability to know every change of the world, any memory of an individual, had become too an addition to the gift already bestowed to him.

This Another had taken to himself as a vagrant, pondering the meaning of this existence, in this Dreamscape. Once he was one of eight demonic rulers who had struck fear in the lives of the earthly continent called Asia. Now he had recalled nothing of the sort, for history in his life was changed. No more need to concern about the mortals who troubled him, or even his insipid, irresponsible brethren. Those no longer lived in his world. Perhaps change came for the better.

But the Shift wanted to better himself, and that meant bestowing certain sacrifices to the unwilling.

"You", the Shift called forth to the Another. "Do come closer."

"Hisss…I have no qualms with you. Let me be or you will regret it," the demon snarled, turning back to his surroundings and watching the orange atmosphere and its ever-rumbling storm clouds.

The Shift was somewhat taken by surprise. Somehow, the Another had retained his sense of selfish reservation, much as he had retained his bony, 7-foot frame. His leathery wings surrounded his shadow-black presence, spikes still seemed to sprout off his head, and even those gleaming crimson eyes were accentuated by his narrow eye-brows. To put it succinctly, the Another was the same, cautious, hideous monstrosity as he had been on earth, except he probably didn't know why he was so.

But the Shift remembered.

"You know, you don't have to suffer so in this unexplainable world. I know a world where we can thrive, where there are pleasures to be had."

Hsi Wu was carelessly lobbing boulders into pebbles, not even keeping one eye at the enigma. "Sounds nice, but there is no we. Only you and I. And I will go wherever I desire."

The Shift sighed, and chuckled quietly, spreading his arms up in a welcome gesture. "I understand your decision."

The Shift suddenly raised one arm right onto the Another's cranium. The Another snarled and attempted to withdraw, but then screamed in incinerating torture as the Shift's arm fed his mind with an immeasurable dose. A dose of pain, a dose of horror, a dose of familiarity. The Shift smiled even as the Another clutched his own claws, wrenching his mind away from the stranger's irrevocable reach, without any success.

Then, the Shift pushed the Another down to the ground, leaving him gasping in long shallow, breaths, so near the point of retching.

The Shift spat to his left in contempt. "But I forgot to tell you. I understand mine's better."

After a few seconds, the Another rose his jarred legs back to a comfortable stance, pressing the palm of one claw to massage the sting where he was pondering, wondering, remembering.

He stood up to see the Shift. He knew what the Shift did. The Shift wanted him to know.

The Another growled as he raised his arms and spread his wings, pausing to release all his strength on the Shift.

The Shift stood nonchalant and whistled a soft tune, then turned to the demon. "Do you really want to fight in return for your memory? Don't you know what I've given? I have given back something that is and always was yours."

"No…" the Another spoke as he held his heaving chest. "I…I don't want it. I don't want Jackie Chan. I don't want Chi spells. HuffHuff And I DON'T WANT SHENDU!" He scrunched the broad side of his claws onto his face, as if hoping this was a nightmare to wake out of.

The Shift turned his head to the left, staring in amusement. "I guess you no longer want your brothers and sisters? Well, that's good. I can't find them in this world anyways. That'll save me more time."

"MORE TIME?" the demon exclaimed as he grabbed the leather collar of the Shift's scarlet coat, raising his feet off the floor. "You don't how much time I lost in the Netherworld. A thousand years without food, without pleasure, without life! See the endless nothing below us? Belong there, and I will be thankful!" Smiling with his barrage of needle-sharp teeth, he raised a claw, extending the tips of his razor-sharp fingers.

The Shift raised an index finger, and waved it in front of his Another's face. "Now, now, Hsi Wu. Know these two things. First thing, you can not kill me. You and I are already dead, in a manner of speaking."

"And what happens to be the OTHER thing?"

The Shift snapped his fingers, and opened the palm of his right hand as something materialized out of nowhere. Hsi Wu eyed what this arrogant mortal could be wielding. If it was a weapon, he could easily tear the Shift's arm then and there. Even if the Shift could no longer die, the demon could always banish him into another world, one of everlasting agony.

But the object resembled like no weapon he had seen. As it was finally unveiled in solidity, he can recall no weapon was colored red, blue, brown and yellow at once. Nor did he ever see a weapon resemble that of a mortal, earthly species, donning a blue mask and overalls. That's when his mind began to clarify the sight before him.

To humankind, it had a camera. To Hsi Wu, it had his unspoken lust.

Hsi Wu grunted in frustration as he reached one claw to touch that camera, but everytime he tried, the Shift tormented him by effortlessly shifting it from one end of the Dreamscape to another.

"I…want…my…toy!" the demon stamped his feet down on the invisible surface beneath him.

"Technically, it's not your toy, but ah well. Just promise you'll hear me out. You do, and I will gladly return the favor."

"Arr…Promise." Hsi Wu even had the sincerity to drop the Shift back down, hopefully to sweeten whatever the deal was.

The Shift sighed, feigning relief and straightening the new wrinkles off his coat. "Thank you", he spoke sarcastically before snapping his fingers again, and the object came right before Hsi Wu's crimson eyes.

Hsi Wu laughed in giddy notice as he grabbed the camera and bent his knees down, like a mortal caressing a newborn offspring. He could hear the Shift chuckling behind him, probably at the way he was acting human, despite all those years he spent to verbally disregard that wretched race. But he didn't want to pay heed to the Shift. The thing he held was almost his everything. Almost.

