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Dear His Wu…..

Snap! There went the 2-inch pencil again. And to think 2 hours ago, it stood perfectly at a lengthy 5 inches, ready for what should've been another good morning of school. But it was anything but another good morning, this was different, for Jade Chan, affable girlfriend to a most unspeakable monstrosity, had set her mind hoping to communicate with her lover, and was doing a mighty lousy job of it insofar.  Jade's confidence for speaking her feelings shrank whenever the pencil lead submitted to the vibrations of her quivering little hand. Cheap 50-cent pencil, Jade thought to herself calmly.

Argh! Writing letters suck big time, outburst the mentality of a frustrated Jade. Her will somewhat failing her, Jade left the pencil clattering to the right edge of her unbalanced desk. Reluctantly taking resignation, she sighed and lightly blew the small bits of lead over her clean sheet of paper, clean except for the heading that bore her lover's name. She lulled her face to the desk, and since every other student tried staying alert to Ms. Lily's lecture, Jade became as conspicuous as a mole beneath its burrow.

"Jade Chan, would you so kindly tell the class the answer to the question?" Lily spoke drolly, as if she actually hoped Jade did not really know. Then Jade could get punished by getting embarrassed. Jade hated being thought of as a dung heap, but when she failed answering questions, her intelligence seemed to amount to that.

"Wha? What did you say? Answer? Question?"

"Jade, I hope you are staying alive-"

"I want to answer the question!" Jade stammered. "But I-I, I didn't hear the question right. It's kinda hard to when you're next to the window," she pointed an index finger to the window, and almost on cue the blare of a firefighters' truck came roaring off into the distance. Jade smiled, shining her teeth.

Ms. Lily sighed, slightly defeated in her brief ambition. "Very well, Jade. The question I was trying to ask you was about the level of the sky where rain falls."


"Hmm…You actually are reading your books. Good, Jade. Now who else would like to answer a question…."

That was not even close to heart pounding, Jade realized. Jade obviously knew the question well because she heard of her boyfriend wanting to reclaim a dominion in the sky. Must be where he ruled over to keep away his big and bad siblings, Jade smiled over the thought. Still, she wished she could meet His Wu the Sky Demon during his construction. She wouldn't feel so lonely every weekend, and today was the weekly beginning of salvation for a student, Friday.

But how to even meet with Hsi Wu? He was residing somewhere off the sky, hoping to build his domain so many miles from San Francisco. Jade murmured in apparent defeat. What was she to do? She wasn't fast enough to find him before turning back home. She couldn't fly to whatever heights he was in. And there would be too much terrain to cross that, as her old uncle Jackie advised, just going was too dangerous. Jade then remembered that she CAN meet with His Wu. And she knew just the ticket.

Now all she needed to do was to gather its 12 components, and the ticket would be hers!