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'Kamichika Rio…'


The Chief looked at me with his notes about my ''story'' right in front of them. I strongly held on to the story I've told them to believe. Knowing there's a reason for this to be happening. Knowing that Izaya knew this would've happened and tried to keep it silent from me.

'So you're saying that your parents are acquaintances of the young man Orihara Izaya. Your stay with this man is completely of your own will with the approve of both your parents. You've known him for more than two years now and hasn't done anything to hurt or confuse you and he has furthermore a normal relationship with you as guardian and child. Am I right?'

I didn't even blink and just stared at the chief his eyes. They express a lot of different colours but they were also empty inside.


Of course they are all lies, my parents were manipulated by his smooth ways, I never really had any power to get away from him and he always confuses everyone, he hurts me more than he did before and it's impossible to have a normal relationship with him. We are both twisted in different ways.

Actually, he twisted me. Without him, there was no me. Not the real me, with a twisted life. The chief leaned back in his chair, looking for, perhaps a weakness which will confirm I was lying. He can't.

Because I'm used to forcing myself into a poker face. I gulped once, which is unseen by the man in front of me. I wondered if he was a criminal as well, hiding in society by becoming one of the most trusted ones here in Tokyo. He didn't look that trustworthy anyway.

'Can I see him now?' I asked slowly, making him think that he had control over me what makes him feel powerful. Izaya might have influence on me, realizing that I begin to act a little more like him.

'He just moved from the shared cell to a private cell after causing a ruckus,' another agent said behind me, which startled me and makes me turn my head. I didn't even heard him coming in. He looked at me with cold eyes, they seem to do that all the time.

'But if you can wait for a while I'll bring him to the meeting room, If you want to follow me now…' he continued. I shook me head.

'No, bring him to his cell. I want to see how he looks like right now,' I stated without even twitching once even though I have the urge to. It was silent for a few seconds.

'Fifteen minutes…' he answered. I left the room and they lead me into another room where I need to wait for fifteen minutes.

I was fidgeting while waiting, so nervous and weak as I can be, but then I grabbed my phone; wanting to reach Kasuka now. I needed him, maybe he could help me with this. I dialled his number and waited for the phone to ring. But Kasuka didn't answer his phone. I did not know how many minutes have passed as I dial his number over and over again. He might be busy, having his job. He might be with other people and he might be somewhere without his phone. But that doesn't matter. This is the first time I couldn't reach Kasuka when I need him.

I dropped my phone because of that. I needed someone now, who can help me; say what's the best I can do after I visit him. I needed somewhere to go and someone to trust. Now I've found the reason why it was all so hard on me; I can't trust them. Do I even know what ''trust'' is?

I picked up my phone while the shivers are running down my back, spreading over my whole body, tears burning in my eyes but I was unable to let them go. I texted Namie, the only one who can ease this at this moment. It took very long to type the right words without grammar mistakes. Namie hates grammar mistakes in texts and ignores them if they have. Even in a situation like this didn't I risk it at any cost to be alone.

'Kamichika-san? Miss?'

I've send the text message just in time and turned my head. I didn't recognize the face of this guard in front of me. It was a different one from before. I nodded twice, very weakly.

'Yes?' I answered afterwards. He wasn't that old, only a few years older then me, I guessed and he isn't really the brave one - which makes you wonder why he works here anyway? This city is filled with danger and the greatest danger is till unknown.

'You can come,' he said. I took a fast peek at my cell phone and hid it back in my jacket.

The guard leaded me through the cells, I didn't even dare to look at the people inside them, knowing that they belong here but Izaya didn't. I seemed calm on the outside, but I couldn't be. There's no way a teenage girl like me, who actually feels like living a crime by loving a person like him, could be calm.

He stood stil and so did I. I glanced at the cell next to me as the agent turned to me. I had to stare intensely into the cell since it was dark and there was barely light to use. But I could see his fragile figure, in the corner on the ground. I bit my lip as the guard whispered he would come back later.

'Rio,' I head someone with a broken voice say, which startled me but I softly nodded when I got myself to relax. Knowing it was my boyfriend. He sounded broken, lost and the scariest part: serious. Tears filled my eyes, luckily he couldn't see it. I heard him chuckle softly.

'The husband of one of my clients turned me in for one of the new murder cases. I knew it, I had to stop seeing his wife in business but I didn't and now I'm stuck here with a rotten apple to eat,' his explanation was brief, he sneered the last part. I couldn't help but let a tear roll down my face.

'I hate you,' I whispered softly, but loud enough to let him hear, which isn't hard in a place like this. He kept silent.

'How could you do that to me? You knew it would turn out this way so why is it so hard to tell me what is going on. Don't you know how much pain and confusion I carry? How awkward it feels if you ruin parts of my life again and how desperate I feel when you're seeing woman all the time?' Slowly did my voice turn louder and my sobs turn into cries.

'I hate it so much…' I wanted to say more than this, I was fully prepared for this. But the anger made me even more sad and makes me cry even more. I put my hand before my mouth as I cry in silence.

'I know,' The cold sound of these words didn't surprise me but it got me. I heard him stand up and take each step until he was in front of me, behind bars. His face was beaten to pulp, but I would still call it handsome.

'I don't blame you for hating me,' he said, he had that sad smile on his face. I looked down and softly shake my head.

'You're wrong,' I whispered after a few minutes of silence. So many things I didn't understand. Things have changed so much.

'It's impossible to hate you, I love you so much,' I said a little louder. Izaya didn't answer me at all, even though he has an expression on his face, it still feels like a pokerface. He tried to hold me as much as he can which was hard since my head almost bumped into the iron, but it was warm. It felt like this was the first time that I'm this close to him, close to him in general. I suddenly let go from all my insecurities and worries. It didn't take the guard long to find his way back to us.

'It's time,' he said, my heart fell in an instant and I took two steps back to create distance between me and Izaya.

I gave him one look and then I left him behind. It felt so wrong, wrong in so many ways. I didn't want him to stay here. Who's going to care for me? Are my parents coming back? Will my life become normal again? Please god, don't do this to me.