Back when all eight doors of the Netherworld were ultimately shut, Hsi Wu had kept the camera as a token of certain memories. They were memories of a certain someone, a little girl who once ventured into the Netherworld, a little girl who probably knew of him more than the Immortal who originally banished him, a little girl whose heart he had played upon first glance, without being aware what she had for him.

When Shendu promised to change the demons' fate via the Book of Ages, Hsi Wu felt an aversion to the idea. He after all had the camera. Would he risk losing the camera in hopes that his dream would become real and solid?

He did, but as luck would have it, Shendu was the self-proclaimed leader of the demon world, and was privileged to preside over the very kingdom where Jackie Chan's niece and Hsi Wu's everyday fantasy, Jade Chan, had resided.

So Hsi Wu decided to find other mortal females to strike his fancy. As it turned out, though, he never even wanted to touch them. They were all too distant. Each of them had known demons can be rulers. But only one knew demons can be fools, and for that reason Hsi Wu kept his sights on her, locked deep within his mind.

Jade impressed Hsi Wu further for the brief moment before he was sucked back into the Netherworld. How indeed did she manage to remember what the world was before Shendu changed it? She was born under a lucky star, or was she? Hsi Wu had secretly ventured across the skies to find it, but found nothing of the sort. Still, it had to be there, probably wandering away from him as if it too didn't like him.

Shendu again changed the world, but unwittingly. As he fought the J-Team with only half his brethren, the Fire Demon accidentally burned the page that contained the origins of him and all who lived in the Netherworld. Hsi Wu was supposed to be gone forever.

But then other memories came to the Sky Demon's mind, memories that could only belong to the Shift. It seemed the Shift belonged to a Dreamscape of a bizarre sort. The Dreamscape was immune to all sense of time, yet information from all universal boundaries flowed through its unseen veins. Therefore, the Shift remembered everything coming to him, and what he can remember can somehow still exist.

There were too many painful memories, but at least he had the ones that presented his joys and bliss.

Following this psychological distraction, Hsi Wu gently pressed the buttons on the camera, so as not to break it, and activated the little screen to welcome back a vision he hoped could last forever.

That vision was Jade, who, lost and lonely in the Netherworld, needed only her camera to speak with calm and resilience. Even when she tried to make her requiem known before the camera, she never really felt there was an end to her life; perhaps to her it was just another beginning. Hsi Wu regretted that she only did so much with the camera. He laboriously wound back the video to watch her all; the fresh face, the golden-honey eyes, the blithe smile, and of course, the way she moved herself everywhere before the screen, as if the Sky Demon bade her to do such.

There was, of course, one moment he wished was captured in the camera. That moment was of Jade Chan kissing Hsi Wu goodbye, right in front of him, before she departed again from sight. Hsi Wu did not wish for her to leave, but he couldn't regain her, and only was met with a boulder for his escapist efforts. The kiss lingered in his mind, and he dare not say it, but he longed for that kiss to be met by his own demonic face, not with the stale Netherworld air that dulled his senses.

Hsi Wu's train of thought crashed as a most confident and irritating voice flew right to his long, impish ears.

"I know why you suffer, Hsi Wu. I know what you want. But like that camera, your fantasies are trapped within your mind. You can direct them wherever you want, forward and backward, but in the end, nothing new will come out of it. I, on the other hand, can weave the transition from fantasy to reality."

Hsi Wu turned to the Shift. "Arr..! So what favor do you speak of?"

"I only speak that you come with me, so that with our combined energies, we can make our way to the realm of earth."

"Earth?! That can not be possible."

"There you go again, saying what is possible and what is impossible. Mark my words, Hsi Wu, I am impossible. You should be thankful that I chose you to be my key to the universal doors. Besides, don't you want to retreat to earth? Retreat to meet the human girl you love, the one you wish could stand beside you, now and forever, as the cliché goes?"

"No.." Hsi Wu shook his head as guilt built back up to him. "I can not, much as I want to. She hates me after those days I hurt her, betrayed her. Even after these years, she would not care for me."

"Would she? Do you know what happened to Jade and her fellow members when Fire-Drag roasted his life and yours away? They lost their memory of the demons, because to them, the demons never existed in the first place. I'm sure Jackie Chan is still an archaeologist pursuing artifacts and those who steal them. I'm sure Tohru still works at Uncle's shop. And best of all, I'm sure Jade is still a lonely little girl, obsessed with the uncanny, the supernatural, the demonic. If you were to meet her in your mortal form, she would have no clue who you really were."

Hsi Wu's eyes enlarged. "She does not…remember me?"

"No, she doesn't. But think about it, Hsi Wu. This is what you had anticipated in the thousands of years you were trapped without friends. Now, you can experience another beginning, instead of another end. All that you will require is my aid. Take my hand, and I will be able to make our way through earth."

"And what if you don't take me there? What about that?"

"I guaran-damn-tee I will take you there", growled the Shift in aggravation. "I want to be alive as much as you do."

Hsi Wu sighed loudly, turned his face side to side in nervous willingness. Making his decision, he slapped a claw onto the palm of the Shift's hand. He was to be the Another.

The Shift revealed a wide smile as the dimension tore a hole right above him and the Sky Demon, sending them both into a blue sky with puffy white clouds, and an ocean breeze that smelled like San Francisco Bay. Soon enough thought the Shift, as he floated alongside his Another, I will become forever, and Hsi Wu will become…never.

To be Continued….

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