Since there are more people who like my IzaRio one shot ''Crossed paths'' than expected I decided to write a whole story about it what is matching my oneshot. I'm not a IzaRio fangirl though, since they have one episode, I don't have a favorite pairing in DRRR. Anyway enjoy ''Walking the same path''!

You gotta be out there.

You gotta be somewhere.

Wherever you are, I'm waiting…

The sun sure was bright today, most mean it's pretty hot outside. I heard people around talking, laughing and more talking, I knew they weren't talking to me. They never do. I was looking out the window inside the classroom of Raira Academy.

It's been a while huh, Nakura-san?

I'm sure he was close to here, I've heard his name falling a lot of times around me. His real name I mean. The teacher of the classroom left to get some book he forgot himself, so of course the class wouldn't remain silent. Airplanes made from paper flow around in the class, some of them got out the window and fell on the ground.

Childish. That's why I don't need friends, they couldn't help with issues. They are the reason I'm that defenseless. I only need him.

I was looking at the sun as if it would suddenly change in the full moon I love so much. The childish innocence in the classroom was killing me more than the atmosphere at home. 'IIIIIIIIIZAAAAAAYAAAAAA-KUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN,' a low voice of a man said from outside. In one second my eyes who were looking to the sun lowered down to the grounds.

Two men were rushing into the school. One with dark hair who was wearing a brown coat with fur on it was been followed by someone with blonde hair who was carrying a car I saw standing before the school.

The whole class was standing beside me to see the same movement. 'Did they go in here?' A girl who couldn't see it asked. 'They are coming! They are coming! I bet we can go home by the time they're here!' some guys were saying. 'I…zaya,' I said slowly, trying to understand the fact that the man I always longed to was inside the building.

From a distance you could hear things break in the hallway and my classmates rushed out of the classroom after noticing the other classes were gathering outside and also our teacher who was waving to us to come outside.

My eyes were widen and I finally came by. I wanted to follow them and opened the door again since I was in five seconds the only one left. After I slide the door I saw the car rushing in front of me through the hallway. In shock I didn't move when I heard the car falling against the floor two classrooms further and I looked up to the man who ran in front of me. I gasped after seeing the person he was and he noticed.

His hand moved to my mouth while he came inside and closed the door. We both fell on the floor under one of the tables, removed from the door. I felt his breath in my right ear and his body against my back with his hand still covering my mouth.

The silence got killed when another man was running through the hallway. Is this for real? Was my thought on this moment. The guy was screaming angry and passed by but didn't notice us in the classroom at all.

After that the person behind me released me, stood up and begun walking around. 'That Shizu-chan, getting by the day more dangerous, he almost hurted the precious children of our past school,' the man signed. His voice reached my soul and I felt my heart beating like crazy.

Stop it already.

I watched his familiar back, seeing every hair of his coat. When he turned around I felt a little shock go through me and I looked at those beautifull eyes what were looking at me as if he could see right through me. A dark smile appeared on his face. I knew it.

'Kamichika Rio-chan eh? How lucky,' he said with teasing in his voice, like always. I couldn't say anything, I wanted to but it didn't work. With a lot of fighting I managed to move my mouth. 'Orihara… I-Izaya-san…' I said with a weak, frightened voice.

I wanted to show him I still remember…

'Eh? You know my real name now? How lovely!' he chuckled. Again I couldn't bring myself to say something. I searched for strength from the legs of the table and slowly I stood up. Not much later than when I could stand on my own legs he walked towards me and held my chin with two of his fingers and his face just a few inches apart of mine.

'You still remember, do you?' he teased me with a lower voice than before. At that moment my brain automatically begun recalling the memories of all the nights and days we texted each other and the holy night everything from that time ended.

Tears begun coming up and I was fighting it all away. We got rudely disturbed by the man who was chasing Izaya the whole time. 'IZAAAAYAAA-KUUUN' echoed through the whole school.

Izaya released me and turned fastly around. 'Oh that Shizu-chan! He's following me the whole morning around,' he stated with his normal voice he usually used to break people, as if it was his normal character. The way he was… it always made me wonder if the person like this was the real person inside him or just a shield.

'Shizu…chan?' I asked slowly. 'Heiwajima Shizuo,' he answered my question. He opened up the door and turned towards me. 'Well, I'm gonna mess him up, see ya!' he said cheerful with a smirk on his face and he left.

My body followed him on his own and I chased after him. I don't want to lose you again… something inside of me said. I saw the two men facing each other outside on the grounds of the school and I walked also outside to see what was going to happen. I held my cellphone closely so I could call the police or a ambulance every moment if something goes wrong.

The Shizuo person had again something gigantic in his hands and threw it towards Izaya.

He hided himself as defend and used it to jump towards him when it hit the ground. Izaya who tried to slice him with his flick-blade, but Shizuo was in more this skilled than only throwing things and kicked him. Izaya flew towards a wall and I saw his eyes from close looking totally weird. He still was conscious but looked so scary I couldn't help but scream 'I'm gonna kill you today,' Shizuo smirked. 'I waited so long for this day,' he said while he wanted to throw something sharp towards him but almost tripped.

My eyes widened from shock when I saw it coming my way. Just in time I moved away but it still hit my hair. I saw the hair what got damaged fall on the ground. I hid myself in a corner watching the continued fight closely so I wouldn't miss a thing.

They really were into it and reached the road. He manipulated him in just a fight…

There was a car coming their way and was too late with backing off. And so the car hit Shizuo, who fell unconscious on the ground. The guy in the car came out from shock and Izaya shook cheerful his hand what made the driver only more confused.

I stood up, picked my cell phone from the ground and walked towards him. 'Is he… dead?' I asked carefully. 'No, he will wake up soon enough,' Izaya chuckled and he looked at me. I gasped a little when he looked straight towards me in my eyes and he grinned. 'Your hair looks truly beautiful,' he teased me what made me flush a bit. 'I guess I need a new haircut now…' I said slowly. Izaya signed. 'That means I'll pay for you,' he said. I looked at him with surprised eyes. 'It's because of me, it looks like that. I can be a gentlemen too sometimes,' he made his face look a bit hurt from the look in my eyes.

I said nothing about it and let him walk with me to get me a newhaircut.