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Disclaimer: All of the characters (except for maybe the occasional o/c that will be labelled in an author's note at the beginning of the chapter) belong to Stephenie Meyer. I do not own ANY of them.


This is very important to the story: The vampires in this story are a little different to how Stephenie Meyer created them (they're the same people! Don't shoot me!). The vampires can only enter a building if they have been invited into it.

This first chapter is just a prologue to see if you guys want to read more, so it's quite short.

Here goes...

Have you ever been through a traumatic, adrenaline-filled experience and realised that you're lucky to have survived it? That some people weren't as lucky as you? That's what happened to me today.

How do I even begin to explain what happened?

The attacks had started taking place after a lab experiment had gotten way out of control, causing an extremely infectious disease to spread through the humans, affecting their blood. No one really expected that it would cause an immediate effect on the vampires who drank that blood.

Those vampires turned savage...not that they weren't already, but they became worse. Willing to kill and destroy everything in their way, even their own kind.

How do you destroy hundreds of vampires – with their amazing strength, superhuman speed and their ability to pass on the disease to whoever, or whatever they bite – when they're intent on murdering everything that crosses their path?

No one was safe. Not the animals, not humans, the werewolves or vampires: Nothing.

We knew of a few vampires that would not be affected by the disease: The Cullen's. They would help us. The Denali's wouldn't be affected either...but would they be willing to help?

We knew a few werewolves that would be all for helping. But they were all miles away in La Push. Even if they did somehow make it here and we did have their help, we would still be insanely outnumbered.

7 vampires, 10 werewolves and 1 human against 200 infected vampires. I had to admit. There was only one thing I was certain of.

Our chance of survival was s**t.